How to Look Like A Total Beach Babe

If there's one place where it's impossible to hide our not-yet-perfect bodies and faces, it's at the beach. Thick water-proof makeup and body-flattering clothing are both out of the game. We got you covered with these hacks to get you beach-ready, without undergoing a total body overhaul. Life's a beach (breeze) and you will be a true-blue California girl in no time at all!

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Beach skin is beautiful, bare skin with a natural glow from within. There’s absolutely no room for heavy cover-ups and cakey makeup when you are out at the beach under the sun and in the water. So to get your skin beach-ready, prep it with deep cleansing facials like Aqua.dermabrasion to revive stressed, dehydrated skin and erase blemishes with BB Aquatouch to reveal smooth Instagrammable complexion.

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As much as we wish we could wake up with sexy tousled beach waves, this effortless-looking hair takes more than a little bit of effort. A key feature of beachy waves is that they start from the tip of your ears by using a small curling iron. After you're done running your fingers down your curls to make them look looser, finish with a texture spray for longer-lasting waves.

Keramax Scalp Program helps you regain the fullness of your tresses with the Revage 670 laser and the anti-ageing Revitascalp is infused with vitamins to support healthy hair growth.

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We want you to look good on and off the beach, now and in the future. Don't forget sun protection essentials such as SW1 Beach Hat and Umbrella to keep you perfectly covered.

Beach Hat has a tinted sheer base to keep your skin looking stunning like a foundation. Your skin will look glistening and smooth while it works like a real shield to protect your skin from UVA and UBA rays.

Umbrella keeps your skin matte and reflects UV rays for up to 240 minutes in water even if you are a swimmer babe.

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Whatever your body shape, you should be proud of yourself. You can into the best shape with regular exercise and a healthy diet. There’s no harm in cheating a little to get ahead with our Supermodel Bodyfit program. Work on those unwanted bulges with Coolshape to melt stubborn fat cells, Exilis Body Magic to firm up loose flabby body parts as well as Dream Body Tone to improve lymphatic flow and texture.

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