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Saturday, 30 December 2017

10 Beauty Resolutions for the New Year

December 30, 2017 0 Comments

New Year, new you? January tends to be a month of broken promises. Whether you vowed to exercise three times a week or read two books a month, resolutions can quickly start to feel like work, become hard to stick with, and are often abandoned by the end of the month. Yet, we continue to make them each year because they’re supposed to help us adopt better habits.

Since we make resolutions with the goal of upgrading, our beauty routines are a great area in our lives to improve upon by making tweaks to our regimens that we’ll actually follow through with in the year ahead.

Drinking enough water and flossing are probably obvious resolutions you already know, but like all good things in life (resolutions included), balance is key, and adding the extra reminder into the line-up of routine-boosting habits will only help you more. Read on for 10 resolutions to make to your beauty routine in 2016 that you’ll actually want to keep. 

(+) 1.  Stop picking at your face

The knee-jerk reaction to a new blemish is to pick it or pop it, but touching the pimple can cause infection or the bacteria to spread, resulting in a further breakout. Sparkle and glow into the New Year with this clear winner. SW1 Super Helper is here to give you a hand by not just balancing and softening the skin but also  maintaining clear and acne-free complexion thanks to retinol and alpha-hydroxy acids. Cellular renewal is speed up for radiant skin, while collagen is stimulated to keep skin smooth without lines.

(+) 2. Clean Your Makeup Brushes
Brushes full of dirt and grime are not going to do your complexion any favors, and can clog pores and cause breakouts. Make a vow to regularly clean your brushes once a week to rid them of lingering bacteria; your skin will thank you.

(+) 3. Wear Sunblock Religiously

SW1 Umbrealla UV-Protection & Light-Diffusing Cream is 100% free from chemical and fragrance! This gem here is a physical blocker from UV, sebum, water & sweat. The concoction of 3 powerful antioxidant teas, protects you for up to 240 minutes in water - so if you are going to spend long hours in the sun, you will have to reapply sunblock every 2 hours for maximum protection.

Suitable: All skin types, even sensitive skin, acne skin conditions and for children.
Fun Fact: I would also layer both sunscreen and a foundation/ tinted moisturizer / BB creme with SPF, just for the safety net. It can be tempting to be lazy, but a typical layer of sunscreen or foundation is usually not thick enough for you to maximize the sun protection factor, so it's far better to have two layers (you're more likely to max out the SPF50 protection) than to rely on just one. For touch ups, it's best to invest in a powder with SPF protection. Better be safe than sorry!

(+) 4. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
It’s easy to fall into a makeup routine and stick with it. “If it works, why break it?” is a sentiment we completely understand, but sometimes it pays to step outside of your comfort zone. Dare yourself to try one new thing—whether it’s an eyeshadow shade or filling in your brows—each month in 2016. You may discover a great product that will become a part of your regular rotation.

(+) 5. Schedule a few minutes of me-time
Work, meetings, lunches, and happy hours can leave little time each week to relax and decompress from everyday stress. Change this by setting aside some time each week where you turn off your phone and laptop, and forget the daily grind. We recommend doing so in the tub with a luxurious bath oil and a good read.

(+) 6. Stop Sleeping with your makeup on
We’ve all been told time and time again just how terrible it is to sleep with your makeup on, yet we still do it. If you’re prone to heading straight to bed following a long day or late night, keep a pack of cleansing wipes in one of your bedside table drawers. Since it doesn’t get any easier than cleaning your face in bed, now you really have no excuses.

(+) 7. Stop Hoarding Your Products
It’s true, even your favorite discontinued lip color that you ration for very special occasions has a shelf life. Using makeup past its lifespan can transfer bacteria to your face; not to mention, products no longer hold their efficiency. Stop hanging on to clutter that’s no longer useful by keeping your products organized in a container that only leaves you with a little extra room aside from your essentials. This way, you’ll have to toss items as they expire and they won’t take up precious space.

(+) 8. Exfoliate Weekly
Just like your apartment, your skin needs a deeper clean that goes beyond the surface. Treat your skin to cleansing mask each week to rid skin of dirt and congestion that builds up deep within your pores, causing breakouts and excess oil.

Take frightfully dull skin from 'BOO' to 'Beautiful' with the Chai CRYSTAL HEALING Oxygenating Facial Scrub. Bursting with polyphenols and antioxidants from champagne extracts to invigorate and repair dull, ageing skin, this weekly facial scrub performs the daunting task of keeping fine lines, pores, breakouts and rough, dead cells from haunting, leaving you positively fresh and radiant. All treat, no tricks.

