Review - Sloane Inc Lightening Complexion Corrector S6.2

by Viola Huang

I belong to the group with "healthy" tanned looking complexion. I work comfortably in the office and seldom go under the sun for outdoors activity but I still fall in the dark medium skin tone. Pigmentation is not a big issue since I applied sunblock daily since my teenage years, my natural skin tone is just "healthy colour". I also have combination skin which is slightly sensitive and suffer from acne scars. Late nights, stress, unhealthy food took a toll on my complexion making it look dull, dry and lacklustre. I found a complexion corrector which gave me significant improvements of lighter and glowing skin! 

The product that I want to share is Sloane Inc Lightening Complexion Corrector S6.2! It contains powerful lighteners that synergistically work to fade discoloration caused by sun damage, blemishes and scarrings. It also contains a blend of AHA fruit acids that evens out skin tone, re-texturizes rough skins, illuminates dull and damaged skins! Simultaneously, it also repairs cellular aging and protects it from daily environmental pollution. The various skin repairing benefits leave skin looking radiant, luminous and pigment free when diligently used.

What holistic ingredients does the Lightening Complexion Corrector contain?

  • Blend of AHA fruit acids: Great for skin renewal, anti-acne and anti-wrinkle
  • Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate aka Vitamin C: Excellent for lightening and glow. It is one of the key antioxidants needed to reverse UV damage and kickstart the skin's healing process. (Are you wondering why some people have pimples yet don't leave a mark? This is the secret weapon!) 
  • Kojic acid: A by-product in the fermentation process of malting rice, for use in the manufacturing of sake. It prevents formation of pigments. 
  • Skinwhite BLE: This skin lightening agent is made from bearberry leaves extract (arctostaphylos uva-ursi) & Vitamin C (magnesium ascorbyl phosphate). Bearberries contains a natural form of hydroquinone that has awesome skin-lightening and antioxidant activities. 


Key benefits of Lightening Complexion Corrector:

  • Lightens skin without the use of harsh ingredients
  • Oil-free and water based formula helps to control oil and shine at the same time
  • Skin looks healthy and glowy

I apply the Lightening Complexion Corrector first thing right after cleansing my face in the morning and evening. The texture is light and watery which is not sticky at all. It penetrates quickly and easily into my skin, leaving it look soft and hydrated immediately. After which, I applied my other routine skin care products.

Here you can see my bare skin which looks dull, tired, and lacklustre in the morning before I applied anything. In the bottom photo, you can see that my skin still looked soft, and glowy on the same night after I reached home with 10 hours of makeup on. On usual days, my makeup would have been gone and be all sticky by 4pm (all thanks to my oily skin~). However, when I was about to remove my makeup that day, I looked into the mirror and mumbled to myself "oh, you still look quite fine today huh?" 

It was then that it struck me that I applied Lightening Complexion Corrector earlie that morning! I didn't expect the result to be so immediate and long-lasting so I was really excited. I will definitely use my new holy grail product daily and diligently.

You can get Lightening Complexion Corrector from either or visit at ION level 3 or Chervons House Level 3!


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