Contemplating Facial Fillers? Here's Everything You Need to Know

The devastating news about what ageing does is that the fat which helps you look youthful and supple starts to lose volume and sag, leaving you with sunken cheeks, under-eye hollows and indented temples. As time passed by (just like youth), you begin not to feel old, but look older and more haggard like a wilted flower. Promised to smooth crinkles and firm your face, facial fillers are injected to restore youthfulness; heightening nose bridge, pumping up cheeks, adding more definition to chin and jawline, or even Kylie Jenner fabled lips. Before you get your first filler, here's everything you need to know from Doctors of The Sloane Clinic before firming up your decision (face).

What is Filler Lift? 

RIGHT: Lifted eyebrow,
contour of the cheeks and
increase definition of jawlines
There is a trend to have a natural looking “facelift” done during your lunchbreak, and this is usually accomplished by using certain fillers which have a capacity for lifting your skin to a certain degree. "At The Sloane Clinic, we call it Restylane Hydrolift", says Dr Low Chai Ling, The Sloane Clinic Medical Director. "When these special hyaluronic fillers are placed at special areas of the face, they will lift up "anchor" points on your face giving you a more lifted appearance without volumizing your face overtly. This is different from other filler procedures done for alternative intentions such as increasing facial volume."

In the latter case, a procedure called Voluma High Definition Lift is done to fill out hollows of the face and increase facial volume in areas where facial volume may be deficient. "It is important to be clear what your final aesthetic goal is. Some patients may look better with a lift without too much added volume while others may require some lift with volume and so on. We must always customize each procedure to the individual aesthetic needs of our patients," says Dr Low.

Is there a difference in fillers used for say the nose, the forehead and for lifting?

Plumped up forehead and lifted cheeks
for a more youthful look!
Yes, as above. Different fillers have different structural properties. Some are made to retain more water (hydrophilic), others are made to be more voluminous etc. "At The Sloane Clinic, we employ a whole range of facial fillers so that we can have the best combination of fillers to address all the aesthetic concerns if a particular face," explains Dr Kenneth Lee, "We don't believe in people sticking to only one brand or one type of filler, it is like trying to create a masterpiece with only one colour."

How long will facial fillers last? 

That will depend on the type of fillers, the amount of fillers placed, and the area of treatment. In general, fillers on the nose or chin will last 8-12 months. Lip fillers have slightly less longevity due to the greater movement of the lips – about 6-8 months. For the cheeks, the results can be cumulative and it usually can last 12 months or so.

Is there a case where my face will collapse or look worse than before when my fillers wear out? 

"No," says Dr Chua Han Boon. "The fillers we use are made from natural hyaluronic acid which in addition to their instant enhancement benefits, also stimulate your skin’s natural fibroblasts to product collagen over a few weeks after. With time, this will break down depending on how you care for your face and your body’s natural ageing process."

What if I don't like my fillers? 

The first thing is to be honest with your doctor. Never live with something you don't like. Secondly, if you have natural hyaluronic acid fillers of a reoitable brand, it should be easy to dissolve them away with a hyaluronidase, an enzyme. The fillers will dissolve away in as little as 24 hours.

When to Get Facial Fillers?

Age, lost of collagen to hold skin together, muscle movement, fat loss, gravity,  sun damage and other factors will take their toll on your face. Fillers can remove the appearance of crinkles and droopy skin and transform your ageing skin into a more supple, youthful and radiant look which skincare products simply can't.

If you’re already contemplating to get fillers, the next step is to consult with a trustworthy clinic and doctor to find out which type of dermal filler is for you. We highly recommend The Sloane Clinic as it is one of the leading aesthetic clinics in Singapore and Malaysia since 2003. The Sloane Clinic provides effective solutions with its comprehensive armamentarium of beauty innovations and wide range of exclusive cosmeceuticals.


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