What It's Really Like to Get Fillers for Your Face

What It's Really Like to Get Facial Fillers?

Two months ago, if you'd asked me if I'd be at the office of an aesthetic doctor, getting facial fillers with one of my best friends, I'd have told you not a chance in hell. Fillers were for getting lips like you-know-whose yeahyeah Kylie Jenner and adding volume to cheekbones that had lost the collagen reserves of their youth. Fillers only made you fuller. Right? 

Not so as I learned on a recent trip to SW1 Clinic. Sure, many people get dermal fillers — injections of hyaluronic acid in gel form — to enhance their lips and fill out sunken cheekbones and smile lines. Those are the on-label uses, after all. On the trip, I watched, with equal parts fascination and nausea, as Dr Low Chai Ling, medical director of SW1 Clinic completely reshaped my best friend's jawline, chin, and nose with a few pushes of the syringe. The effect wasn't plumped so much as sculpted, contoured, sharpened — like a Mario Dedivanovic contour on steroids. I wanted in.

Before Facial Fillers
Before Nose, Chin and Undereye Fillers

#1. Chin Filler
A weak chin can play a vital role in diminishing a person’s overall appearance as the chin is an anchor point for the eye. A profile with a weak chin will always look less attractive than a well-proportioned one. When you have a weak chin, it tends to detract from the rest of your face, making the face, nose and neck appear larger than they actually are.

To enhance a weak chin, FDA-approved natural facial fillers can be placed directly on the chin area to help rebuild the prominence of the chin. If a receding chin is accompanied by jowls, then lifting the jowls will give the lower face better proportion, reducing the appearance of a under-formed chin. Sculpting fillers for a well-proportioned chin can lend the face an ultra-defined look sported on K-Pop stars which I want!

Dr Low Chai Ling started on my chin — to balance out some asymmetry and fill in my "pre-jowls," which, yep, is the scariest phrase ever used in relation to my appearance. There was a prick as the needle went in, and then, the "popping" sound as she injected further. The pressure was stronger than I expected; it felt like my muscles were pushing back against a thick sludge. It wasn't painful, but it was a strange new sensation I'd never experienced — and I was very aware of that.

After Chin Fillers
After Chin Fillers

After the treatment, my chin was evidently sharper, which lends a more balanced proportion to my overall visage. In fact, the enhancement was so subtle that none of my friends noticed anything. They thought I lost weight!

Before Nose Fillers
Before Nose Fillers

#2. Nose Fillers
As a central feature, the nose occupies prime location in the neighbourhood of the face. It comes as no surprise that this prominent centrepiece has huge implications on one’s facial attractiveness. Unfortunately, it is also the one asset most Asians are underdeveloped in. While friends always tell me that mine is “petite and cute”, I always wanted to see what I would look like with a higher and sharper noses spotted on K-Pop stars.

“Equipped a full range of treatments ranging from various surgical rhinoplasty techniques to natural fillers, we offer an individualised approach to each and every case. But many patients still prefer to start off with a 5-minute non-surgical nose job through filler microinjections, even though the results are often more subtle than what surgery can achieve and are not permanent, says Dr Low." And it’s easy to see why: This quick treatment this easy to fit into any schedule, requires no cutting and no recovery time and hey, there’s no long-term commitment. That’s a tick in every box on my checklist. So I’m in!

Verdict: A numbing cream was applied my face after the facial to take away the ouch factor from the jab. The injection was surprisingly much less uncomfortable than I expected. (Special thanks here to the kind nurse who was very generous with the numbing cream sensing my needle phobia!) And it certainly helped that Dr Low was chatty and humorous as all that talk eased away my anxiety. Before I knew it, the treatment was over!

After Nose Fillers
After Nose Fillers

Apart from the mild redness and swelling from the injection, my nose was instantly sharper and higher. I was a little concerned it might be too high when I first stared into the mirror right after injection, but Dr Low reassured me that part of it was just swelling from the microinjection which should resolve in the next 2 days and the filler will fully settle within 2 weeks. And it did just that. In about a week, my new nose looked naturally higher, more defined and perkier. That saves me at least 3 min on painting on and blending in the cosmetic highlighter every morning for at least the next 9 to 12 months too, so I’m a happy girl.

Overall Verdict: "I’ve never thought my chin, or nose for that matter, was ever a problem until the doctor pointed it out. Now it makes perfect sense when I saw the immediate slimness and definition it gave my face! What I really loved about this approach of harmonising and highlighting facial features was that it just brought out a refreshed, better version of me - I still looked like me. Friends and colleagues noticed a difference, everyone complimented about how fresh I looked, but nobody could actually put a finger to it. This was exactly what I was looking for.”

Melody is 20. She spends her free time watching Korean dramas and cooking.