How You Can Get Korean Glowing Skin

Other than being the capital for plastic surgery and perfect-looking idols groups, Korean beauty standard and products are what everyone in the world looks up to. One will definitely be amazed when strolling down the streets in Seoul as every college girl and woman has flawless fair, porcelain and glowing skin. The most devastating sight? Even the Korean guys have amazing milky skin too. How did they do it? Let's explore the secrets behind their cream and peaches skin.

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Shimmer Creams for Glowing Skin

One of the holy grail Kbeauty products for Korean glowing skin will be shimmer cream and one must-have item is 3CE Back to Baby Glow Beam. Many Beauty Gurus swear by this lustre-enhancing and hydrating cream that gives one an "eye-mazing" light reflecting effect when used as a primer. Back to Baby Glow Beam fits perfectly smooth on the skin for fitter foundation coverage while the much-coveted shimmery glow reduces chalky look caused by the foundation. It contains chamomile extract for soothing and other precious floral extracts like lavender, basil leaf, lilac and rosemary for intense brightening.

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Contour and Highlighting Kits

One of the favoured Korean face shapes is the "V-line" jaw and broad round forehead. This can be achieved by contouring and highlight products. As Koreans are generally very fair and prefer going under the knife for the v-shape chin, so their makeup will focus more on highlight compared to contour. Below are some of the latest hot brands for contour and highlight.

After her baby sister Kylie Jenner's million-dollar makeup brand success, contour-goddess Kim Kardashian finally released her much-awaited makeup brand KKW Beauty! As with every appearance of Kim, KKW's launch was just as dramaaaaaaatic. Many popular youtubers including drama queen Jeffree Star was busted for "kissing Kim's ass" even though it was so obvious that the product was only so-so and cheap looking for the steep price. Even so, Kim's first launch Creme Contour and Highlight Kit was sold out even though the price is USD$48 for its puny size. 

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Kim then quickly released Power Contour & Highlight Kit (tutorial by JS) at USD$52 which by the way were sold out too. #WHAT This time upon seeing the swatches done by Kim, Jeffree Star honestly replied on Twitter that they looked chalky. Guess what? The internet again blew up at Jeffree Star, and Kim had to defend him via Snapchat. It just seemed like whatever Jeffree Star says, the result will be as dramatic as whatever Kim did. #lol

Jeffree Star may be a drama kick-starter, but the popularity of his cosmetic line is undeniable thanks to the high standard of the products. Jeffree Star's Skin Frost is hailed as one of the most blinding highlighter ever. If you are looking to catch the attention of your crush from the next street, Skin Frost is definitely something you should get. *winks*

But no matter what, good skin is still the foundation for beautiful radiant makeup. A good anti-ageing skincare regime is the key to keep our skin hydrated and all crinkles at bay. However, no thanks to age and exposure to the everyday environmental pollution, age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles start creeping in by the time we pass our mid-twenties, this is when we need more than just daily skincare to keep our skin firm and dewy.

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Revitalise Your Face and Lips

From our mid-20s, the hyaluronic acid produced naturally by our body starts to deplete progressively over the years. The HA level found in the skin can be used as a marker to view how youthful the skin is as HA is essential for skin to look hydrated and supple, as well as collagen production. On the other hand, a lack of HA causes the skin to be loose, rough, dry and wrinkly.

Revitalift rejuvenates lackluster and dehydrated skin with microinjections of hyaluronic acid (HA).
Vital for youthful skin, natural replenishment of new HA, collagen and elastin increases moisture retention from deep within the skin. The hydrated skin retains moisture betters, thus regaining its firmness and can give you an undeniable glow that cannot be washed off with makeup. If your lips are lacking, Revitalift Lips instantly smooths away fine lines, intensively hydrates chapped appearance and add a luscious sheen to your lips without amplifying its volume.

Replace Dull Aged Skin with Fresh New Cells

Lustrous Skin Program consists of 8 sessions of Fraxel Light with 4 times of LED Red Photomodulation Therapy and 8 times Radiance Gel wraps perfectly transform and deeply rejuvenate stressed lackluster skin plagued with large pores and pigmentation with low downtime.

Fraxel light lasers are designed to renew skin, replacing dull aged skin layers with fresh new cells.
LED Red Photomodulation Therapy activates new collagen formation while slowing the breakdown of existing collagen. It also promotes healthy skin cell with its gentle skin renewal resulting in smoother, brighter skin with smaller pore size and significant oil reduction.

By the end of the 8 sessions, your skin will be so brilliant and bright like a Korean star!

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Epicarp Your Skin for Superstar-like Glow

If you are looking for a quick fix dose of professional red carpet treatment for a superstar-like glow with HD ready smoothness, Glamour Peel is what you are looking for. "Healthy normal skin renews itself every 14 to 30 days but the cycle slows down into a dull, rough spot or frustrating clogged skin due to ageing, hormonal and environmental stress," says Dr Michelle Lim, Aesthetic Consultant at SW1 Clinic.

Glamour Peel can simultaneously improve 6 key skin problems: brightens skin, fades spots, smooths lines, reduces pore, balances sebum and boosts hydration. Pampering the skin with a series of oxygenating masques and revitalising concentrates, Glamour Peel normalises and optimises cell renewal process to hold onto moisture better and produces more collagen in the long run. A recharged and hydrated healthy cell results in a more balanced complexion that is seriously smooth, supple and clear.

It is recommended to do this superstar treatment at least 1 to 2 days before the red carpet as one with sensitive skin may experience slight flushing while others will enjoy a dewy and silky soft refreshed skin.

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Shed Dead Cell to Reveal Glowy Natural Skin 

Put the missing glow back on your face with Glow & Go to get you #nofilter Instagram-ready. Maximising its forte of exfoliating dead stubborn clogged cells, Glow & Go combines the latest skin illuminating ingredients retinol peel to intensively yet rapidly and safely polish off dead and dull cells to courage cellular renewal, as well as Plasma C to put the lit back on your face and 24K Gold mask to improve overall radiance. Admire your super radiant and tightened complexion immediately after this quickie 30-min treatment.

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