5 Stellar Treatments to End All Skin Woes

Perfect skin is like the beauty holy grail. We mix up potions, keep our dermatologists on speed dial, and read up on tips and tricks to get our visages glowing. But, it seems that no matter what we do, we never seem to be fully satisfied. There will always be women out there with gorgeous complexions that are just out of our reach. With all the advances in beauty technology, it’s hard to keep up. We’ve rounded up the best and the latest to help you turn resolutions into reality, so you can face the future with a whole new outlook.

(+) 1. Anti-Aging Superstar: Trinity Facelift Program
Turbocharge your gravity-defying efforts with this trailblazing protocol--- Trinity Facelift Program which harvests the synergistic effects of two of the world’s leading anti-ageing superstars – one shot of Ulthera non-surgical ultrasound soft tissue firming treatment, with another of Thermage radiofrequency skin tightener – to restrengthen and rejuvenate skin’s entire collagen supportive structure from within.

Signs of late nights and a fast-paced lifestyle start to quietly vaporise into smoke as existing collagen fibres experience an instant recoil for a quick, subtle bounce back to youth, whilst new collagen genesis occurs over subsequent months to stealthily sculpt a more V-shaped visage, bright opened eyes, and a toned and smoother neckline.

Best for: Anti-Aging, Skin Laxity, Saggy Skin

(+) 2. For Textural Refinement: Lustrous Skin Program

The difference between so-so skin and irresistible skin is radiance. Alluring and ever so elusive, this highly covetable quality that transcends cultures boils down to how light reacts with the skin – to be exact, flawless skin. Lustrous Skin Program illuminates your path to perfection, with the tone-unifying, texture-refining Fraxel Light laser. This non-ablative microlaser peel gently sweeps away visible spots and invisible uneven pigmentation below the skin, replaces damaged, fatigued cells with younger, healthier ones, and rebuilds the dermis for smaller pores and softened lines, allowing a lively glow to shine through the immaculate clarity.

Best for: Textural Refinement, Visible Pigmentation, Pores

(+) 3. For Lymphatic Drainage: Lymphatic Korean Kyung-rak Facial
For those who are uncomfortable with laser procedures, we’ve also learnt that the traditional methods can work just as well – it also helps that these often come with a nice, soothing massage that drains all the nasty stuff out of our facial lymph nodes. This is how the Korean ladies drain the toxins from their lymph nodes: with a Kyung-rak deep tissue massage, targeting the parts of the face known as the meridian points where energy is believed to flow.  Meridians are energy streams that control our every function. When these are blocked, our mental and physical health will be affected. Kyung-rak addresses energy imbalances and releases tension while enhancing circulation, detoxification and tonification.

The 80-minute session includes a neck, shoulders and chest massage as well, and follows the sequence of cleanse-mask-massage-mask. Kyung-rak is said to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, and the spa also offers a Kyung-rak body massage, which we can imagine must be a real treat for tired and tense muscles.

Lymphatic Korean Kyung-rak Facial, $130 for a 80-minute treatment. Available at Korea Beauty Centre, #05-05 Cuppage Plaza.koreabeauty.com.sg

Best For: Lymphatic Drainage, Traditional Preferences, Detoxification

(+) 4. For Troubled Skin: Clarity Program
This fast-acting facial treatment regime keeps you in the clear with sophisticated science. Clarity Program's no nonsense ultrasonic technology to deeply purify and de-clog pores is paired with NASA-invented LED phototherapy to disinfect, soothe and heal spot-stricken skin. Excellent for patients who want to reduce acne without medication. The end result? Clearer looking skin!

Best For: Clogged Pores, Blemishes, Pimples, Acne

(+) 5. For Aging Eyes: Ultimate Eyelift Program
By now, you’ve probably already heard all the usual wisdom (that’s mainly bad news) about your delicate eyelids: It’s only a third the thickness of your face skin; it has less sebum glands to moisturize it and protect it from environmental aggressors; that all the blinking, squinting and makeup (plus it’s removal) causes an inordinate amount of wear and damage. In short, eyes are first to say hello to the dreaded droop, dullness, dastardly lines, and the last to respond to your reparative efforts. It’s not all doom, gloom, or waiting out for the scalpel. Going beyond the surface, the new Ultimate Eye Reviver Program employs the latest and powerful SmartX laser technology to set off deep collagen replenishment and open droopy eyes to renewed vitality. Deeply restructured, heavy or puffy lids appear more toned and awake, while thin, crinkly skin looks naturally strengthened, smoothed and glowing with revitalized radiance. In stillness or in full expression, set your youthful gaze in motion.

Best For: Aging Eyes, Droopy Eyelids, Wrinkles