Skin Radar Tests: Revitalift

As early as our mid-20s, hyaluronic acid (HA) in the deeper layer of our skin is progressively being depleted. HA concentration can be viewed as an indicator of "youthful" or "aged" skin as it is important for skin hydration, turgor and resilience, and for promoting collagen production. Hence, a HA deficit in our skin results in visible skin laxity, rough texture, dryness and wrinkles - which we do not want. 

The Revitalift treatment at SW1 Clinic can help to rejuvenate tired lacklustre dehydrated skin at any age, at the first sign of skin aging or even in the advanced lined, thinned out, crepey stage. And it benefits regardless of the inciting cause – whether it was intrinsic aging, sun damage, the stress of living in our urban jungle and constant traveling, sensitive dry skin experiencing difficulty recovering from aggressive dehydrating treatments or a wintery attack, or excessive smoking and alcohol consumption.

Before - Prominent Dark Eye Circles
After Revitalift - Dark Circles have been significantly reduced

#1. Revitalift Undereye - To Reduce Dark Circles
Tear troughs. An under-recognized cause of perpetually tired-looking eyes, this is not a bona fide dark circle but a common congenital depression that casts a physical shadow in the under eye area. The hollowing becomes more prominent with age and sagging skin.

Revitalift Undereye can lift the youth-draining hollows, along with their shadowy companions – right before your eyes! The treatment levels out undereye hollows, replenish and quench dry thinned skin, ignite a lit-from-within brilliant glow, and restore dermal elasticity for a youthful bounce as you spring across the winning line.

Before - Complexion looks dull & lacklustre
After - Complexion is improved. Revitalift helped to reduce facial hollowness & sunkeness

#2. Revitalift Face & Cheeks
A sunken mid face bony structure detracts from the desirable full, youthful contours of an ideal heart-shaped face and tends to cast shadows in the undereyes that render one perpetually tired-looking. Genius contouring is achieved from within. Revitalift revives tired, dehydrated skin with a jolt of deep moisture to boost skin’s overall lit-from-within luminosity, supple plumpness, and smooth, wrinkle-free elasticity. Applied with expert hands, it can highlight and define facial contours such as the cheekbones, brow bones and forehead, while shoo-ing away dastardly shadows 

How is it done? 
The procedure is simple and quick. Tiny drops of pure hyaluronic acid are infused into the skin and distributed evenly throughout the treatment area via a series of microinjections. It is made relatively painless by prior application of an anaesthetic cream and the use of a special fine needle. 

What should I expect after the treatment? 
You can apply some light makeup and resume your usual activities immediately after the procedure. The fine pin-prick marks will usually resolve by the following day. Over the next 1 week, your skin should look more plumped up and fresh as the skin’s hydrobalance is restored. With bio-revitalization of the skin over a few weeks, you will notice gradual improvements in your skin tone and elasticity, subtle facial lifting, and smoothening of fines lines and rough surface texture. 

How many treatments do I need? 
Although improvements are apparent even after the first treatment, a primary course of 3-6 sessions done at 2-4 weekly intervals is often recommended in order to build up your skin’s reserves for optimal bio-revitalization and longer-lasting results. Maintenance treatments are typically done 2-3 times a year. Your doctor will assess your skin condition and recommend the appropriate treatment regime. 

What other treatments work best with Revitalift?
As the skin is strengthened and its physiological function reactivated, the Revitalift is not only a skin rejuvenating complexion booster on its own, it is also ideal for maximizing and sustaining the results of other anti-aging treatments such as the Light Lift,Thermage, Ulthera, or dermal fillers.

Serene is 19, Chinese. No bruising, no pain after. No numbing cream was used.

She was happy after fillers.