Fix Up the Eyebags that Drag Your Whole Face Down

Are you in your mid 20s but people have been asking if you did not sleep for a week? Or simply asked if you are 10 years older your age? And in your heart you know the reason very well. Those extra bags under your eyes that you wish you were Chanel bags instead. You've tried all the methods, sleep more, drink more water, rest well, use lesser electronic devices, apply expensive eye serums and eye mask, but they are so stubborn and won't be maneuvered, not a single millimeter. It is now to the point that you kept having thoughts to REMOVE those bulging eyebags for good, like a surgery or something. The procedure you are dreaming about is Lower Blepharoplasty, or simply called eyebags removal.

Eyebags may be common signs of ageing, but they can be corrected by the removal of some fat from the lower eyelid area and redistribution of the remaining fat. Lower Blepharoplasty avoids excessive hollowing under the lower eyelid area that is aesthetically unpleasing.

We managed to snag an exclusive interview about Lower Blepharoplasty with Dr Tan Ying Chien, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at The Sloane Clinic.

Are there different ways of doing an “eyebags surgery”? (for example, double eyelids can be done by a stitch or by cutting etc)

There are 2 main ways of performing eyebags surgery :

  1. Scarless method: usually for younger patients with no excess skin and good skin tone - 
  2. Open method: usually for older patients are patient with excess skin and/or those who would benefit for a simultaneous mini-cheek lift.

 Who are most suitable for this surgery? 
Almost anyone with eyebags will benefit from this surgery. However, caution must be taken in patients with very loose lower eyelid skin.

 Are there candidates who are not suitable for this?
Patients with very loose lower eyelid skin may have a higher risk of developing a condition called Ectropion after surgery. Ectropion is a condition in which the lower eyelid drops downwards and turns outwards.

How long is the surgery? What is the downtime and recovery time?

Scarless eyebags surgery takes about 45 minutes while the Open method takes about 2 hours. Both are performed with the patient under light sedation. The downtime for Scarless eyebags surgery is about 3 days while that for Open method is about 7 days.

 Do you see an increase number of people asking for this surgery?

There definitely is an increase in the number of patients seeking this surgery. There is an increase of about 10 - 15% year on year for the past 4 years at The Sloane Clinic.

 Is there a “best age” to do this eyebags surgery?

Well, there isn’t a best age for this surgery. As long as the skin conditions are right, and the most suitable method is carefully selected for the patient, patient of any age can undergo this surgery.

If you are ready to ditch those eyebags that are making you look ancient, and would like to have a professional opinion on how best to treat them, Dr. Tan Ying Chien can be reached at Plastic Surgery Centre of The Sloane Clinic to help you fix up those extra bags that drag your whole face down.

Last but not least, you definitely want to check other treatments to remove dark eye circles (they also make you look older and tired) that complements eyebags surgery. Dr Low Chai Ling, Medical Director of The Sloane Clinic, recommends Eye Revival Program which combines skin toning lasers and skin brightening Revitalift Microinjections. "Of course, we usually make sure patients get the all-clear from their surgeon before they embark for any non-invasive aesthetic treatments," explains Dr Low.


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