(+) 9. Go Bold!
Most of us have outfits, haircuts and other style choices that we look back on and cringe at (*cough* permed bangs *cough*). So if you are itching to make a change, let 2016 be the year you pull the trigger. Go ahead, dye your hair lavender, or try on life as a bombshell blonde. Chop it off into a wash-and-go pixie. Play with some androgynous bleached brows. Maybe you’ll love it, but even if you don’t, it’s never been easier to change your mind again and try something else.

(+) 10. Get Sufficient Sleep Every Night
So how exactly robbing your rest time affects our appearance? While we’re snoozing, the body is hard at work. One of the construction workers making repairs on the night shift is the growth hormone. Its production increases during sleep to heal cells and tissues throughout your body, including our skin.

Cutting crucial recovery time affects the skin barrier’s ability to do its job and leads to increased water loss and skin dehydration. As moisture helps plumps up the skin, dehydration makes fine lines become prominent, and your face more droopy like a deflated balloon.

Lack of moisture, together with impaired cellular regeneration and turnover also reduce skin luminosity, leading to a dull, pale complexion. Slumber sacrifice due to our busy schedules and stressful lifestyle often show up rapidly as dark eye circles as well, as pale skin is less able to obscure the bluish surface blood vessels especially in the delicate eye area.

A weakened skin barrier can further leave it more vulnerable to foreign assault, which is why inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis tend to flare up more readily with reduced pillow time. Add to that an increased stress hormone, and you may end up with a disastrous acne breakout at the same time.

Over time, changes in immune response due to Vitamin Z insufficiency may affect collagen production as well. This translates to signs of accelerated aging such premature wrinkles and sagging. So make a serious effort this year to get the shut eye you need to be your best self

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

What It's Really Like to Get Fillers for Your Face

December 27, 2017 0 Comments
What It's Really Like to Get Facial Fillers?

Two months ago, if you'd asked me if I'd be at the office of an aesthetic doctor, getting facial fillers with one of my best friends, I'd have told you not a chance in hell. Fillers were for getting lips like you-know-whose yeahyeah Kylie Jenner and adding volume to cheekbones that had lost the collagen reserves of their youth. Fillers only made you fuller. Right? 

Not so as I learned on a recent trip to SW1 Clinic. Sure, many people get dermal fillers — injections of hyaluronic acid in gel form — to enhance their lips and fill out sunken cheekbones and smile lines. Those are the on-label uses, after all. On the trip, I watched, with equal parts fascination and nausea, as Dr Low Chai Ling, medical director of SW1 Clinic completely reshaped my best friend's jawline, chin, and nose with a few pushes of the syringe. The effect wasn't plumped so much as sculpted, contoured, sharpened — like a Mario Dedivanovic contour on steroids. I wanted in.

Before Facial Fillers
Before Nose, Chin and Undereye Fillers

#1. Chin Filler
A weak chin can play a vital role in diminishing a person’s overall appearance as the chin is an anchor point for the eye. A profile with a weak chin will always look less attractive than a well-proportioned one. When you have a weak chin, it tends to detract from the rest of your face, making the face, nose and neck appear larger than they actually are.

To enhance a weak chin, FDA-approved natural facial fillers can be placed directly on the chin area to help rebuild the prominence of the chin. If a receding chin is accompanied by jowls, then lifting the jowls will give the lower face better proportion, reducing the appearance of a under-formed chin. Sculpting fillers for a well-proportioned chin can lend the face an ultra-defined look sported on K-Pop stars which I want!

Dr Low Chai Ling started on my chin — to balance out some asymmetry and fill in my "pre-jowls," which, yep, is the scariest phrase ever used in relation to my appearance. There was a prick as the needle went in, and then, the "popping" sound as she injected further. The pressure was stronger than I expected; it felt like my muscles were pushing back against a thick sludge. It wasn't painful, but it was a strange new sensation I'd never experienced — and I was very aware of that.

After Chin Fillers
After Chin Fillers

After the treatment, my chin was evidently sharper, which lends a more balanced proportion to my overall visage. In fact, the enhancement was so subtle that none of my friends noticed anything. They thought I lost weight!

