How You Can Change Your Life in Less than 30 minutes

I am so busy every single day! I have no time for exercise and I have no time to spare to apply sunscreen daily before I start my day! Does this sound familiar to you? If it is, read on to find out how you can find the time to change your life with these 5 tips in less no more than 30 minutes. We promise you'll feel more motivated and happier after introducing these habits into your life. Thank us later!

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5 min to apply sunscreen in the morning

It takes as little as 2 minutes to apply sunscreen on your face and body daily but many people prefer to skip this essential protection from the skin-ageing and skin-cancer causing ultraviolet rays! Some reasons are that it is too troublesome, their foundation already contains SPF protection and sunscreen makes them feel uncomfortably sticky especially when the temperature rises.

What we will suggest is to use a sunscreen like SW1 Umbrella that is water & sweat proof and 100% free from chemical and fragrance with a light formula (as if you are not wearing anything) that still shed you from the sun! This SPF 70 sun blocker blends 3 types of antioxidant teas and gives you an invisible shine-absorbing micro mesh & UV reflectors.

"Sunscreen is definitely essential unless you prefer to age faster and love pigmentation on your face," says Dr Toby Hui, aesthetic consultant SW1 Clinic, who has perfect skin although he loves being under the sun.

Don't ever skip sunscreen! Remember to wait for 3 minutes before you slap on your primer to allow the sunscreen to bake on your face for maximum protection. You won’t want to rub off the sunscreen while applying primer and the rest of your makeup such as foundation and powder.

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15 min walks in the morning

You’ve heard the saying “the early bird gets the worm” yeah? Taking a walk in the early hours burns more calories and also boosts physical and mental effectiveness throughout the day. "Walking also delivers oxygen to your complexion, gets the blood flowing, keeps joints strong and makes your worries feel less important," says Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of SW1 Clinic.

If you do not have the luxury to work up earlier for a walk, why not start with walking to the second bus stop and alighting one bus stop before your destination. If you are driving, you can find a carpark which is a 10-minute walk away instead. Walking does great for your health, as well as for the environment. *winks* There is no excuse for having no time for exercise. Hit your minimum 10,000 daily steps effortlessly by monitoring via your smartphone or Fitbit!

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30 min Fast Fix Facial

If your office is situated right in the heart of Singapore, Orchard Road, luck you!!!!! The ultimate 'lunchtime' quickie Fast Fix Facial at SW1 Clinic is targeted to instantly to spruce up lackluster complexions in your lunchtime.

 This quick but efficient facial includes ultrasonic deep cleansing to unclog your pores, oxygen & vitamin C clay pack infusion and deep penetration of multivitamins and lymphatic drainage of facial circulation to wipe out breakouts, bumps, sagging, sensitivity, or pigmentation problems. You can go back to your office glowing like an 18-year-old with SW1 professionally-picked serums and sunblock, with a vanity room full of cosmetics to apply!

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Burn fat in just 28 min and 40 sec a day

I am one of the peeps who own a monthly gym membership but need more pushes and determination to hit the gym after work or during the weekends. You know how sometimes the thought of bringing and changing into your gym wear feels so bothersome that you opt for relaxing at home instead? Some weekends, you just don't feel like travelling to the gym just for exercise. *excuses* I turned to youtube for simple short exercises and was delighted to find the channel Blogilates!

Cassey who is based in the USA started posting youtube fitness videos years ago and has more than 3 million subscribers! Her vibrant energy behind the screen always made me work super hard and felt a sense of achievement when I managed to finish her tough videos.

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Cassey came out with PIIT28 (PILATES INTENSE INTERVAL TRAINING) for herself when she was travelling a lot and was getting unmotivated and frustrated when gyms were too far or not available! She designed PIIT28  to make the body sweat and get stronger using little time, NO EQUIPMENT and barely any space in just 28 min and 40 sec a day!

PIIT28 combines the best core strengthening exercises from POP Pilates® with the most intense cardio elements of HIIT. You are bound to sweat like crazy in 7 minutes and then you’ll get fitter in under half an hour.

Who said exercising with no equipment can't make you work your asses off? Try PIIT28 and let us know if you are killin' it or not!

Go be healthy and absolutely beautiful!!💖💖