These Two Lasers Are The Secret Weapons to Anti-Aging and Smooth Skin

More than a decade back when I was going through puberty, my skin wasn't very kind to me. Being an ignorant kid at that time, I did not treat my complexion that well too. The result? Obvious acne scars. Did I also mention that I have an extremely oily skin for as long as I remember, even till this very day?

This skin imbalance continues to wage more complexion wars even when I am years into my adulthood. I've tried all kinds of facials, supplements, and skin care products that promised to smoothen acne scars and reduce large pores, but there is not much improvement at all.

As a reward to myself for hitting the big 30, I decided to book an appointment with Dr Michelle Lim from SW1 Clinic for a consultation to see what we can do to improve the appearance of the largest organ of my body--- my uneven skin.

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SW1 Clinic is currently one of the largest aesthetic, plastic surgery and medical spa centre in Singapore founded by Dr Low Chai Lingwho also founded The Sloane Clinic. Even though I did not have a tour of the whole clinic, but this enormous aesthetic clinic spans over half of the level 13 of Paragon Medical! There are about 3-4 other medical centres opposite it.

I really love this aesthetically pleasing aesthetic clinic #punintended  and all the helpful staff who served me from booking the appointment, reminder of the appointment, and follow-up after treatment.

After a consultation with Dr Michelle, she recommended me to do 2 treatments for my skin woes--- Vbeam Perfecta to cure my existing acne and oily skin, as well as Pico Smooth to get rid of my old acne scars.

My skin is rough, dull, large pores and has obvious acne scar. :(
Vbeam Perfecta is the newest multi-usage star that uses Pulsed Dye Laser Technology to heal acne and acne scars, pigmentations, redness and more while giving the skin an extra boost at the same time. This super gentle laser treats only the selected blood vessels without harming other cells next to it.

Feeling super at eased under the skilful hands of Dr Michelle!

PICO Pigment Laser delivers picosecond energy at one trillionth of a second to smooth out uneven complexion and rejuvenate ageing skin by stimulating collagenesis. Unlike other ablative lasers which has a higher chance of causing hyperpigmentation in people with darker colour, Pico Smooth's picosecond light creates lower temperature during the treatment so even those with tanned skin like mine can achieve the same result compared to those with fairer skin tone.

What are the two procedures like?

Prior to the treatment, the nurse applied numbing cream on my face so that I enjoyed both treatments with optimal comfort as I am the kind of girl who is afraid of pain. During both the treatments, I really did not feel any pain other than my skin was brushed by the lasers. Dr Michelle's assurance and confidence during my treatment made me super at eased and relaxed during the 15 minutes. Thank you Dr Michelle! 

In the picture below, Dr Michelle was doing Pico Smooth for me and you can see that my skin had turned red on the more problematic areas like my cheeks and chin. She did a higher intensity for me so as to achieve the same results compared to the other part of my face.

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Just like other laser treatments, I had to make sure that my skin was kept MOISTURISED AND PROTECTED from the evil sun to make sure that my complexion will recover with best results. My skin was definitely flushing especially on my cheeks and nose right after the treatment as well as the first 2 days. Dr Michelle ensured me that the redness will disappear in 3-4 days and my skin cleared up perfectly by the end of the 4th day! 

The most obvious improvement is that my complexion looks brighter, and feels smoother about 1 week after the treatment! Since I have aged acne scars, I did not expect that one session will clear up my skin immediately. I can't wait to go for my second appointment with Dr Michelle in about a month later.  

PS: I also went out for an afternoon tea last Saturday with my girlfriends, without makeup (but with sunscreen of course) and the girls can't stop complementing my radiant skin now.

Telephone: +65 6817 8888 
Address: 290 Orchard Road, #13-01, Paragon, Singapore 238859 

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