Before Nose Fillers
Before Nose Fillers

#2. Nose Fillers
As a central feature, the nose occupies prime location in the neighbourhood of the face. It comes as no surprise that this prominent centrepiece has huge implications on one’s facial attractiveness. Unfortunately, it is also the one asset most Asians are underdeveloped in. While friends always tell me that mine is “petite and cute”, I always wanted to see what I would look like with a higher and sharper noses spotted on K-Pop stars.

“Equipped a full range of treatments ranging from various surgical rhinoplasty techniques to natural fillers, we offer an individualised approach to each and every case. But many patients still prefer to start off with a 5-minute non-surgical nose job through filler microinjections, even though the results are often more subtle than what surgery can achieve and are not permanent, says Dr Low." And it’s easy to see why: This quick treatment this easy to fit into any schedule, requires no cutting and no recovery time and hey, there’s no long-term commitment. That’s a tick in every box on my checklist. So I’m in!

Verdict: A numbing cream was applied my face after the facial to take away the ouch factor from the jab. The injection was surprisingly much less uncomfortable than I expected. (Special thanks here to the kind nurse who was very generous with the numbing cream sensing my needle phobia!) And it certainly helped that Dr Low was chatty and humorous as all that talk eased away my anxiety. Before I knew it, the treatment was over!

After Nose Fillers
After Nose Fillers

Apart from the mild redness and swelling from the injection, my nose was instantly sharper and higher. I was a little concerned it might be too high when I first stared into the mirror right after injection, but Dr Low reassured me that part of it was just swelling from the microinjection which should resolve in the next 2 days and the filler will fully settle within 2 weeks. And it did just that. In about a week, my new nose looked naturally higher, more defined and perkier. That saves me at least 3 min on painting on and blending in the cosmetic highlighter every morning for at least the next 9 to 12 months too, so I’m a happy girl.

Overall Verdict: "I’ve never thought my chin, or nose for that matter, was ever a problem until the doctor pointed it out. Now it makes perfect sense when I saw the immediate slimness and definition it gave my face! What I really loved about this approach of harmonising and highlighting facial features was that it just brought out a refreshed, better version of me - I still looked like me. Friends and colleagues noticed a difference, everyone complimented about how fresh I looked, but nobody could actually put a finger to it. This was exactly what I was looking for.”

Melody is 20. She spends her free time watching Korean dramas and cooking.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

How to Redeem Your Beauty Sins

December 19, 2017 0 Comments

Okay, so you’ve baked yourself crazy, sacrificed beauty sleep for last-minute work projects (and late-night parties) and stuffed yourself silly with sugary treats. Who hasn’t? What counts – at least in terms of looking younger – isn’t so much what you used to do, but what you’re doing right now. Consider this: ”Extrinsic agers” (a.k.a. those lifestyle choices we make that cause our skin to look years older than it should) accounts for an astounding 80 percent of skin ageing. Good for you, since scientific breakthroughs in the past decade have made it possible to reverse at least part of that self-inflicted damage, repairing skin’s most vulnerable areas with targeted products and treatments to redeem your sins and effectively slow down the clock.

#1. Skin Sin: Alcohol
We all love a little tipple every now and then, whether it’s meeting up with your girlfriends for a good cocktail after work, enjoying a drink with an evening meal or having a glass of wine at home to unwind after a busy day. However, sipping excessively can cause your skin’s blood vessels to lose tone permanently, causing persistent flushing and blotchy bumps. In fact, alcohol consumption is also proven to exacerbate flare-ups of rosacea (a skin condition which is characterized by excessive flushing, broken facial capillaries, inflamed pimple-like bumps and extreme sensitivity), as well as psoriasis. Heavy drinkers also tend to look older than their peers because they’ve been chronically dehydrated. Lines in dehydrated skin appear deeper faster, and skin cells’ collagen-regenerating capability is reduced as well.

Damage Control: A flushed look makes your face appear irritated, painfully shy or downright flustered…on top of clouding your even glow. Tone down excessive redness with VBeam Perfecta, the gold standard and gentle laser for minimising broken capillaries and generalised flushing to get your complexion calm and brilliant sans sensitising chemicals. Ditch dehydration, dullness and dastardly lines for a perpetual “I-just-ran-5-miles” dewy glow overnight with Revitalift Face to rejuvenate tired, lacklustre and dehydrated skins.

#2. Skin Sin: Too much jumping in your exercise regime

Working out is good for your skin. It boosts circulation, sending oxygen-rich blood to your cells; regulates your hormones, keeping inflammation-inducing hormones down; and more. However, if you’re not careful, losing weight can actually take a major toll on your skin. The first thing to go when you start shedding pounds? Skin firmness. Yes, cardio is essential for calorie and fat burning, but constant jumping and pavement pounding adds stress and can pull down skin that’s already lax.

