How You Can Use "Thread" to Lift Your Face

We are very sure that you've heard about eyebrow threading, but what about inserting face "thread' for an immediate lifting?  This may sound aghast or simply a torture scene from SAW, but Threadlift is a new innovative non-invasive treatment for instant age reducing that is all in the rage now! We promise you that it is not the least bit painful or scary as you thought.

Thread face lift was launched about a decade ago. This innovative breakthrough in the aesthetic world promised an instant facelift with no surgery and little to zero downtime. The old thread lifts were made of barbed sutures that were challenging to work with and were limited on how they could lift the skin.
They had to be anchored into the scalp, temple and brow region. #OUCH The knots for anchoring had to be tied carefully in order to not have the suture release from the anchor site, and the suture was permanent thus making any further surgery more difficult.

Fast-forward to now. the latest thread is made of Poly L-lactic acid which is absorbable suture material, so they don’t need to be anchored to deep tissue. Poly L-lactic acid is also broken down and degraded by our body with time, thus leaving behind the matrix of collagen support it has stimulated behind. Therefore, the thread lift effect is seen to improve even after 2-3 months.

For many, we understand how one still remained sceptical of inserting threads, when there are #threadliftfails showing those threads which are not properly placed are visible through the skin! #idontwanttobeafish Don’t just go for thread lifts based on price, warned many thread-lift advocates, this is where the quality of the threads used and the expertise makes all the difference in the world. That is why a thread lift should be performed only by the most highly trained doctors and in the most sterile environment possible.

Infinity Instalift is the latest thread lift procedure designed by SW1 Clinic which features a major upgrade including face contouring and even nose shaping! “The initial result is immediate, unlike lasers, which require patience,” says Dr Kenneth Lee, who believes that threads can deliver, in just 30 minutes, 70 percent of the lift of a surgical facelift and even better without the months of healing and downtime.

I visited Dr Kenneth Lee, whose waiting list for his signature Infinity Instalift is said to stretch for months. I was so reassured with his meticulous nature and professional expertise that right after my Infinity V-lift to address my jowls and marionette lines, I also did Infinity Brow lift and Infinity Nose lift at the same session!

I left the clinic in about 1 hour with a surgical tape over my nose with mild tenderness. However, the 1 hour took years off my face and I was really surprised how lifted my face looked.

The swelling subsided after a few days and my contoured features and lifted skin looked even more obvious. I swear I looked at least 5 years younger and I dare to say I look like I am in my 30s again! I will definitely go back to Dr Lee for another Infinity Instalift treatment again! Thank you SW1 Clinic for recommending this treatment to me, I wish I knew about its existence sooner!