Best Perk-Me-Up Facials

These days, going bare-faced with minimal makeup is all the rage. This means that dull, problematic and unhealthy skin will show itself even more easily with excessive makeup. Healthy skin begins from within: adequate sleep, going easy on the alcohol and cigarettes, eating in moderation and exercising are some of the ways to kickstart your glass-skin.

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A pamper facial treatment is an awesome way to give your skin that extra push towards perfection. No time? Don't fret! We give you some suggestions on what you can do look your best, even at the eleventh hour. These tune-ups will put the missing glow back and have your husband, boyfriend or girlfriends doing a double-take at your artfully natural, beautifully refreshed face.

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Take 'glowing' skin to a new level with latest skin illuminating ingredients and no-holds-barred purification. This intensive facial utilises Hydrafacial MD technology is designed to rapidly and safely resurface skin, polishing off dead and dull cells, encouraging cellular renewal, encouraging your skin to breathe with confidence and clarity once again.

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The centrepiece of this remarkable treatment is a combination of vitamin C & glutathione---therapeutic yet powerful masques for the most illuminative complexion like Monroe herself. In addition to these professional-only masques, this incredible facial is complemented by LED Red and I-Clear photobiomodulation light.

Awakening your senses, this phenomenal system incorporates Pearl ├ęclat gel mask that gives your skin the best of both worlds--- skin feels firmer and radiant immediately after. 

Best for: Super glow fix, before a super hot date 
Recommended for: Dull and tired skin

For those who want the benefits of an aesthetic procedure that is able to clinically lift the skin yet not forego the comforts of a facial, look no further than our Illumi-facial. Infrared light is used to penetrate the skin to restore the elasticity and lift saggy skins. This will be administered by the doctor and takes less than a minute. 
This painless procedure is followed by a restorative illuminative facial that will give your skin an instant luminosity and health. Party-ready with no downtime! This treatment combines the long-term benefits of clinically effective infrared energies and the instant results of a skin-replenishing facial treatment. 

Best for: Mid-life crisis, anti-ageing fix, anyone who secretly wants to look younger
Recommended for: ageing, saggy and dull skin types

Don't ever forget about your eyes! The essential addition to any facial or as a standalone therapy, this peeper-perfecting treatment includes a wrinkle-renovating pumpkin enzyme peel to kickstart your undereye skin recharge. The highlight of this “eye-cial” is the Eye Sonic therapy using hyaluronic acid. Eye Sonic infuses hyaluronic acid into the skin more effectively than manual application, promoting healthy, hydrated, and younger-looking skin.

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This eye-opening treat ends with hydrating gel pads to soothe, calm and rejuvenate undereye skin, leaving the “windows to your soul” looking fabulous. 

Best for: Skin smoothening, line reducing, de-puffing
Recommended for: Tired, puffy or ageing eyes