My Top 5 Beauty Hacks

We jetted across the world to seek the best beauty parlors which we deemed supreme over the rest. Let's find out which big beauty names made it to our list! We only have one body, so why not give it the best? Here are our top 5 beauty hacks.


"Few brands take a manicure to the next level like Cowshed," says Harper's Bazaar, which named the Spa as one of the best in London. After a long day of work, imagine watching your favourite show on a personal TV with a selection of baked goods within arm's reach – all while receiving a manicure and massage. Cowshed offers this and much more. Manicure & Pedicure prices go up to £65, with Facials costing between £60 and £110. Several Cowshed branches can be found across London, from Oxford Street to Primrose Hill.


SW1 Clinic is one of Singapore's leading aesthetic clinics, and you can seek a wide range cosmetic dermatology to plastic surgery treatments. In my top 5 beauty hacks, I will instead share with you Revage 670 Hair Restore. Important facts: this is FDA approved, and one should always look for the actual Revage and not a beautician grade generic.

I have walked into many clinics touting same lasers but using Korean grade machines which DO NOT deliver the same results. Penny wise, pound foolish. I love it to maintain the fullness and optimal (read: fast fast fast) hair growth on my crown as I am addicted to rebonding and ceramic perming. It also prevents age-related deterioration and thinning of hair on the scalp. Recommend to best pair up with RevitaScalp found in Keramax Scalp Program. Like your face, your scalp needs routined maintenance and nutrients to ensure it is in full glory and looking lustrous all the time.

 #3 BEST HAIR CUT (New York City)  - Savannah Bentz

When we announced that our favorite styling gadget is a flatiron, Bentz produced her tool of choice: scissors. She got to work shearing off two inches of dead weight. After a thorough shampoo, she blew it dry and proceeded to cut, adding welcome volume to our fine, shoulder-length strands by crafting delicate layers and eye-grazing bangs. From now on, the only weapon we'll rely on for gorgeous hair is Bentz. Women's haircut starts from USD$95 - $175.

Kim Robinson

Founded by Kim Robinson, Asia’s most celebrated and respected hair maestro, the Kimrobinson salons is a cut above the rest in Asian beauty parlors. Kim has a flair for hair colours, especially working his magic with Asian hair. He was the first to introduce sophisticated hair colours techniques to Hong Kong in the mid 1970s.

Kim personally hand-picked his talented team, products and services to ensure that all clients leave his salon with the first-rated hair treatments, products, and services. With A-listed clients such as the late Princess Diana, Kate Moss, Gong Li, and Michelle Yeoh, Kimrobinson is more than qualified to inspire not just every Hong Kong woman, but all women in the world.


Catwalkers none other than Karlie Kloss and Candice Swanepoel hit this airy, Diptyque-scented space that was once Terry Richardson’s studio. Trainer Justin Gelband’s Sculpt class (USD$40) is all about the “slow burn”: no more than 15 reps per exercise (incorporating yoga, cardio, and light weights) and never too fast. Famous faces may pop up at SoulCycle and Gotham Gym, too, but it’s the results-driven low impact (read: no sweaty hair) of these hour-long sessions that ups the model-to-civilian ratio.