Review - SLOANE INC Skin Superfood Acai S3.8

Hello! This is my first time trying to blog about this new mask I discovered. I thought it might help others with problematic skin like me. I also took some photos and I want to share the amazing results to people who has sensitive and problematic skin.

Living in a tropical country with this humid hot weather, our skin can be dry, oily, clogged, anything you can name it. So one thing I cannot live without, a life-saving (skin-saving) mask! However, I was also afraid to try out new masks or skincare because I had bad reactions / allergies many times before – hives, peeling, bad breakouts, anything you can think of.

So when I came across this Acai mask from The Sloane Clinic, I contemplated for the longest time if I should try using it to revive my dull, parched, clogged , and sensitive confused skin. I’m so glad I did!
No thanks to the hot and humid weather in Singapore, the raging sun, the environmental pollution, the food that we eat and hazardous lifestyles that some of us lead can take a huge toll on our skin. So I thought that at least if I cannot eat healthy, I’ll “apply” healthy.
So what is this superfood? One of Acai's main benefits for the skin are the antioxidants which are known to be an aging beauty’s partner in crime. Very rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, it revives your skin, heals damaged skin cells and restores moisture, which are everything I need. To make it even better (not trying to exaggerate), the anti-inflammatory properties found in Acai also helps to calm down the small little pimples I had and they healed faster.
This skin superfoodmask contains Acai extracts and Aloe Vera. The mask package comes with the Acai clay mask powder and the activator. It also includes the bowl and the spatula. I was told that the mask powder is taken from the morocco mountain, which does not dry the skin as compared to other clay mask.
So here goes, pardon my photo taking skills. I took these pictures right after bathing so my skin is sparkling clean, all ready for the mask.
This was how my skin looked like on better days.

 I took 3 spatulas of the mask powder and poured equal parts of the activator into the mask bowl.

Mix it well and it will look like this.

Apply it evenly over the face.

The mask felt really cool on my skin. After 10 minutes, wash it off.


Tadah … ! First time after applying the mask. Immediately brighter and less red.

So as I felt more confident with the mask, I did it the second time again one week later.
Dadadadahhhh … ! Even brighter skin just after 2 applications !

On a side note, I checked with The Sloane Clinic if the Acai mask powder can be mixed with water, which they then explained that the activator works by assisting the vitamins and the goodness of the acai powder mask penetrate into the deeper layers skin of the skin, optimizing the results of the mask allowing it to instantly rejuvenate and revive dull aging skin. Water will not do the same job as the activator.
So after 2 weeks of using this mask, it has now become my favourite.
The mask can bought bought from their online shop at
Here’s the direct link for the mask
Otherwise they have branches where you can walk in to get the mask, and speak to someone if you like to. It is available these 2 branches:
  • Address: #03-01 Chevron House, 30 Raffles Place S(048622)
    Tel No. : 6533 2522
  • Address: #03-14A ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn S(238801)
    Tel No. : 6509 8108


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