NeoGen Plasma For Skin Rejuvenation

Are you looking for a full face rejuvenation treatment that smoothes fine lines and deep wrinkles while enhancing skin tone and elasticity? Are you bothered by pesky undereye lines, crow's feet, dark eye circles and droopy eyelids but worried that periorbital procedures may result in any complications to your eyes?

NeoGen PSR uses controlled plasma energy to generate new skin cells and heal damaged skin. With its unique customisable and precision abilities, NeoGen's uniform heating pulses of deep tissue stimulate and produces new collagen and elastin in the damaged skin. The unique ability of not causing vaporisation or scorching of the skin allows specific treatment on areas without affecting overlying epidermis. Therefore, it is also perfectly safe to use it around delicate skin ---- the windows to your soul.

How Plasma Energy Works?

NeoGen converts nitrogen gas into plasma energy which changes into thermal energy when it comes into contact with the skin. The controlled heated plasma pulses target specific skin tissues which experience thermal modification, creating a natural shield to protect and enhance repairing while remaining unchanged. The epidermis starts to shed after a new layer of healthier skin structure is formed underneath.

NeoGen Plasma at Lower Energy Levels --- 
Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, pore size, stretch marks and even Actinic Keratoses, a form of pre-cancerous skin lesions.

NeoGen Plasma at Higher Energy Levels ----  
Improve the appearance of photo-damaged skin, acne scarring, deeper wrinkles and skin pigmentation including melasma.

Post-NeoGen Plasma Treatment

The treated skin areas may appear pink or red 1-2 days post-treatment. Cleansing and wearing makeup immediately after the treatment is possible as the surface skin is not affected at all. Mild skin flaking over the next day may be observed as the skin will feel dryer than normal so it is important to keep it hydrated at all times. 

Wearing a sunscreen of SPF 50 or more is essential during the healing period and also months after the procedure. Using an umbrella or hat would be ideal for extra added protection. If you want to conceal the redness during the healing period, use only non-comedogenic mineral makeup which allows your skin to breathe and prevent pores from clogging. 

Acne-scarring improved drastically after 1 session

Clinical studies proved that continued fibroblast activity supporting continued neocollagenesis (collagen production) and elastosis (increased deposition of elastin) reduction for more a year after the NeoGen Plasma treatment.

harsh ingredients such as retinol and fruit acids (AHAs/BHAs) which are commonly found in anti-aging products for at least a week.

Do not undergo the treatment if you have a big event the following day. It is highly recommended to undergo the treatment at least one week prior to minimise the risk of the common side effects mentioned above.