Dimplepasty: The Art of Creating Cute Dimples

Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min are both genetically blessed and with cuteness overload: dimples

Ariana Grande, Miranda Kerr, Harry Styles are all blessed with them. Hyun Bin and co-star Han Ji Min both own a stunning pair. What do these A-listers celebs have in common other than being totally pulchritudinous? They all have dimples. Cute, lovely, everyone is dying-to-have them - dimples!

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Dimples are the visible indentations that are either permanently present on the cheeks, chin or make its cute appearance while a person speaks or smiles. They are also one of the most dominant genetically facial traits. If one of your parents has dimples, congratulations! You then have a 25-50% chance of inheriting the genes, as that parent inherited the gene from one or both parents. If both of your parents have dimples, you got the golden ticket! Give both your parents a kiss to thank them for your dimples. #LuckyYou #WeAreJealous

Harry Styles Dimple
Ahh.. cute dimples spotted! Harry Styles

If neither of your parents has dimples, you don't stand a single chance to show them off to the world. Unless you experience a spontaneous mutation which is almost a zero chance. #dontbesad We can tell you how and where you can get one or two in a bit.

"Dimples can form anywhere over the face where there are facial muscles," explains Dr Tan Ying Chien, Consultant Plastic Surgeon from SW1 Clinic. "The most common facial dimples form on the cheeks or the chin. Dimples on the cheeks are more common than dimples on the chin. So if you have dimples you can be thankful for the delightful defect you inherited from your parents."

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Don't have cute dimples like Ariana? You can BUY IT!
Dimples are actually deformity? Babyface Arina is born with them! 

People with dimples are often referred to as having a “baby face”. In the Western culture, dimples are considered to be an extremely attractive and wanting feature for both women and men. In Shakespeare’s ‘Venus and Adonis’, Adonis, the God of beauty and desire in Greek mythology was described to having “in each cheek a pretty dimple” and "love made these hollows". Dimples have always been appreciated for feminine beauty but guys who have dimples look more approachable and cute too! Don't worry if you are not blessed with these hollows as they can be man-made. #OMGYES

Men with dimples can melt all hearts. Jared Padalecki
Men with dimples can melt all hearts. Jared Padalecki.

Believe it or not but there is a high demand for fake dimples called dimple creation surgery aka Dimpleplasty. Due to the invasion of all those youthful cute looking celebs, Dr Tan sees about 2 - 3 patients each month requesting for holes on their face. One can go into the plastic surgeon's office without dimples and in 30 minutes come out with as many dimples as they like! #WeOnlyWantTwo

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Under local anesthesia, the surgeon creates a dimple through a small incision inside the cheek of the patient, then passes a suture through the inside of the cheek, and grasps the base of the skin where the dimple is preferred. Then the physician ties the suture leaving a dimple.

Initially, the created dimple is present, even when not smiling. After a few weeks, the dimple becomes more natural where it can only be seen only when the face is moving, thus creating a permanent dimple through dimple creation surgery.

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"This procedure is more suitable for people with less chubby cheeks," explains Dr Tan. "Those with chubby cheeks would be advised to have buccal fat removed before dimple creation surgery." Dr Tan recommend patients to resume lasers treatments and facials about 1 month after the surgery.

We agree that Dimpleplasty is probably the only surgery people request to do a "deform" on the face. Dimples are nature’s most appealing defect are available instantly through cosmetic surgery, contact Dr Tan for a consultation now.

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