A for Anti-Aging

Let us go back to the basic of skincare---- the art of staying young and radiant forever. The first on the list is based on the first alphabet, A, for anti-aging. Getting bigger pores, droopy skin and wrinkles may be a natural process that we can't evade "naturally", but the truth is that there are many ways to prevent and slow down aging! Choose your team of skin henchmen wisely, and your ageing clock will not start to tick until a very long time after.

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Stock up Skin Care Products that Contains Retinol 

Retinol is a renowned superstar ingredient for anti-ageing. This gold standard of skin care, retinol is derived from vitamin A and can improve complexion quality, and combat photoaging efficiently. When applied to the skin, it is changed into tretinoin and is 20 times less potent than prescription formulas.

 The main reason it did not reach its peak is the risk of skin redness and irritation. This can be easily avoided if a thin pea-size amount is applied to the full face. Retinol has improved rapidly through research over the years, beauty companies are able to formulate newer and better skincare that works best for different skin types.

An interesting fact about retinol is that it is not photostable and is recommended to use only in the evening. This means that they lose their efficacy and rendered futile in sunlight.

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Power-packed with retinol and alpha-hydroxy acids in a rejuvenating fruit enzyme, Super Helper pampers your skin in many ways ---- smooth, clean radiant, firm, refreshed and pigmentation becomes barely visible. Collagen production is stimulated to keep skin wrinkle-free and supple.

Living up to its name, Age Defy is your precious fountain of youth enriched with hyaluronic acid and vital collagen to keep your complexion moisturised and youthful looking. Retinol steals the show as the lead anti-ageing ingredient---- nightly application reset and refresh your skin into firmer, tighter, pumper and smoother condition.

Skin Helper and Age Defy are available at www.sw1clinic.com and SW1 Clinic located at Paragon Level 13. 

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Seek Professional's Help for Anti-aging Procedures

Our delicate DNA is constantly exposed to environmental pollutions like the despicable UV rays. This youthful skin enemy speeds up skin ageing problems such as pigmentations, wrinkles or even skin cancer. Research shows that prevention methods such as antioxidants and sunscreen are barely enough to heal these photodamages. 

Rejuran DNA Resurgence injects salmon DNA into your skin cells to help to heal and revive it from within. Salmon DNA delivered into the dermis layer of the skin via microinjection techniques. All it takes is 3-5 days for an obvious enhancement in your complexion's colour, texture, and elasticity. Rejuran is the secret to the Koreans and Japanese's porcelain baby-skin that is hailed by many other neighbour countries. 

Imagine taking 5 years off your age right before your class reunion. You snap back to reality when you look at your own reflection in the mirror. Do you look like your age or younger or...... older? Fret not if you are not looking your best, Youth Illuminage Program from SW1 Clinic is a unique marriage of 3 uplifting treatments consisting of Ulthera, Light Lift, and Sygma Lift that transform you secretly and steadily back to 5 years ago. 

Ulthera is the gold-standard of an ultimate facelift--- the use of clinical ultrasound that works its magic precisely deep under the surface of the skin without affecting the outer layer. Your skin responds to the energy steadily over a course of 2-3 months after the treatment, while you look mysteriously look better, tighter and younger. Ulthera is the greatest example of looking at babies and looking like a baby! Sweet! 

Light Lift helps to boost collagen production strengthen weak saggy skin, as well as minimising enlarged pores, smooth wrinkles and even eliminate acne and excess sebum!

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Are you chasing after the coveted v-shaped face like Exid's Hani? Sgyma Lift is a painless facelift that delivers high-intensity focused ultrasound and 635mm laser that sculpt dangling jowls, crinkles and gives your skin a beauty boost.

We know that you can't hide your happiness especially when you meet that frenemy from high school and you look at least 5 years younger than her! Have fun and rock the party!

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