Chipmunk Cheeks No More

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Chipmunks look absolutely adorable with their puffy cheeks ------- but sadly, you don't. We heard that one can opt for buccal fat removal surgery to get rid of this unwanted bloat. What exactly is buccal fat? Why does it bother one's appearance so much? We may not be an expert, what we do know is that after removing these chubby cheeks, you will reap a more sculpted visage with smooth and chiselled contours. Read on to get to the bottom of these not-so-cutesy "Chipmunk Cheeks".

What is the main cause of “chipmunk cheeks”?

Are Chipmunk Cheeks cute on you?
Are Chipmunk Cheeks cute on you?

The buccal fat pad is one of the several encapsulated fat masses located deep inside on either side of the cheek between the muscles. The appearance of these extra fat looks like there is always something stored in the mouth, thus people with excess buccal fat are termed to possess "chipmunk cheeks".
Someone who is athletically skinny may have the chance to inherit enormous cheeks.
~ Dr Tan Ying Chien, Plastic Surgery Consultant at SW1 Clinic

Both weight gain or resolute predetermined genetic predisposition attribute to the appearance of these extra puffs. Someone who is athletically skinny may have the chance to inherit enormous cheeks. If you are not so crazy about your bloated cheeks, most adults can undergo this straightforward surgery after losing their baby fat. We often see photos of celebs who are suspected of going under the knives due to their sudden slimmer and more sculpted face. This might happen naturally when baby fat fades or if there is a rapid weight loss.

How does one achieve a slimmer face?

"This is usually done under local anaesthesia, with a 1 cm incision inside the mouth thus leaving no external scar," says Dr Tan Ying Chien, Consultant Plastic Surgeon of SW1 Clinic. "The moment the capsule of the fat pad is opened, the buccal fat would ‘ooze’ out from its pocket. The incision is then sutured." This procedure takes about 20 min, and some mild swelling may occur for 3 to 4 days. In the right hands, buccal fat removal is a quick and simple procedure with minimal risks.

Is there anything I should know before proceeding with this surgery?

Chubby cheeks look so cute on chipmunk!
Chubby cheeks look so cute on chipmunk!

The main function of the buccal fat pad is chewing and suckling. This theory substantiates to the loss of volume to the intermediate lobe, which would most likely be due to the chewing and sucking from babyhood to adulthood. Another function of the buccal fat would be as a facilitator to the gliding pads of the chewing muscles. It also works as a cushion to protect sensitive facial muscles from injury due to any muscle action or exterior force.

The buccal fat pad contributes significantly to the contour of the face, hence buccal fat is often removed to reduce the prominence of chubby cheeks. Nevertheless, one should always consult a licensed Plastic Surgeon to help determine if buccal fat removal is suitable. If performed on the wrong candidate, the fat pad removal will cause the cheeks to sink in too much ---- The result? A premature gaunt and haggard appearance.

We hope that we got your burning questions about buccal fat removal covered. Make an appointment with Dr Tan at SW1 Clinic for any cosmetic surgery consultation.


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