3 Worst Beauty Fails Ever

We will sacrifice pain for beauty! We will try the latest 'tadpole-style instabrows’ trend even if we look like a clown! Or at least these are the old age mantra we brace ourselves during a killer bikini wax session. Nevertheless, most of us are willing to suffer a little in an effort to see results. No pain, no gain they said, right? Here are some of today’s worst beauty trends that might seem a tad too extreme or simply silly.

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#KylieJennerChallenge Lip Job At Home

Back in 2014, Kylie Jenner broke the internet with her astounding upsize lips. Desperate teenagers dying to mimic her full pout went to the extreme by suctioning a glass or bottle over their lips----- resulting in major swelling and bruising lips emergencies. #wecanbelieve

The situation got so out of hand that Kylie got her close friend to tell everyone who tried this crazy dangerous act to STOP. We suspect that this might be one of the reasons why she finally admitted to lip fillers later on. We feel her insecurities being the youngest bae in the Kardashian-Jenner family, as she literally grew up before our eyes since she was nine. Every single thing she or her family does is always in the spotlight or bound to be blown out of proportion. This, is the price of having more than 50-million-dollar nett worth at the tender age of 20.

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From her before and after comparison, Kylie's barely visible thin lips benefited tremendously from lip volume fillers. Kylie is now sexier due to her restored confidence while her to-die-for full pout has become her signature feature. However, is Kylie's lips the ideal lips? Let us find out the golden ratio of a perfect lips below.

The perfect lips should be well-defined and full, suggesting youth and attractiveness. Some guidelines of ideal lips are symmetrical, fullness, and the upper lip should be 40% of the total volume of the lips while the bottom lip should be around 60%.

If you are not blessed with the full pout,you should consider injecting lip fillers administered by a trained aesthetic doctor. This immediate but temporary enhancement can add fullness and definition while bestowing you a natural result. Don't ever try the #KylieJennerChallenge at home, talk to your doctor. Tell him or her your dream lips and if they fit your reality. Remember, not everyone will look glamorous with Kylie Jenner's lips.

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We are so sure that the popularity of lip injections will continue to rocket due to the never-ending selfie game competition in the world of Instagram and Snapchats. Kissable pouty lips are all we ever wanted.

DIY Roller Massager to Remove Double Chin

We have been using this USD$4 roller massager twice daily, 5 minutes each time to get rid of our double chin and get a naturally Korean V-shape face! What? You guys must be kidding me, you must be thinking. We are definitely cracking an insane joke here. We just want to show you this adorable ginger kitty! *stares at this for hours and hours* You might be surprised that there are people who believe that a dubious face roller massager that they can buy cheaply, will give them a slimmer face. Yup, we are not kidding about this.

From our experience, using a cheap face massager has no noticeable effect or benefit. Your facial muscle may feel more relaxed, but we recommend other gentle methods instead of causing pain, irritation or allergy due to the poor quality of the massager. Look for sophisticated quality rollers such as Refa Carat from Japan, as it uses built-in solar panel to capture light and generate microcurrent to restore skin's luminosity and suppleness. Refa series has an astonishing record of over 5 million units sold in cumulative sales between Feb 2009 and August 2016. It makes us wonder if Refa is the Japanese’s secret to a smaller visage.

Using a face roller for slimmer face takes daily diligence and determination. If you are a busy bee, we recommend non-invasive chin augmentation treatments like chin fillers. Chin fillers is a great option  as it helps to contour the weak chin with an instant beautiful result that is delicate  and alluring. You'll get an idea of your perfect chin before going for the complete chin transformation aka chin implant surgery if you are considering to go-for-it!

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Ancient hair removal way by shaving or waxing

The daily chore of shaving versus the agonising pain of waxing ----- keeping our bodies silky and hairless is not always smooth sailing. General skin discomforts such as bumps, nicks and ingrowth hair are what we cannot avoid if we shave or wax. Regrown hair appears faster when you shave in comparison with wax. The regrown hair looks thicker as the tip is blunt instead of tapered. Needless to say, razor burns and cuts are also too common.

On the other hand, waxing requires at least a quarter inch of stubble to be effective; unsightly hair during this waiting time. Hair is being forcefully ripped out from the root, while the pain may be more bearable after a few times, not everyone's threshold level of pain is the same. #ouch

In order to save ourselves from all the embarrassing situations mentioned above, permanent hair removal treatments will always be a better choice. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and sister Khloe both notably stated how laser hair removal worked like a charm and is the key to having hairless, smooth flawless skin. Kim had her arms, bikini line, legs and underarms done; Khloe did her bikini line and legs.

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One vital point you should take note is that you should only opt for beauty clinics that provides FDA-approved lasers and IPL hair removal devices. Lasers and IPL use light wavelengths targeted at hair follicles for a gentle and permanent hair reduction. Regardless of the body parts or the colour of skin and hair, even existing ingrown hair and bumps can be efficaciously removed.