Types of Foundation Coverage & Smart Foundations

Foundation Coverage

Sheer Coverage

Slight coverage almost transparent, you will be enhancing your skin with this formula of foundation
this coverage will blur your minor imperfections and even out your skin.

Medium Coverage

This foundation covers most minor imperfections on its own, while keeping the natural glow of the skin.  Medium coverage is the most common.

Medium to Full Coverage

This is a buildable coverage which means you can apply your foundation in a medium coverage and go back and cover problem areas again making it full coverage in those areas. The end result would be a natural visage with coverage.

Full or Opaque Coverage

These foundations are heavily pigmented and camouflage heavy scarring, discolorations and your true skin. Such formulations are used in dramatic and theatre makeup.

Smart Foundations
When shopping for foundations, why settle for just coverage? Nowadays there are so many smart foundations out there with extra beneficial formulations, you should get one that also gives your skin a boost.

Some of the additional benefits you should be looking for:

  • Sun Protection Factor (SPF) protects your skin from the harm of UV rays.
  •  Antioxidants help protect the skin from visible signs of aging.
  •  Light-reflecting or light-diffusing pigments create a luminous skin, and help reflect light away from dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. Quality light-diffusing foundation contains agents that create a satin finish with a skin-smoothing effect through the uniform diffusion of light at the surface. Flaws and imperfections are blurred, making the skin appear even and silky with very little coverage. This effect makes it compatible with a range of complexions, so it’s almost impossible to get the shade wrong.
  • Oil-absorbing ingredients will keep unsightly shine at bay. Quality matte foundation may contain a very small amount of microscopic iridescent glitter that will add vivacity to dull-looking skin without unnatural shine.
  •  Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to control zit outbreaks
  • Skin whitening properties help you achieve fairier complexion.
  •  Water and sweatproof protection are great for sporty girls who want to look good even while working out.