3 Beauty Lessons That You Have To Learn

We concede that we spent a whole lot of our time on the qui vive for dieting (less oil + less carbs and more fruits + more vegetables), leading a healthy lifestyle (exercise like there's no tomorrow and getting more than enough beauty sleep!), and adding some #beautycheat supplements to alleviate the signs of ageing.

Science can gratify us by making us look much younger in an instant than our actual age! We give credit to the advanced technology and aesthetic treatments which are readily available, we can't wait to age gracefully and be complimented on how we look the same as a decade before. Here are 3 beauty lessons that will make you instantly younger:

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Teach Your Skin How to be Young Once Again 

The torment of knowing that our collagen ("hold" our skin together to keep it young and firm) and DNA repair enzymes (revive and regenerate our skin) found naturally in our body fritter away, no thanks to ageing and exposure to UV Rays! Sunscreen protection may help to prevent pre-mature ageing problem like brown spots and discolouration, but what about the previous years of sun damage? This is where Rejuran DNA Resurgence comes for the help!

Rejuran delivers Salmon DNA (highly compatible to human skin) extracts as microinjections into the dermis skin layer to repair damaged dermal cells and revive the skin from within. "The texture and condition of the skin will improve by looking smoother and healthier just a week after the first treatment," says Dr Chua Han Boon from SW1 Clinic, "It is highly recommended to have Rejuran every 2 weeks apart for longer-lasting tighter and younger looking skin!" It is no wonder that Korean ladies in their 30s-50s swarmed to aesthetic clinics for this youth elixir!

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Right: After 4 sessions of Rejuran DNA Resurgence

Teach Your Skin How to Grow Collagen By Itself 

As we were saying, collagen that "holds" our skin together is found naturally in our body but will exhaust and slow down production after we struck 25 years old. #sobs Collagen is responsible of giving the skin elasticity and strength to hold it up. Below is a picture to depict the loss of collagen over time and how it affects one's appearance.

Collagen loss as one ages

Fear not if you are now in your 40s! Dream Sculpture will get you through the ordeal! This “skin booster” (different from fillers and botox) is made from collagen-building poly-L-lactic acid which is not harmful to the body. It is broken down by the body naturally with no trace of it. "A series of 6 injections, Dream Sculpture will teach your skin to grow collagen by itself for over a year, " explains Dr Chua.

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Christina Lee did 3 sessions of Dream Sculpture at SW1 Clinic with Dr Chua 4 months ago, she saw the difference gradually over the past few months. “I like how I aged in reverse naturally after the course of 4 months. My girlfriends have been asking if I have some "good news" that is apparently showing off in my face” says the PR Manager.

Dream Sculpture natural enhancement
Dream Sculpture's amazing natural enhancement

Teach Your Skin How to Triumph Against Gravity

Are jiggly jowls and dull visage the bane of your life? Look no further than Luxe Lift Program which is the best and matchless skin toning laser out there you could find! The best thing is, this treatment which consists of 6 sessions of Light Lift + 3 sessions of Sgyma Lift + 3 sessions of Happy Ending + 3 Glow Facial Wraps can tone and lift your skin with no downtime at all!

Light Lift uses FDA-approved fastest and most powerful GentleYag technology to treat all skin types for immediate facial tightening and skin rejuvenation. It helps to rebuilds collagen, tighten sagging skin, tone open pores, regulated oil-production and smooth crinkles to produce younger and healthier looking skin. This is ideal for people who want an instant miracle to rewind time, or age-proof their skin while achieving clear, sebum-balanced skin which is radiant and youthful.

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Sygma Lift tightens and chisel droopy skin especially those on the neck and jawline with a patented 2nd generation High Intensity Focused Ultrasound that is a totally painless experience, unlike other lasers. This new generation of laser has 3 components that work hand in hand by combining the focal lines and micro ultrasound HIFU technology with low-level cold lasers. The cold laser works in synergy to help to eliminate fat cells and stimulate the rate of collagen production.

Happy Ending is also featured as a special add-on in SW1 Spa facials. This potion of youth consists of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), beta gulcan and glutathione that gives you the best anti-aging and rejuvenating nutrients to revive your skin cells and keep your visage in the tip-top condition.