7 Things You May Not Know About SW1 Clinic


We swung by the new brainchild of Dr Low Chai Ling (founder of The Sloane Clinic), SW1 Clinic. Located in the heart of Orchard Road, SW1 Clinic span over 6 units in Paragon Medical Level 13 (half of the entire floor!).  This 8000 sq feet aesthetic center is one of the largest aesthetic, plastic surgery and medical spa in Singapore.

Dr Low shared with us that in life, we have two choices: 1) Continue to sleep with your dreams 2) Wake up and chase them. This is one of the reasons why she decided to raise her game and built this beauty colossal with her team of doctors to empower more women and men to live their dreams.

We also round up 7 things that you may not know about SW1 Clinic. Be ready to be blown away.

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1) Pearl eclat is one of their most popular add-on treatments after a laser or facial. It uses stem cell extracts and glutathione touted to reverse aging while lightening skin instantly. Can you spot the glitters on the mask? The scent is also insanely heavenly (not overpowering) that left a sweet lingering scent in the room too.

2) Oxygen Mask – SW1 is one of the few places to offer Oxy Mask which is made of pure oxygen piped in and delivered across the surface of your facial skin to recharge, heal and rejuvenate the skin. Those who have tried it find that the skin is instantly brighter and has a natural glow that lasts for days. Love the glow of Victoria's Secret Models? They are legitimate users of Oxy Mask!

3) Exilis Body Magic - A painless deep radiofrequency and ultrasound treatment to break down fat and tighten skin in a single session. This treatment is said to provide superior sculpting results when paired with traditional fat-busting techniques such as Cryolipolysis.

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4) SW1 is the only place in Singapore with a dedicated hair grooming room offering Keramax Scalp Program, specially formulated to boosting scalp health, using a combination of Revitascalp and Revage 670 Laser. Revital scalp delivers nutrients to support hair growth while Revage 670 laser stimulates blood circulation of the scalp to enhance the growth of hair follicles.

5) SW1 clinic is the only place in Singapore featuring 2 fully equipped operating theatre for plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as over 20 treatment rooms for aesthetic treatments. This means you can relax with a facial post-surgery or have your surgical scars treated on the same day as stitch removal.

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6) SW1 features their own app, now downloadable on Apple App Store and Google playstore. It has a comprehensive suite of features from facial bookings, to interesting snippets such as beauty passes and other beauty partner tie-ups.

7) SW1 is so named because as a student in London, the founder, Dr Low Chai Ling dreamed of establishing a clinic in the borough of Kensington & Chelsea. The postal code of the area she fell in love with was SW1.

"Your Only Limit is You" ~ Dr Low Chai Ling
Telephone:  +65 6817 8888
Address: 290 Orchard Road, #13-01, Paragon, Singapore 238859
Email: help@sw1clinic.com

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