We Want Everything from TOO FACED Upcoming Unicorn Makeup Collection!


Just when we thought that unicorn-inspired makeup are passé, TOO FACED shook the internet again  with their 2018 latest magical collection----- Life's A Festival! TOO FACED teamed up with sugar, spice and everything nice country music singer and unicorn lover Raeylnn for this magical collection.

Up for grabs on Too Faced's website from 15 February, this whimsical makeup staples range include unicorn-theme eyeshadow palettes, rainbow coloured highlighters and colour-changing lip glosses! Let us walk you through this fun and cute collectible makeup which will definitely be one of the biggest hits of 2018! You go Jarrod! For making such a happy buzz on just the second month of the year! #TAKEOURMONEYJARROD

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Here is a closed up look at the Life’s A Festival by TOO FACED:

With a happy mix of 13 eye-catching creamy mattes and pearly mystical shades,  Life’s A Festival Eyeshadow Palette also features the exclusive bestselling lipstick Unicorn Tears, now as a highlighter!

Oh, hello highlighter of a unicorn enthusiast's dream! Dare yourself to apply Rainbow Strobe Highlighter for a true rainbow colour effect #THINKASAUNICORN or swirl your brush all over for a prismatic blinding effect.

Imagine the appearance of a unicorn----- warm bronze of sunlight, ethereal glow of moonlight and the twinkling effect of starlight. This is how Unicorn Tears Bronzer will glow on your face. Living fantasy!

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Aimed to shake up the world,  Festival Refresh Spray is infused with opalescent pearls to complete your sparkling unicorn makeup. Not just a makeup setting spray, it contains precious rose quartz powder to reduce pores and smooth skin whenever you sprinkle it throughout the day.

Don't you want to lug everything from this collection back and admire them on your vanity table 24/7? We do! If Life's a Festival doesn't satisfy your unicorn dream, we have more Unicorn-inspired beauty products that you should know too!

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Enriched with adenosine to recharge revitalize and rejuvenate tired skin,  tranexmasic acid to keep complexions fair and flawless, as well as retinol for to keep links and acne at bay, Unicorn Tears can take on the world on its own or paired with other serums and creams to keep your skin looking supple and radiant like a unicorn.

Anna Sui Fantasia is a little spicy, a little sweet and a little sexy! "My muse for Fantasia may be a little bit of a rebel on the inside... but she uses seduction to get what she wants!" says Anna Sui about how she got the idea for Fantasia. If you are the kind of girl who has her own unique personality, signature look and style, yet you are able to transform at your own will to keep people busy chasing after you------ Fantasia is definitely for you!

They are so fluffy, we gonna die!!! Every Unicorn enthusiast needs Focallure Rainbow Unicorn Brushes! The rainbow unicorn horns handles and seriously soft bristles is like a dream come true! Made with vegan material, no unicorns were harmed in the making of the brushes.

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