My Secret to Younger Looking Eyes

by Carin Arthur

Are you plagued by dark eye circles and tired looking eyes? We know how most of us suffer from the lack of sleep, while using our cellphones and computers more than 10 hours a day just top it off. Our eyesight is not the only one who suffers but as well as our window to the soul. Let me tell you my little secret of how i turned back the clock to youthful energetic looking eyes once again.

My dark eye circles and exhausted eyes made me so distressed, especially when I had to attend the alumni dinner where I would meet my schoolmates whom I hadn't met for over 15 years, including #theonewhogotaway. I had to look my very best and I had 2 months, exactly 2 months left before the big day (my second big day after my wedding 5 years ago!). It doesn't help when I have to keep up with a energetic 4 year old boy whom I love dearly.

Thank goodness, my husband helped me a lot by contributing to the never ending pile of housework. He saw my look of horror when I received the invitation card, and teased me by saying "Babe, why don't you go for a treatment for your eyes? You looked like you did not sleep for 10 years, you need some extra help." I looked into the mirror and instantly decided, "I SHOULD DO MY FIRST EVER AESTHETIC TREATMENT"! The rest was history. I am so glad that I mustered up the courage and determination to visit one of Singapore's best aesthetic clinic, The Sloane Clinic.

I made an appointment online and secured an appointment with Dr Kenneth Lee. As it was my first time meeting an aesthetic doctor, Dr Lee could tell that I was a nervous. He asked me in his professional yet friendly tone on what he could help? I explained to him that I only had 2 months to turn back the clock, I want to look younger and have brighter looking eyes! Dr Lee commented that my overall bare face looked fine except for the obvious dark eye circles and tired looking eyes. BINGO! I was relieved to hear that and agreed to do the recommended Eye Revival Program that consists of 4 sessions Revitalift under eye, 4 sessions Laser toning under eye and 8 sessions collagen eye mask. All I can tell you is that, the results are apparent as below, apparently!

What exactly did I do?

Eye Revival Program works progressively by improving the under eye area over a course of treatments including Revitalift Eye and Laser Toning. Using microinjections of a specialized small particle hyaluronic acid that encourages collagen production, Revitalift Eye fills up unsightly undereye hollows. Laser Toning lifts and firms undereye skin, and brightens overall area.

“Not all fillers are meant for the under eye area, in my experience, only certain techniques and fillers are useful in this area to achieve the degree of improvement in skin tone and colour for the patient.” says Dr Lee.

I was recommended two other eye product to complement with the Eye Revival Program.

Oxygen Eye Serum S10.2 erases dark eye circles and brightens up your peepers instantly. Packed with line smoothing hyaluronic acid, soy peptides and hexapeptides, it’ll leave your eyes looking lively with fewer lines through religious use. The new and improved version comes with powerful anti-oxidant Co-enzyme CoQ packaged in gold micro-spheres for maximal absorption. 

The perfect pair with  Laser Toning, Vitamin A Eye Renewal Cream S10.1 is an anti-aging treatment that reduces puffiness, sagging, and wrinkles in the eye area. It is formulated with vitamin A and skin soothing microspheres to counter signs of fatigue, irritation, and age while hydrating and smoothing the eye area.

I was really delighted that  I chose The Sloane Clinic as my first aesthetic clinic, and here are some things you might want to know about this leading aesthetic clinic in Singapore, The Sloane Clinic has a strong diverse team of top names in medicine spearheading their aesthetic dermatology, cosmetic surgery and hair transplant team. Their key difference is you get unrivaled attention from a panel of the best medical experts, rather than one single doctor in a usual one-man show clinic of yore.

Spearheaded by Dr Low Chai Ling, one of Singapore’s top aesthetic doctors who is said to be on the speed dial of discerning socialites, celebrities and CEOs, together with her diverse team of leading aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons, you can literally get an expert in every field to cater to your every needs.

Need one of the best robotic hair transplant doctor, look for Dr Chua Han Boon.

Want one of the most natural-looking thread-lifts in town? Dr Kenneth Lee is your man.

Other than the strong diverse team of doctors and surgeons, The Sloane Clinic offers plastic surgery, non-invasive aesthetics as well as  feminine rejuvenation aka vaginal rejuvenation.


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