The Skin Radar - Beauty Awards 2018 Asia Edition

The TSR Beauty Awards 2018 is here! Guess which beauty experts in Asia made it to our list? From Shanghai to Tokyo, find out who are the winners of the best nail parlor, the best spa experience, the best hair transformation and more in Asia that deserved 5 stars approval by our team of editors.

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When Christian Louboutin released their beauty line back in 2014, the whole internet (or world) went berserk at how gorgeous and luxurious the collection was just like how the crimson soles steal every girl's heart.

In 2015, Christian Louboutin announced their first ever collaboration in history with another brand! Guess what, it's not a fashion big name in France or any other brands hailing from Europe. The Nail Library was appointed as the exclusive Louboutin nail spa parlor, Oriental Pearl---- Hong Kong. 

When you first step foot into The Nail Library, you'll find yourself stepping into a rusty industrial New York Loft but with a wide range of nail polish as well as manicurists who are so meticulous and skillful that you'll step out with a million dollar looking manicure. The best part? They offer a wide selection of beverages to keep you company during your pampering treatment, champagne and wine included. 5 stars worthy definitely! 

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Nope, Sunin's Hair Salon did not get crown the best hair transformation award due to giving to the world's best haircut or colour. This popular salon in Gangnam is well-known for all of their hair services, specially customised hair extensions! 

Can you tell that the red dip dyes are actually extension? Red, black, blonde, platinum blonde, straight, natural curls or permed, you can get your dream hairstyle with extensions here. Girl, Korea seems to be topping all the beauty list with astounding trends nowadays. 

It is no wonder Fannie, our Korean Beauty Guru is always spotting either gorgeous hair or funky hair colour when she comes back from Korea! We know her dream hair secret now! 

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Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Shanghai is an iconic beauty spa that offers every single type of beauty treatments you can think off, Chinese traditional massages, facial,  skin care and body skin care, and an out-of-the-world manicure and pedicure lounge. In Spa Brand Willow,  the East meets the West with the recent renewal and revival of ancient traditional Chinese healing methods in synergy with the beauty advances acquired from all over the world. 

Their quintessential Chinese Remedy treatment combines the healing therapy method of the Chinese with the aromatherapy from the West to recharge and rejuvenate the stressed up body and ends with a pressure point foot massage that helps to deeply target and relax the various parts of your body internally. Looking for a paradise getaway in China? Visit Shanghai for Willow Stream Spa. 

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Aesthetic Clinics are flourishing in recent years, but how do you pick the best one out of the thousands available in Asia? The choice is apparent when Dr Low Chai Ling who founded The Sloane Clinic, left and set up SW1 Clinic--- one of the largest aesthetic, spa and plastic surgery clinics in Singapore located at Paragon, the heart of Orchard Road.

It is never easy for a regular person in Singapore to lead a life in this summer-only island without experiencing pigmentations or enlarged pores in some parts of their lives. With that idea in mind, Baby Skin Program is specifically designed to target discolourations and unwanted pores.

Featuring BB AquaTouch laser's unique new frequency, this "photoshop filter" eliminates imperfections such as pigmentations, renews sagginess as well as erases undesirable pores and lines away from your face. We love how the treatment is paired up with LED Red to generate new skin cells for a youthful face full of vitality and Pearl Eclat to boost the complexion with an uncomparable blinding illumination. Baby Skin is now within your reach as well as pocket. Brilliant!

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Women from all over the world might still be delighted and rocking 4 layers of fake eyelashes, eyelash extension is akin to a lifestyle essential item for the Japanese women. The biggest myth is that the glue from eyelashes extension will cause damage to your own lashes. However, if applied correctly and properly with the right products and skills, your lashes' heatlth will not be harmed and we warn you, you might be addicted to it.

Dollcia, situated in Asia's most trendy fashion city, Tokyo, is a popular beauty parlor for Japanese women, models, actresses and even men. They are also well known for their "small face" treatment endorsed by famous Japanese models. The reason why they topped the list for Best Eyelash extension is their extensive range of eyelash extensions! Have you seen any other chart comparable to this? Remember to make your appointment for your next trip to Tokyo.

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