Transform Your Facial Features to Improve Luck

Do you believe that your face represents your fortune and destiny? Do you want to enhance your features in order to bring more luck and fortune in your life accordingly to the Chinese's Feng Shui? We want to share with you how you can transform into a prosperous face without going under the fearsome knives!

We hit the jackpot as we finally managed to snag Dr Low Chai Ling, co-founder and medical director of SW1 Clinic over coffee to explore the mystical world of aesthetics to improve our face luck. Are you ready to oomph your visage and change your destiny? We sure are!!

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Facial Symmetry: Fan Bing Bing

The first and vital basic requirement of a “wealthy face” is facial symmetry. In Feng Shui terms, this sign of balance means that you’re more likely to be blessed with moola and also breeze through challenges in life easily. When features are asymmetrical, it suggests a scattered life filled with difficult obstacles to overcome.

Look at the perfectly symmetrical face of Fan Bing Bing and her being the only Chinese who is in the Forbes highest-paid actresses in the world 2016. By the way, she is ranked number 5 on the chart just behind Jennifer Anniston, Scarlett Johansson, Melissa Mccarthy and Jennifer Lawrence. If you finish reading this article,  you would've noticed that Fan Bing Bing possesses all if not most of the traits of a prosperous face.

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Getting a Symmetrical Face

“Depending on where the facial asymmetry is, non-surgical facelifts such as thread face lift and facial fillers can help to correct mild asymmetries. More severe issues may need reconstructive cosmetic surgery,” remarks Dr Low who has had experience treating patients in this expertise.

Those who find that their faces are more droopy on one side can opt for Silhouette Instalift to perk up and balance out the asymmetry. Clients who find that one side of their face is plumper than the other can have the flatter side filled with dermal fillers or have the plumper side treated with Botox in some cases.

Full Temples - Xie Na

Sunken temples are said to be inauspicious as they signify a low income and poor fortune in the future for one or their spouse. Let's look at one of the top celebrities in China, Xie Na who has a full voluminous temple even when she is already in her mid-30s. Topping the Weibo chart with the most followers with a whopping 90 million fans, 36-year-old Xie Na is an extremely popular Chinese singer, actress and designer. (Fan Bing Bing has about 58 million followers on Weibo)

Xie Na's husband Jason Zhang is a popular singer who has won the Most Popular Male Singer Award 33 times and Best Male Singer 12 times. Successful and rich couple? We thank their talents and of course Xie Na's prosperous traits, her full bountiful temples.

Plumping Up Sunken Temples

Volume High-Definition Lift can help to fill up temple hollows instantly, and this simple procedure takes only about 30 minutes with little downtime,” says Dr Low. Facial Fillers has the magical ability to transform anyone from a haggard appearance to a prosperous youthful face with just a few injections.

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High and Round Forehead: Song Ji Hyo

The forehead signifies luck bestowed from heaven. Ideally, it should be gently curved, round, high and even slightly be protruding in order to possess the qualified potential for wealth and power. A good full forehead also suggests that wealth comes early in a person’s life. 

The Chinese also highly believe that a prosperous forehead further supports all features of the face with more good luck. Hence, it is essential to take care of your forehead, keeping the complexion clean and clear from blemishes and unsightly pimples. 

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Korean actress Song Jihyo may only get her big break in her late 20s thanks to #RunningMan, this beauty is now one of top's loved Korean actress! Korean's top host Yoo Jae Suk often complimented her beauty, even when she shows her bare face frequently in the variety show. Guys being guys, the men in Running Man often tease her for her wide and high forehead. Girl, she is never afraid to show off her lucky charm, brain and power.

Smoother and Rounder Forehead

“Patients troubled by forehead lines can relax them with Botox to maintain their natural expressions while staying youthful,” says Dr Low, whose clientele includes celebrities who often go for her ‘natural anti-wrinkle injection technique’. "Foreheads also tend to lose their suppleness with age. They can be rejuvenated with special micro-fillers called Revitalift, designed to replenish hydration from within. It can cleverly volumize the forehead to make it looks fuller but with a natural gentle sloping curve."

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High Fleshy Cheek Bones: Fann Wong

When the cheekbones stand out prominently and appear bright and shiny, it is one of the obvious signs that bountiful wealth luck is about to manifest! Prosperous cheekbones must be chubby and fleshy enough to pinch! One of the best representatives for high cheekbones will be Singapore's top actress Fann Wong!

When she made her first appearance in drama as an actress (she was a former model), everyone speculated if she had injections done for her genetically blessed high cheekbones.  Till date, this 46-year-old gorgeous mother aged so beautifully that we wish we can all look like her!

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Looking at Fann and Christopher Lee's sweetheart Zedzed, we can truly say that Fann is definitely a natural true beauty! *Pinches ZedZed apple cheeks*

Getting Apple Cheeks

"We offer a specialised technique call Cheek Sculpt that uses highly structural hyaluronic acid fillers to augment and define natural prominence of cheeks to give the appearance of higher cheekbones," says Dr Low. "The aim is not to chase lines or volumise the face but it is to bring out the natural and optimal proportions of the patient."

Pearl Lips: Yui Aragki

Covet as every Japanese guy's dream wife, one cannot escape from the charm of the sweet innocent next-door girl look of Yui Aragaki. Her pout is the perfect example of a prominent pearl-like protrusion at the top of her upper lips which represents effortlessly bountiful of wealth! 

The pearl is regarded as a treasure and a metaphor for perfection, class and prestige in the Chinese culture. It is no wonder Yui Aragaki is so well-loved not just by the guys but Japanese girls look up to her.

Adding a Pearl to Your Pout

Dr Low suggests using special lip fillers to shape but not volumize your lips if you are looking to add a pearl to your pout. Most Asians don’t need extra volume to their pouts, but most of us can benefit from lip shaping with a hint of fillers. By placing hylauronic acid fillers in strategic areas on the lips, one can create a pearl lip effect. If you are looking to tune up your pout, visit SW1 for lip fillers in Singapore.

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Prominent Strong Chin

A prominent strong chin provides a strong base for the face to store and accumulate one's wealth and asset. An auspicious chin is slightly protruding, quite fleshy and looks like a “mountain” to suggest a long and fruitful life. Receding jawlines are signs of misfortune in old age and can even be a sign of premature death. 

Dee Hsu is one of the most famous hosts and comedians from Taiwan who is never afraid to speak up. After giving birth to 3 daughters, this sassy mommy often shares her crazy exercising routine to maintain her celebrity figure and beauty. One of the most prominent features of her visage will be her natural pointed chin with a slight protrusion.

Sharper and More Defined Chin

Chin fillers can help to correct three things to balance out one's facial shape and attract more favorable fortune to your life. Firstly, it can correct a receding chin caused by years of wearing braces. Secondly, it can correct a short chin by giving it added length while balancing out the overall facial proportions. Lastly, it can create a V-shape face which is coveted by many as it is feminine and youthful.

Out of the many traits, how many do you possess? It didn't come as a shocking news that Fan Bing Bing has the most prosperous face ever. It is no wonder that we see so many ladies in China who look like her after their trips to the plastic surgeon. 😉

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