Rhinoplasty? Nah. I ThreadLift My Nose Instead

by Melissa Chua

Are you happy with your nose? Great for you if you are! I am not delighted with my nose because I am born with the typical Asian nose: oversize with a wide nose tip, and nose bridge (from the front) that is almost non-existence. Is it really possible to change the shape and height of the nose without going under the knives? Let's find out if 
 non-surgical nose jobs can really save my asian nose?

Thanks to the various non-surgical nose jobs available, one can transform a flat nose from zero to Angelababy! Contrary to popular believes and rumors, Baby said that she did not go through any plastic surgery and even had a doctor's report to prove it. Well, I don't really care if she is a natural beauty or a plastic beauty because she looks so gorgeously beautiful now, even so without any makeup! Look at her beautiful nose and that curve from her brow bone to her nose bridge. I think this makes her exotic features look even more Caucasian-like!

Everyone wants to look like Angelababy
Everyone wants to be Angelababy

Angelababy is one of the most beautiful and popular face that millions of girls especially in China flocked to plastic surgeons to undergo multiple plastic surgeries to look like her. One example is Fashion Blogger Grace Chow who is also known as Little Angelababy, is a carbon copy thanks to her countless plastic surgeries transformation. However, I have no wish to abandon my unique face to look identical like the ten millions of plastic dolls. Honestly, I really have no qualms of people under going plastic surgeries, since it is their choice. For me, I just want to enhance my features instead of changing into another person whom my parents can't even recognize. 

Plastic doll
Are you game enough for the duplicate face competition?

It makes me wonder that it must be a really devastating and tough choice for them to dislike themselves so much that they had to change their whole face completely. Are those who all look the same with no expression beautiful? Well, not in my aesthetics sense. Even though I really like Angelababy's features, but I won't go as far as to turn myself into Angelababy #837648732890423. I will be satisfied if I can just improve the curve between my brow bone and nose bridge.

Since the thought of nose and life changing Rhinoplasty never occur to me, I pretty much messed around with tubes and tubes of contour sticks! Makeup did help a little but the money and time invested daily does not make sense to me. I do not want to be a Cinderella when the clock strikes - I want to have a beautiful nose  so that I look like a "nature beauty" while retaining my own features but without going through makeup and surgeries. 

nose contour
Can you win the contour game?

I have been visiting The Sloane Spa for facials for 2 years now. It was only recently that I opened up to the nurse that I am interested to find out what kind of non-surgical nose job are available. The nurse then arranged a consultation for me with Dr Low Chai Ling, the medical director and co-founder of The Sloane Clinic. I was really excited to find out the options available since I've only heard of fillers that can work for the nose.

"If you are looking to correct the unevenness and height adjustment of the nose, I would recommend fillers", says Dr Low, "But if you are looking to create definition and contour, Infinity Nose Threadlift will be ideal". Dr Low also recommended their latest non-surgical nose job which combines both fillers and threadlift called 3D Nose Lift. A more detailed video from their official youtube page can be found from below.

3D Nose Lift s a combination of nose threadlift to lift my nose bridge and fillers to highlight the curve between my brow boe and nose bridge for a natural and subtle enhancement. The procedure is divided into 2 sessions whereby Nose Fillers took 30 minutes and Nose Thread Lifts took 45 minutes and was done 2 weeks later. For both treatments, numbing cream is applied to the treated area for 10 minutes (to reduce bruising) and local anaesthetic is injected to the nose tip.

During these 2 separate procedures, I can only feel some pressure at the insertion area with no pain at all. I would say that the procedure is totally painless and really comfortable thanks to Dr Low's meticulous skill.  There is no downtime for fillers and only pin prick mark at my nose tip after nose threadlift. The mild swelling took about one day to recover. The instant result is amazing and I am thankful that I braced myself up to seek this treatment even though injections used to make me shiver from my bones.

Non-surgical nose job
Before and after 3D Nose Lift

Before and after 3D Nose Lift
Before and after 3D Nose Lift

I have some friends who asked if I am afraid of the foreign objects which are inserted into my nose. There is absolutely nothing to be worried about as the threads used are PDO (polydixanone) threads and fillers are made of hylaronic acid (similar to HA found in our body) that are both scientifically proven to be broken by the body, while stimulating new collagen to keep and enhance my new nose shape and structure gradually. 

I now fully understand why some people fell in love with fillers and aesthetics treatments. I am really thankful to Dr Low for her advises to help me create the nose of my dream without going under the knives! I am ready to try out more aesthetic treatments that can oomph my face game! I am looking forward to age backwards and looking better! 


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