Damage Control: Take a firm stand against gravity with Ulthera: The Ulthera lunchtime facelift is your modern non-invasive alternative to lift deep saggy tissues from within – sans scalpels, injections or downtime. Jowly jawlines are redefined and listless, droopy brows get an uplifting experience in just one session. 

#3. Skin Sin: Excessive UV Exposure
UV damage is the number one cause of premature skin ageing. If you worshipped Apollo in your youth; and roasted your skin to a crisp every weekend without adequate sun protection – you probably have been exposed to this silent skin killer. Irregular pigmentation, most commonly in the form of discrete sunspots or patchy melisma start showing up on your face. Since blotchy skin is less able to reflect light, any subtle or overt discolouration will rob away the luminous clarity that says healthy, gorgeous skin. While you can’t undo past sins that have stained your complexion, there is plenty you can do to fight the ravages of sun and wipe years off your appearance.

#4. Skin Sin: Smoking
With 4,000 harmful chemicals in a cigarette, you’re ageing your body, face, teeth and skin every time you light up. By cutting oxygen supply, impairing wound healing abilities, sapping your skin of nutrients like vitamin C, and increasing the breakdown of collagen, smoking adds extensive wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, premature sagging, darkened lips, dullness, discolouration and extra years to your appearance, giving rise to what’s dubbed “the smoker’s face”.

Damage Control: Start by optimizing your skincare regime with the classic wrinkle repair quartet consisting of SPF, Peptides, AHA and Retinoids(SPAR). Treatments like Quattro Toning are also growing in popularity to spruce up the dull, crinkly complexion more rapidly and without downtime. Resistant wrinkles etched in delicate skin around the mouth and eyes might need a combination of Botox, fillers and a sophisticated resurfacing laser such as Fraxel Light to improve.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

5 Pesky Skin Problems VBeam Perfecta Can Treat

December 16, 2017 0 Comments
Sarah Jagger uses makeup to hide rosacea.

Are you a long-time sufferer from broken capillaries, rosacea, spider veins, acne scars, scars, stretch marks or other blood-vessel related issues? You've tried all means and methods to get rid of these pesky skin problems but they are of no avail. Don't be exasperated the technology of aesthetic procedures have been improving by supersonic speed so having a dream complexion is no longer a pipe dream!

VBeam Perfecta is a premier pulsed dye laser (best selling too!) that delivers a forceful but delicate burst of rhythmic laser energy to targeted blood vessels without causing damage to the surrounding tissue. This top-of-the-line non-invasive laser is less painful, safer and more comfortable as compared to other vascular laser thanks to its unique built-in feature----- Dynamic Cooling Device. This distinct trait works by spraying a skin-cooling liquid onto the treated area before each laser pulse to minimise skin damages and downtime to avert purpura or bruising.

Dynamic Cooling Device sprays a cool liquid before each laser pulse to minimise skin damages and
downtime to avert purpura or bruising. 

A warm or tingling sensation is felt on the treated area with minimal discomfort during the treatment. There is no downtime after the laser, and one may feel slight tightening on the treated spot. Depending on the desired improvement, hormonal status, medication and area to be treated, 2-4 sessions may be required to enjoy the optimal result. For more pesky skin problems like acne and acne scars, 6 sessions may be needed for full clearance.

Here are 5 irksome skin problems that VBeam Perfecta can treat:


Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes facial redness visible blood veins and acne-like breakouts usually around the eyes, cheeks, and forehead. Flare-ups may catch you unexpectedly and may last for weeks or even months. The factors that may cause the sudden outburst are alcohol, medication, stress and food triggers.. etc There is no known cure for rosacea but VBeam Perfecta have been scientifically proven to reduce the embracing symptoms of rosacea, giving one both visible and emotional relief.

 Scars and Acne Scars

Healing wounds from injuries, surgeries or acne can leave unsightly scars which can adversely affect one's physical appearance and self-confidence. VBeam Perfecta injects a new lease of life to damaged tissue in scars while generating newer skin cells to reveal a smoother, clearer complexion. 6 sessions may be required for optimal result in getting rid of acne scars.

 Red Birthmark

Birthmarks are coloured skin spots that are present at birth or develop shortly after birth and they will not disappear with age. There are two main categories of birthmarks--- vascular birthmarks and pigmented birthmarks. As the beams specifically focus only the red pigment in blood while the surrounding skin remains intact, this special ability makes VBeam Perfecta an ideal, targeted treatment to remove vascular birthmarks in red.

