5 Reasons To Start Fillers in Your 30s

Stepping into your 30s is a BIG thing. Not only are you financially stable, mentally and physiologically more matured, your body and complexion start to transform (in a bad way 😣) drastically even if you don't want to face the music.

We know that we will start to age at some point in our lives, looking more haggard and more obviously. Our fine lines under our eyes become wrinkles that refuse to bulge, our supple, radiant and collagen-bursting skin starts to sag little by little every single day. Before we know it, we hit the 40s and we can barely recognize the women in the mirror.

Here are some fillers beauty fixes you might want to try in your 30s to let your future self thank you for the intelligent choice! Hit the "refresh" button now:

Improve complexion and glow

The first and foremost difference we will notice in our skin when we stepped into our 30s is the loss of glow and suppleness----- our complexion becomes dry, dull and more rough like sandpaper.

Fillers improve complexion and glow by delivering pure tiny droplets of hyaluronic acid (HA) into the tired skin's fibroblasts to stimulate new collagen and elastin reviving active cellular activities again. Moisture hydration is also increased from within, allowing the skin to regain firmness and healthy structure. This zero downtime beauty procedure bestow you with smoother, firmer and youthful-looking complexion, just like in your early 20s!

Reduce dark eye circles

Well, who is not a victim of periorbital dark circles? I have obvious panda eyes (by the way, my nickname is 🐼) from my university days and they never seem to bear to leave me behind. Over the years, I've tried almost all the most-sought-after whitening eye creams and eye masks on the market, but they only help to maintain my dark eye circles from black to turning dark-black. After a decade, I finally found a beauty solution to end my dark circle woes----- Revitalift Eye!

What causes dark eye circles?

Dark circles are often claimed to be caused by the lack of sleep or tiredness but there is more to meet than the eyes! Periorbital dark circles are the results of reflected blood vessels on the thin layer of skin below your eyes which are seen more obviously than anywhere else on your body.

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity drastically, and the ability to regenerate new skin cells also slows down, resulting in the thinner feeble skin. This is one of the reasons why one may have prominent panda eyes as they age, no matter how much they sleep. Revitalift Eye works by boosting hyaluronic acid level in the eye area----- retaining more water and stimulating natural production of collagen to restore dry, weakened, discoloured complexion to youthful, hydrated, healthy-looking eyes. However, a few sessions of these skin-boosting micro-injections will be required to get rid of bulging dark eyes circles.

High cheekbone effect

Cute chubby cheeks are supple, smooth and puffy--- it is a sign of youthfulness and healthiness.

Collagen maintains skin elasticity to keep our cheeks smooth and supple while subcutaneous fats found underneath the skin keeps and holds up the plump face. The deteriorated collagen and loss of subcutaneous fat and muscle in our overall body as we age are some factors that cause sunken cheeks. The lack of nourishment, dieting, dehydration, and some serious chronic may also constitute the disappearance of chubby cheeks.

Cheek sculpting can be achieved by using fillers for a sky-high cheekbone effect. Cheek fillers contain structural hyaluronic acid to boost and redefine the natural prominence of the higher cheekbone to regain the triangle of youth. 1-3 sessions may be recommended to achieve the optimal desired result.

V-shape face effect

Hitting the 30s also meant that we may lose our beloved slim v-shape face and defined chin when our face loses its elasticity and surrender to gravity. Both of the two features impart the youthfulness and attractiveness appearance that boosts our facial features. Chin fillers enhance your chin by giving you a sharper and more defined appearance immediately with no downtime that is both subtle and endearing at the same time. 

In the before and after photo, you can see how the patient's appearance improved tremendously after her chin fillers.  Her visage looked more lifted and younger even though you can't recognize her with her pixelated eyes. 

Sky-High Sharper Nose Effect

Shocking news–----- your nose can actually change shape and size as you age. Our bones stop growing when we reach puberty but our body tissues continue to deteriorate  throughout our lives. A nose is made up of bone, skin, soft tissues and cartilage. When our nose structure and skin lose its firmness over time, they start to stretch and sag causing aging nose. The tip of your nose may also appear wider or heavier due to the growing nose glands making your facial structure out of proportion and unbalanced.

Nose fillers can enhance the aging nose without going under the knives and redefine your facial features again. The non-surgical lunchtime nose job has 3 main features: a low downtime, instant result and best of all, it is reversible if you don't like it. These natural dermal fillers made from hyaluronic acid gives you results that last from 3 to 18 months depending on the type and then dissolve naturally in your body.