Here’s What Stars REALLY Do To Their Skin Before Awards Season

Exactly how stars manage to transform their skin for every awards season has always a been a bit of a mystery. Famous folks are often hesitant to credit anything other than “sleep and lots of water!” for their red carpet glow, but we all know a flawless visage isn’t always achieved by virtuous living. Red carpet looks are no accidents. In fact, they are the results of well-laid plans. Often, those gleaming complexions are created with rounds of microdermabrasion followed by laser work and a peel or facial—a triple shot of skin care treatments so tried and true, just about every star undergoes it in some form as part of their public-facing prep.

When time is of essence, you will need a skin booster that is high on delivery and low on downtime. 

Introducing the latest skin booster darlings of A-listers that will leave you looking natural yet 'untouched' by the hands of time as well as the hands of a cosmetic surgeon.

Gone are the days when ladies succumb to sporting 'pillow-faces', inadvertently branding themselves as over-zealous cosmetic aficionados. Baby Drop Fillers revitalises fatigue lacklustre skin, boosts skin elasticity and subtly enhance or volumize deficient target areas without packing on unflattering volume or freezing any expressions. It is not designed to create unwanted volume or change your looks drastically, instead Baby Drop fillers are used to subtly enhance or refresh your facial features by targeting only the problem areas while leaving the rest of the face natural, allowing the soft and subtle changes to bring out the natural beauty in you.

Baby Drop Fillers are the perfect finishing touch to get you Instagram-ready in any light. A well-loved backstage secret, ultra-fine hyaluronic acid is infused into the skin through designer micro-needles to smooth residual lines without freezing out expressions, lift undereye hollows and imbue a dewy glow even hours before your dazzling entrance.
Bring your radiance to the next level with the light-powered IPL which tones, invigorates and brightens stressed, sapped skin for a show-stopping luminous clarity that’s poised for accolades and wows.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) uses pulses of broadband light to brighten the skin. It is quick, painless, and most importantly, effective, with no downtime. A jack of all trades, IPL will help lighten skin tone, refine texture, control acne, and get you all ready for the party season.