 Stretch Marks

Stretch marks typically appear on the stomach, hips, butt, breasts and thighs when a person puts on weight rapidly or is pregnant.  Genetic factors and gender contribute to the appearance of stretch marks too.  Newly formed red stretch marks can be easily removed with VBeam Perfecta while mature silvery-white marks works better with Fraxel.

 Spider Veins

Spider veins are common tiny dilated veins that are noticeable on the skin. Pregnancy, genetics, alcohol, excessive sun, hormonal fluctuations may attribute to the severity of these "spider-web" facial veins. The laser heat up the small vessels and cause coagulation---- they close off, shrink in size and eventually are absorbed by the body and disappear. VBeam Perfecta is proven to effectively treat small spider veins while sclerotherapy is best reserved for larger veins.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

5 Stellar Treatments to End All Skin Woes

December 14, 2017 0 Comments

Perfect skin is like the beauty holy grail. We mix up potions, keep our dermatologists on speed dial, and read up on tips and tricks to get our visages glowing. But, it seems that no matter what we do, we never seem to be fully satisfied. There will always be women out there with gorgeous complexions that are just out of our reach. With all the advances in beauty technology, it’s hard to keep up. We’ve rounded up the best and the latest to help you turn resolutions into reality, so you can face the future with a whole new outlook.

(+) 1. Anti-Aging Superstar: Trinity Facelift Program
Turbocharge your gravity-defying efforts with this trailblazing protocol--- Trinity Facelift Program which harvests the synergistic effects of two of the world’s leading anti-ageing superstars – one shot of Ulthera non-surgical ultrasound soft tissue firming treatment, with another of Thermage radiofrequency skin tightener – to restrengthen and rejuvenate skin’s entire collagen supportive structure from within.

Signs of late nights and a fast-paced lifestyle start to quietly vaporise into smoke as existing collagen fibres experience an instant recoil for a quick, subtle bounce back to youth, whilst new collagen genesis occurs over subsequent months to stealthily sculpt a more V-shaped visage, bright opened eyes, and a toned and smoother neckline.

Best for: Anti-Aging, Skin Laxity, Saggy Skin

(+) 2. For Textural Refinement: Lustrous Skin Program

The difference between so-so skin and irresistible skin is radiance. Alluring and ever so elusive, this highly covetable quality that transcends cultures boils down to how light reacts with the skin – to be exact, flawless skin. Lustrous Skin Program illuminates your path to perfection, with the tone-unifying, texture-refining Fraxel Light laser. This non-ablative microlaser peel gently sweeps away visible spots and invisible uneven pigmentation below the skin, replaces damaged, fatigued cells with younger, healthier ones, and rebuilds the dermis for smaller pores and softened lines, allowing a lively glow to shine through the immaculate clarity.

Best for: Textural Refinement, Visible Pigmentation, Pores

(+) 3. For Lymphatic Drainage: Lymphatic Korean Kyung-rak Facial
For those who are uncomfortable with laser procedures, we’ve also learnt that the traditional methods can work just as well – it also helps that these often come with a nice, soothing massage that drains all the nasty stuff out of our facial lymph nodes. This is how the Korean ladies drain the toxins from their lymph nodes: with a Kyung-rak deep tissue massage, targeting the parts of the face known as the meridian points where energy is believed to flow.  Meridians are energy streams that control our every function. When these are blocked, our mental and physical health will be affected. Kyung-rak addresses energy imbalances and releases tension while enhancing circulation, detoxification and tonification.

The 80-minute session includes a neck, shoulders and chest massage as well, and follows the sequence of cleanse-mask-massage-mask. Kyung-rak is said to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, and the spa also offers a Kyung-rak body massage, which we can imagine must be a real treat for tired and tense muscles.

Lymphatic Korean Kyung-rak Facial, $130 for a 80-minute treatment. Available at Korea Beauty Centre, #05-05 Cuppage

Best For: Lymphatic Drainage, Traditional Preferences, Detoxification

(+) 4. For Troubled Skin: Clarity Program
This fast-acting facial treatment regime keeps you in the clear with sophisticated science. Clarity Program's no nonsense ultrasonic technology to deeply purify and de-clog pores is paired with NASA-invented LED phototherapy to disinfect, soothe and heal spot-stricken skin. Excellent for patients who want to reduce acne without medication. The end result? Clearer looking skin!

