Why Face Mists are a Big Deal and Matter More than You Think

Are you assiduous enough to moisturise your skin twice a day, once in the morning and once at night before your beauty sleep? What if we tell you that your skin actually needs more than that? #yeswearesoserious Don't you envy how Korean woman has flawless, supple and such radiant skin? Korean women spent a lot more effort to take care of their skin better (#hardcore) than we do, and one important open secret is that they do this thing called 24/7 hydration. This is may sound crazy but this is where face mists come in.

You don't need to visit Seoul but just by watching Korean reality variety shows that every single female celebrity, actress or girl group member who wakes up in the morning in the show, the only skincare product you see them using will be face mist. #AMAZING Take Song Ji Hyo for example, she is often seen in Running Man waking up with her bare beautiful flawless face (she only has some dark eye circles), and the only thing she ever does is to spray face mist on her face in the car, and that's all. #ISITREALLYSOEASY

"I definitely saw most Korean women spritzing face mist every where - in shopping malls, cafes and simply in the street," says Dr Michelle Lim, The Sloane Clinic, who visited Korea recently. This looks like a phenomenon and you feel out of place if you are not holding to one of those travel-size face mist in Seoul.

Dr Michelle Lim explains why face mists are such a big deal and matter more than you think:
  1. Face misting sprays provides a hydration layer on the skin which can keep your skin looking dewy all day. 
  2. A face mist can rejuvenate your tired face or refresh your makeup after a long tiring day. Simply spray as and when in the day to feel refresh.
  3. