Best Lip Colour For Your Skin Tone

Are you always drawn to certain lipstick hues but they just look *meh* no matter how much you fancy the colour? There are countless shades out there in the market vying for your attention, so we know how it is mission impossible to pick out the ones that suit you best! Ever thought that you can pick the most flattering lip colours based on your skin tone/undertone? Keep on reading!

 Are you warm yellow or cool pink?

Our skin has undertones of either yellow or pink. Yellow is warm, pink is cool. Knowing your undertone is vital to determine which lip colours look the most glamorous on you. The easiest method to verify your undertone is to look at the colour of your veins. If they appear greenish, you have warm yellow undertones. On the other hand, you have a cool pink undertone if your veins are blue or a hint of purple. What if your veins appear to be both green and blue? This means that you are a neutral undertone.

If you are still uncertain, simply hold a gold accessory and a silver accessory next to your face in front of the mirror. Determine which compliments your skin better — warm yellow skin tones look better with gold, while cool pink tones match better with silver.

Now that you know your undertone, which lipstick colour looks the best on you?

Find the shades according to your undertone!

For those with yellow undertones, stick to warmer colours; for pink undertones, look for shades with blue or purple hues in them. Avoid universally unappealing lipsticks with a grey, ashy and pale hues as these colours cause everyone to look qualmish or unhealthy.

Still unsure? Select shades based on your skin tone

Fair: Fruity colours such as orange-based shades make your features pop without overpowering it!

Dior Addict Lacquer Stick in Party Red, USD$35, 
Beige: Crips and clear undertones that aren’t too dark as they contrast triumphantly against your creamy complexion! For a flirty vibe, choose a true red with equal amounts of yellow and blue.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Rouge Lipstick in No.1, USD$37,
Golden: Accentuate your face game using rich colours with warm undertones for the dazzling Jennifer Aniston vibe.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Intense Long-wear Lip Colour in Rouge Charnel, USD$37, 
Olive: Cherry-pick blue undertones for a flirtatious kiss of colour

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Olivia, USD$34,

Bronze: Go either nude or bold – these shades are the keys to your statement look!

Bite Beauty Multistick in Blondie, USD$24,
Deep: Pure reds, purples, pinks and berries as these colours add whimsical sensations to coffee-rich complexions

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