Best For: Clogged Pores, Blemishes, Pimples, Acne

(+) 5. For Aging Eyes: Ultimate Eyelift Program
By now, you’ve probably already heard all the usual wisdom (that’s mainly bad news) about your delicate eyelids: It’s only a third the thickness of your face skin; it has less sebum glands to moisturize it and protect it from environmental aggressors; that all the blinking, squinting and makeup (plus it’s removal) causes an inordinate amount of wear and damage. In short, eyes are first to say hello to the dreaded droop, dullness, dastardly lines, and the last to respond to your reparative efforts. It’s not all doom, gloom, or waiting out for the scalpel. Going beyond the surface, the new Ultimate Eye Reviver Program employs the latest and powerful SmartX laser technology to set off deep collagen replenishment and open droopy eyes to renewed vitality. Deeply restructured, heavy or puffy lids appear more toned and awake, while thin, crinkly skin looks naturally strengthened, smoothed and glowing with revitalized radiance. In stillness or in full expression, set your youthful gaze in motion.

Best For: Aging Eyes, Droopy Eyelids, Wrinkles

Saturday, 9 December 2017

How You Can Use "Thread" to Lift Your Face

December 09, 2017 0 Comments

We are very sure that you've heard about eyebrow threading, but what about inserting face "thread' for an immediately lifting?  This may sound aghast or simply a torture scene from SAW, but Threadlift is a new innovative non-invasive treatment for instant age reducing that is all in the rage now! We promise you that it is not the least bit painful or scary as you thought.

Threadlift was launched about a decade ago. This innovative breakthrough in the aesthetic world promised a instant facelift with no surgery and little to zero downtime. The old threadlifts were made of barbed sutures that were challenging to work with and were limited on how they could lift the skin.
They had to be anchored into the scalp, temple and brow region. #OUCH The knots for anchoring had to be tied carefully in order to not have the suture release from the anchor site, and the suture was permanent thus making any further surgery more difficult.

Fastforward to now. the latest thread is made of Poly L-lactic acid which are absorbable suture material, so they don’t need to be anchored to deep tissue. Poly L-lactic acid is also broken down and degraded by our body with time, thus leaving behind the matrix of collagen support it has stimulated behind. Therefore, the threadlift effect is seen to improve even after 2-3 months.

For many, we understand how one still remained skeptical of  inserting threads, when there are #threadliftfails showing those threads which are not properly placed are visible through the skin! #idontwanttobeafish Don’t just go for threadlifts based on price, warned many thread-lift advocates, this is where the quality of the threads used and the expertise makes all the difference in the world. That is why a threadlift should be performed only by the most highly trained doctors and in the most sterile environment possible.

Infinity Instalift is the latest threadlift procedure designed by SW1 Clinic which features a major upgrade including face contouring and even nose shaping! “The initial result is immediate, unlike lasers, which require patience,” says Dr Kenneth Lee, who believes that threads can deliver, in just 30 minutes, 70 percent of the lift of a surgical facelift and even better without the months of healing and downtime.

I visited Dr Kenneth Lee, whose waiting list for his signature Infinity Instalift is said to stretch for months. I was so reassured with his meticulous nature and professional expertise that right after my Infinity V-lift to address my jowls and marionette lines, I also did Infinity Brow lift and Infinity Nose lift at the same session!

I left the clinic in about 1 hour with a surgical tape over my nose with mild tenderness. However, the 1 hour took years off  my face and I was really surprised how lift my face looked.

The swelling subsided after a few days and my contoured features and lifted skin looked even more obvious. I swear I looked at least 5 years younger and I dare to say I look like I am in my 30s again! I will definitely go back to Dr Lee for another Infinity Instalift treatment again! Thank you The Sloane Clinic for recommending this treatment to me, I wish I knew about its existence sooner! 

Friday, 8 December 2017

G-Force: How to Slay Like Gigi Hadid

December 08, 2017 0 Comments

Gigi Hadid - This blonde bombshell has had a rock-star 2016. In addition to her Maybelline contract, she's inked a collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger, walked countless high-fashion runways including the recent Victoria Secret's Show. She also hosted the American Music Awards this year and was recently awarded the highly coveted International Model of the Year Award  Suffice to say, she's a total It girl. I mean seriously, who can deny that? This girl is totally slaying it. And while there's no arguing that Hadid truly shines in the spotlight, we can't help but take notice of the shine her perfectly dewy skin gives off too and her ah-maaaaazing bod. Gigi is truly the epitome of #goals. Read more to learn more on how to slay like Gigi.

