5 Pesky Skin Problems VBeam Perfecta Can Treat

Sarah Jagger uses makeup to hide rosacea.

Are you a long-time sufferer from broken capillaries, rosacea, spider veins, acne scars, scars, stretch marks or other blood-vessel related issues? You've tried all means and methods to get rid of these pesky skin problems but they are of no avail. Don't be exasperated the technology of aesthetic procedures have been improving by supersonic speed so having a dream complexion is no longer a pipe dream!

VBeam Perfecta is a premier pulsed dye laser (best selling too!) that delivers a forceful but delicate burst of rhythmic laser energy to targeted blood vessels without causing damage to the surrounding tissue. This top-of-the-line non-invasive laser is less painful, safer and more comfortable as compared to other vascular laser thanks to its unique built-in feature----- Dynamic Cooling Device. This distinct trait works by spraying a skin-cooling liquid onto the treated area before each laser pulse to minimise skin damages and downtime to avert purpura or bruising.

Dynamic Cooling Device sprays a cool liquid before each laser pulse to minimise skin damages and
downtime to avert purpura or bruising. 

A warm or tingling sensation is felt on the treated area with minimal discomfort during the treatment. There is no downtime after the laser, and one may feel slight tightening on the treated spot. Depending on the desired improvement, hormonal status, medication and area to be treated, 2-4 sessions may be required to enjoy the optimal result. For more pesky skin problems like acne and acne scars, 6 sessions may be needed for full clearance.

Here are 5 irksome skin problems that VBeam Perfecta can treat:


Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes facial redness visible blood veins and acne-like breakouts usually around the eyes, cheeks, and forehead. Flare-ups may catch you unexpectedly and may last for weeks or even months. The factors that may cause the sudden outburst are alcohol, medication, stress and food triggers.. etc There is no known cure for rosacea but VBeam Perfecta have been scientifically proven to reduce the embracing symptoms of rosacea, giving one both visible and emotional relief.

 Scars and Acne Scars

Healing wounds from injuries, surgeries or acne can leave unsightly scars which can adversely affect one's physical appearance and self-confidence. VBeam Perfecta injects a new lease of life to damaged tissue in scars while generating newer skin cells to reveal a smoother, clearer complexion. 6 sessions may be required for optimal result in getting rid of acne scars.

 Red Birthmark

Birthmarks are coloured skin spots that are present at birth or develop shortly after birth and they will not disappear with age. There are two main categories of birthmarks--- vascular birthmarks and pigmented birthmarks. As the beams specifically focus only the red pigment in blood while the surrounding skin remains intact, this special ability makes VBeam Perfecta an ideal, targeted treatment to remove vascular birthmarks in red.

 Stretch Marks

Stretch marks typically appear on the stomach, hips, butt, breasts and thighs when a person puts on weight rapidly or is pregnant.  Genetic factors and gender contribute to the appearance of stretch marks too.  Newly formed red stretch marks can be easily removed with VBeam Perfecta while mature silvery-white marks works better with Fraxel.

 Spider Veins

Spider veins are common tiny dilated veins that are noticeable on the skin. Pregnancy, genetics, alcohol, excessive sun, hormonal fluctuations may attribute to the severity of these "spider-web" facial veins. The laser heat up the small vessels and cause coagulation---- they close off, shrink in size and eventually are absorbed by the body and disappear. VBeam Perfecta is proven to effectively treat small spider veins while sclerotherapy is best reserved for larger veins.