I Got A Makeover After My Pregnancy!

I admit it. I'm vain. So the many unglamorous aspects of my first pregnancy threw me for a loop. I could deal with the burgeoning belly & weight gain, the indescribable fatigue. I even made peace with the forced exchange of my designer bag for a oversized tote -- a preggo's must-have accessory to transport the loads of nausea-quelling carbs. After I gave birth, my once-radiant complexion was reduced to a dull state due to my sleeping nights. My eyebags were ridiculous and my cheeks became saggy due to the post pregnancy weight loss. I was determined to fix all these to restore some well deserved self confidence. 

If you, like me, feel like you may need more than just a facial these days, then read on as I share my findings on the most novel ways to shave years off your face safely yet effectively.

Before Fillers
Before Fillers
I visited SW1 Clinic for a professional consultation. I got a full face analysis and at this point, my consulting doctor, Dr Chua Han Boon and I agreed that I needed some kind of lifting to address my saggy jowls to re-define my jawline. I was also told that while fat melts away dramatically from your middle-age spread, your face might pay a heavy price in the form of drawn facial features and skin sagging – sunken cheeks and temples, hollow eyes, a droopy jawline and deep wrinkles – due to an exaggerated loss of youthful plumpness in the face.

I decided on Volume High-Definition Lift for skin rejuvenation. This treatment has multiple actions to turn back the time – a lifting action to target sagging jowls, nasolabial lines and hollow under eyes, restoring a young, lifted look; and a contouring action to restore deflated cheeks or chins, visibly increasing natural firmness, shape, and overall facial definition.

After having some numbing cream applied for 10 to 15 minutes, I was ready for my make-over! Dr Chua went on to explain that he would be making tiny ‘entry points’ through which a blunt instrument known as a cannula would be introduced in order to place the fillers in the required places. This reduced the need to make multiple injections and minimised the risk of bruising as well. The pain factor was about 1 out of 5 and it was all over in less than 30 minutes!
After Voluma High Definition Lift 

Are the results visible instantaneously as promised? Yes. There were subtle but definite improvement, which is exactly what I wanted. Very natural, nothing too drastic. If you look at the before and after photos, you can see that my jowls are less ‘bulldog looking’ with smoother contours of my jawline restored, giving me a slimmer lower face.   What’s the verdict? I was very pleased with the results, a fresher look achieved without the need to undergo elaborate treatments and surgery in less than an hour. My husband also complimented that I looked fresher and younger when I got home that night. Thank you, SW1 Clinic and Dr Chua!

- Yuki is 30 and enjoys baking and singing.
She recently gave birth to a baby boy.