#1. Exfoliate for Dewy, Model Skin
You've heard it 1000 times: Exfoliate for smooth, glowing skin. The power of regular exfoliation can never be overstated. It’s one of the simplest and most fundamental ways to unclog pores and keep them that way. The secret to Gigi-like skin is starting off with a good exfoliator to slough off those pesky dead surface skin cells and unveil a fresh, glowing canvas. 

Chai CRYSTAL HEALING Oxygenating Facial Scrub renews dull lacklustre skin with the renewal power of luxurious champagne extracts --- active polyphenols with protective and antioxidant properties. Porcelain and radiant smooth skin is now perfectly ‘pore’-ssible.

SGD $60, available at

#2. Natural Contours
No, we're not talking about the quintessential Kardashian contour. We definitely prefer the less is more approach. If you have missed the genetic lottery, you can cheat your way towards natural #iwokeuplikethis supermodel facial contours with Cheek Sculpt. This combination of sculptural fillers with the latest contouring techniques has, perhaps, changed beauty forever. It allows for precise 3D sculpting with enhanced definition and softer touch, which transforms into razor cheekbones, sharp noses, elegant foreheads, delicately highlighted brow bones, or an exquisite V-shaped visage without any surgery. Now you can get on with your life and strut out of the door confidently with a beautiful bone structure, rather than looking like an artificially bronzed drag queen.

#3. Werk Out Like a Boss 
While there's no doubt that Gigi Hadid is the product of a wonderful gene pool, the supermodel actually works hard to maintain the stellar physique that she constantly flaunts because like us - she's human too. The model's secret sauce contains a special combo of boxing for cardio, floor exercises to engage the core and ballet to promote leanness and consistency - and of course, a healthy and clean diet. 

We know it's hard work but you will surely reap the rewards. Cos just look at Gigi's bod - damn girl!

#4. Diligent Beautification
Luminous skin will always win. The issue is it can take some time to get your skin to a place where radiant foundations, highlighters, and now strobing palettes are no longer necessary. Head-turners are not born but groomed. Trust us, the real glow is well worth the wait which explains why you are have to religiously dedicated to your beauty regime. Because once you’ve got the dewy, radiant skin that models and well-pampered celebs appear to just wake up with, all those luminizing makeup techniques become obsolete. Or, at the very least, they look 10 times better on healthy (re: not dry and dull) skin.

Reap the smooth, supple, hydrated skin benefits of tranexamic acid with SW1 WHITE PLASMA Whitening & Illuminating Serum. It provides oil-free hydration and skin lightening peptides to correct discolourations, while skin illuminating agents sprinkles your complexion with unbelievelable twinkles.

SGD $98, available at

In Office-Solutions
If you want your skin to “glow” stronger year after year, then you need to give it the TLC it needs, starting from the blemish-solving Pico laser. Add in some skin rejuvenation glow-how with regular Illumi facial sessions which uses infra red light to tighten skin and give your skin the radiance it rightfully deserves. Ready, get set, glow!

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Skin Radar Tests: Revitalift

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As early as our mid-20s, hyaluronic acid (HA) in the deeper layer of our skin is progressively being depleted. HA concentration can be viewed as an indicator of "youthful" or "aged" skin as it is important for skin hydration, turgor and resilience, and for promoting collagen production. Hence, a HA deficit in our skin results in visible skin laxity, rough texture, dryness and wrinkles - which we do not want. 

The Revitalift treatment at SW1 Clinic can help to rejuvenate tired lacklustre dehydrated skin at any age, at the first sign of skin aging or even in the advanced lined, thinned out, crepey stage. And it benefits regardless of the inciting cause – whether it was intrinsic aging, sun damage, the stress of living in our urban jungle and constant traveling, sensitive dry skin experiencing difficulty recovering from aggressive dehydrating treatments or a wintery attack, or excessive smoking and alcohol consumption.

Before - Prominent Dark Eye Circles
After Revitalift - Dark Circles have been significantly reduced

#1. Revitalift Undereye - To Reduce Dark Circles
Tear troughs. An under-recognized cause of perpetually tired-looking eyes, this is not a bona fide dark circle but a common congenital depression that casts a physical shadow in the under eye area. The hollowing becomes more prominent with age and sagging skin.

