10 Minute Makeup with Rihanna on Vogue

Being the founder of boundary-breaking Fenty Beauty that shook the beauty industry with 40 foundation shades and upcoming lingerie brand Savage X Fenty, Rihanna always looks more than just amazing.

We had the "front row" tickets thanks to Vogue for posting Rihanna's “Epic 10-Minute Guide to Going Out Makeup” on the official youtube channel! Rihanna may already be one of our muses, but we fell in love with her quirky and down-to-earth character after watching her beauty tutorial!

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Here is a recapped (and really cute screencaps of a very animated Riri) of how Rihanna puts on her makeup to make her appear super cute after all the magic help from Fenty. We love how happy she looked after applying every item, and the happy and proud mama look of her babies (Fenty Beauty!)

Step #1: Rihanna dove in with her foundation, PRO FILT'R without any primer. Riri shared that she can complete her makeup in 10 minutes or even 10 hours (feel like) depending on the occasion or where she will be going.

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Step #2: She used Matte Skinstick in Moca to contour her face. While doing her contouring, Riri shared that she learned how to contour her cheeks when she put on a little weight. As her forehead is a little high, she contours it to make it appear smaller.

We considered ourselves really lucky for learning contouring tips from superstar Rihanna. We are grateful to learn that even a diva like her has insecurities about her nose and chubby cheeks just like anyone of us.

She also shared that she draws a triangle under her chin to create the illusion of an elongated neck. Thanks, Riri! <3

Step #3: Riri likes to warm up her concealer by swiping it on her hand. Riri also didn't forget to say that the cure for all those hangovers, eyebags and dark circles is her Match Stix Concealer. ^^

Step #4: Riri set her makeup and contour with her must-have Invisimatte Blotting Powder. If this product doesn't fit in her purse, she will rather change her purse than stepping out her house with it.

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Step #5: She warmed up her face with a bronzer over her contour.

Step #6: Although we wished she shared how she worked her perfect brows!

Step #7: She applied the same bronzer to her eyelid to give it more life!

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Step #8: She chose pink for her eyelid to get the summer, sexy and beach vibe.

Step #9: For more definition, she applied a dark shade under her eyelid. Riri said that the creases in the under eyes are bound to appear, so you got to blend it out to remove them.

Step #10: She used the Cheek-hugging Highlight brush to apply her blush smoothly.

Step #11: We loved how she exclaimed by the sight of her own amazing highlighter!

Riri believes that makeup is supposed to be fun, so highlighter is not made just for the cheeks. Apply it on the nose and brow bone!

Step #12: She gave her eyes a twinkle with glitter on the inner corner of her eyes.

Step #13 and #14: Lashes and a dead-drop gorgeous gloss to make your lip popped!

Step #15: After perfecting her face makeup, Riri finished her total beauty look with her new Body Lava for the most epic Rihanna look.

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For the full tutorial, check out Rihanna on Vogue!

WE LOVE YOU, RIHANNA! You look amazing, even without makeup!