Why You Should Feed Your Skin with Salmon DNA

by Rina Gan

Are you one of the ladies whose eyes twinkled with envy at Korean and Japanese ladies for their flawless, supple and porcelain complexion? Do you want to rise up to their standard of beauty and fathom their secret of complexion beautification? You are in for a treat as we will share with you how you can indulge your skin with Salmon DNA to achieve the perfect Korean and Japanese glow!

Daily Ageing Struggle Against UV Rays

We know that it is a M-U-S-T to apply sunscreen daily to protect ourselves against skin cancer causing UV Rays. Sunscreen also helps to prevent pre-mature ageing like brown spots, skin discolouration... etc Although sun protection still holds the key for younger-looking and healthier skin, but it by all means cannot undo the previous years of sun damage! Skin experts had discovered that DNA repair enzymes (found naturally in our body) helps to revive and regenerate our skin, but like collagen, they deplete as we age and the rate is faster once we reach the big 30!

Salmon DNA Filler to Heal Dermal Cells

Rich in omega-3 acids, vitamins and antioxidants, salmon is widely recognised for its astounding health and beauty benefits - stronger heart, better eyesight and more supple and glowing skin. Salmon DNA is known to have superb anti-ageing benefits that can naturally repair and rejuvenate your skin from within. On the other hand, it is highly compatible to the human skin.

Thanks to the breakthrough scientific growth in the ever-changing aesthetics world, the discovery of Salmon DNA extract as microinjections has been a hit among the 30s to 50s Korean and Japanese ladies since the launch a few years back.  Rejuran delivers Salmon DNA extracts into your superficial skin and repairs damaged dermal cells to revive your ageing skin. Within a week after the first injection, one can tell that the texture and condition of the skin improved remarkably by looking smoother and healthier. It is recommended to have 4 doses of Rejuran, every 2 weeks apart for optimal long-lasting tighter and younger looking skin.

Feeding my skin with Rejuran

Rejuran DNA Resurgence help to regenerate younger and healthier looking skin.
I tried my first Rejuran DNA Resurgence at The Sloane Clinic. It has no down time and the whole treatment took less than 30 minutes. This procedure can help to strengthen skin barrier, increase collagen, improve overall skin tone and lift fine lines! Rejuran DNA Resurgence can ease eye wrinkles, face wrinkles, mouth wrinkles, neck wrinkles and even hand wrinkles! I was totally won over when I consulted Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of The Sloane Clinic, when I saw how the before and after photos look like during the consultation. She also explained clearly what this procedure is all about:

"Topical numbing cream will be applied to your face before the treatment, and the procedure will take around 10 minutes. Rejuran DNA will be injected in your superficial skin by using 4mm micro-needle," explains Dr Low. "After which, your skin will be soothed and the procedure will end with a ultrasound penetration of vitamins to further boost your complexion."

Left: 4mm micro-needle use for Rejuran DNA Resurgence
Right: Normal Needle

Dr Low also explained that Rejuran is totally different from Facial Fillers injections. The result of Rejuran is not immediate and will take about two weeks to gradually appear, but more long-lasting as compared to Facial Fillers.

Based on Dr Low's professional recommendation,  I will need at least 4 sessions of Rejuran  to see most obvious results. After the first session, I was expecting my face to be swollen and red due to the multiple injections, but the bumps only looked like little mozzie bites which were milder compared to my facial extractions. This was totally a great relieve and the tiny bumps waned after a night of sleep.

My skin started to look and feel smoother after 2 sessions and I was definitely euphoric! By the end of 4 sessions, my complexion and overall skin tone is 80% akin to my favourite Korean Actress,  Lee Young Ae. You can see how my skin changes in a span of just 2 months after the Rejuran DNA Resurgence at The Sloane Clinic.

My game of age-reversing is going so strong thanks to Dr Low and The Sloane Clinic. Book your appointment now!


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