Revitalift Undereye can lift the youth-draining hollows, along with their shadowy companions – right before your eyes! The treatment levels out undereye hollows, replenish and quench dry thinned skin, ignite a lit-from-within brilliant glow, and restore dermal elasticity for a youthful bounce as you spring across the winning line.

Before - Complexion looks dull & lacklustre
After - Complexion is improved. Revitalift helped to reduce facial hollowness & sunkeness

#2. Revitalift Face & Cheeks
A sunken mid face bony structure detracts from the desirable full, youthful contours of an ideal heart-shaped face and tends to cast shadows in the undereyes that render one perpetually tired-looking. Genius contouring is achieved from within. Revitalift revives tired, dehydrated skin with a jolt of deep moisture to boost skin’s overall lit-from-within luminosity, supple plumpness, and smooth, wrinkle-free elasticity. Applied with expert hands, it can highlight and define facial contours such as the cheekbones, brow bones and forehead, while shoo-ing away dastardly shadows 

How is it done? 
The procedure is simple and quick. Tiny drops of pure hyaluronic acid are infused into the skin and distributed evenly throughout the treatment area via a series of microinjections. It is made relatively painless by prior application of an anaesthetic cream and the use of a special fine needle. 

What should I expect after the treatment? 
You can apply some light makeup and resume your usual activities immediately after the procedure. The fine pin-prick marks will usually resolve by the following day. Over the next 1 week, your skin should look more plumped up and fresh as the skin’s hydrobalance is restored. With bio-revitalization of the skin over a few weeks, you will notice gradual improvements in your skin tone and elasticity, subtle facial lifting, and smoothening of fines lines and rough surface texture. 

How many treatments do I need? 
Although improvements are apparent even after the first treatment, a primary course of 3-6 sessions done at 2-4 weekly intervals is often recommended in order to build up your skin’s reserves for optimal bio-revitalization and longer-lasting results. Maintenance treatments are typically done 2-3 times a year. Your doctor will assess your skin condition and recommend the appropriate treatment regime. 

What other treatments work best with Revitalift?
As the skin is strengthened and its physiological function reactivated, the Revitalift is not only a skin rejuvenating complexion booster on its own, it is also ideal for maximizing and sustaining the results of other anti-aging treatments such as the Light Lift,Thermage, Ulthera, or dermal fillers.

Serene is 19, Chinese. No bruising, no pain after. No numbing cream was used.

She was happy after fillers.

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Here’s What Stars REALLY Do To Their Skin Before Awards Season

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Exactly how stars manage to transform their skin for every awards season has always a been a bit of a mystery. Famous folks are often hesitant to credit anything other than “sleep and lots of water!” for their red carpet glow, but we all know a flawless visage isn’t always achieved by virtuous living. Red carpet looks are no accidents. In fact, they are the results of well-laid plans. Often, those gleaming complexions are created with rounds of microdermabrasion followed by laser work and a peel or facial—a triple shot of skin care treatments so tried and true, just about every star undergoes it in some form as part of their public-facing prep.

When time is of essence, you will need a skin booster that is high on delivery and low on downtime. 

Introducing the latest skin booster darlings of A-listers that will leave you looking natural yet 'untouched' by the hands of time as well as the hands of a cosmetic surgeon.

Gone are the days when ladies succumb to sporting 'pillow-faces', inadvertently branding themselves as over-zealous cosmetic aficionados. Baby Drop Fillers revitalises fatigue lacklustre skin, boosts skin elasticity and subtly enhance or volumize deficient target areas without packing on unflattering volume or freezing any expressions. It is not designed to create unwanted volume or change your looks drastically, instead Baby Drop fillers are used to subtly enhance or refresh your facial features by targeting only the problem areas while leaving the rest of the face natural, allowing the soft and subtle changes to bring out the natural beauty in you.

Baby Drop Fillers are the perfect finishing touch to get you Instagram-ready in any light. A well-loved backstage secret, ultra-fine hyaluronic acid is infused into the skin through designer micro-needles to smooth residual lines without freezing out expressions, lift undereye hollows and imbue a dewy glow even hours before your dazzling entrance.
Bring your radiance to the next level with the light-powered IPL which tones, invigorates and brightens stressed, sapped skin for a show-stopping luminous clarity that’s poised for accolades and wows.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) uses pulses of broadband light to brighten the skin. It is quick, painless, and most importantly, effective, with no downtime. A jack of all trades, IPL will help lighten skin tone, refine texture, control acne, and get you all ready for the party season.