10 Beauty Resolutions for the New Year

New Year, new you? January tends to be a month of broken promises. Whether you vowed to exercise three times a week or read two books a month, resolutions can quickly start to feel like work, become hard to stick with, and are often abandoned by the end of the month. Yet, we continue to make them each year because they’re supposed to help us adopt better habits.

Since we make resolutions with the goal of upgrading, our beauty routines are a great area in our lives to improve upon by making tweaks to our regimens that we’ll actually follow through with in the year ahead.

Drinking enough water and flossing are probably obvious resolutions you already know, but like all good things in life (resolutions included), balance is key, and adding the extra reminder into the line-up of routine-boosting habits will only help you more. Read on for 10 resolutions to make to your beauty routine in 2016 that you’ll actually want to keep. 

(+) 1.  Stop picking at your face

The knee-jerk reaction to a new blemish is to pick it or pop it, but touching the pimple can cause infection or the bacteria to spread, resulting in a further breakout. Sparkle and glow into the New Year with this clear winner. SW1 Super Helper is here to give you a hand by not just balancing and softening the skin but also  maintaining clear and acne-free complexion thanks to retinol and alpha-hydroxy acids. Cellular renewal is speed up for radiant skin, while collagen is stimulated to keep skin smooth without lines.

(+) 2. Clean Your Makeup Brushes
Brushes full of dirt and grime are not going to do your complexion any favors, and can clog pores and cause breakouts. Make a vow to regularly clean your brushes once a week to rid them of lingering bacteria; your skin will thank you.

(+) 3. Wear Sunblock Religiously

SW1 Umbrealla UV-Protection & Light-Diffusing Cream is 100% free from chemical and fragrance! This gem here is a physical blocker from UV, sebum, water & sweat. The concoction of 3 powerful antioxidant teas, protects you for up to 240 minutes in water - so if you are going to spend long hours in the sun, you will have to reapply sunblock every 2 hours for maximum protection.

Suitable: All skin types, even sensitive skin, acne skin conditions and for children.
Fun Fact: I would also layer both sunscreen and a foundation/ tinted moisturizer / BB creme with SPF, just for the safety net. It can be tempting to be lazy, but a typical layer of sunscreen or foundation is usually not thick enough for you to maximize the sun protection factor, so it's far better to have two layers (you're more likely to max out the SPF50 protection) than to rely on just one. For touch ups, it's best to invest in a powder with SPF protection. Better be safe than sorry!

(+) 4. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
It’s easy to fall into a makeup routine and stick with it. “If it works, why break it?” is a sentiment we completely understand, but sometimes it pays to step outside of your comfort zone. Dare yourself to try one new thing—whether it’s an eyeshadow shade or filling in your brows—each month in 2016. You may discover a great product that will become a part of your regular rotation.

(+) 5. Schedule a few minutes of me-time
Work, meetings, lunches, and happy hours can leave little time each week to relax and decompress from everyday stress. Change this by setting aside some time each week where you turn off your phone and laptop, and forget the daily grind. We recommend doing so in the tub with a luxurious bath oil and a good read.

(+) 6. Stop Sleeping with your makeup on
We’ve all been told time and time again just how terrible it is to sleep with your makeup on, yet we still do it. If you’re prone to heading straight to bed following a long day or late night, keep a pack of cleansing wipes in one of your bedside table drawers. Since it doesn’t get any easier than cleaning your face in bed, now you really have no excuses.

(+) 7. Stop Hoarding Your Products
It’s true, even your favorite discontinued lip color that you ration for very special occasions has a shelf life. Using makeup past its lifespan can transfer bacteria to your face; not to mention, products no longer hold their efficiency. Stop hanging on to clutter that’s no longer useful by keeping your products organized in a container that only leaves you with a little extra room aside from your essentials. This way, you’ll have to toss items as they expire and they won’t take up precious space.

(+) 8. Exfoliate Weekly
Just like your apartment, your skin needs a deeper clean that goes beyond the surface. Treat your skin to cleansing mask each week to rid skin of dirt and congestion that builds up deep within your pores, causing breakouts and excess oil.

Take frightfully dull skin from 'BOO' to 'Beautiful' with the Chai CRYSTAL HEALING Oxygenating Facial Scrub. Bursting with polyphenols and antioxidants from champagne extracts to invigorate and repair dull, ageing skin, this weekly facial scrub performs the daunting task of keeping fine lines, pores, breakouts and rough, dead cells from haunting, leaving you positively fresh and radiant. All treat, no tricks.

(+) 9. Go Bold!
Most of us have outfits, haircuts and other style choices that we look back on and cringe at (*cough* permed bangs *cough*). So if you are itching to make a change, let 2016 be the year you pull the trigger. Go ahead, dye your hair lavender, or try on life as a bombshell blonde. Chop it off into a wash-and-go pixie. Play with some androgynous bleached brows. Maybe you’ll love it, but even if you don’t, it’s never been easier to change your mind again and try something else.

(+) 10. Get Sufficient Sleep Every Night
So how exactly robbing your rest time affects our appearance? While we’re snoozing, the body is hard at work. One of the construction workers making repairs on the night shift is the growth hormone. Its production increases during sleep to heal cells and tissues throughout your body, including our skin.

Cutting crucial recovery time affects the skin barrier’s ability to do its job and leads to increased water loss and skin dehydration. As moisture helps plumps up the skin, dehydration makes fine lines become prominent, and your face more droopy like a deflated balloon.

Lack of moisture, together with impaired cellular regeneration and turnover also reduce skin luminosity, leading to a dull, pale complexion. Slumber sacrifice due to our busy schedules and stressful lifestyle often show up rapidly as dark eye circles as well, as pale skin is less able to obscure the bluish surface blood vessels especially in the delicate eye area.

A weakened skin barrier can further leave it more vulnerable to foreign assault, which is why inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis tend to flare up more readily with reduced pillow time. Add to that an increased stress hormone, and you may end up with a disastrous acne breakout at the same time.

Over time, changes in immune response due to Vitamin Z insufficiency may affect collagen production as well. This translates to signs of accelerated aging such premature wrinkles and sagging. So make a serious effort this year to get the shut eye you need to be your best self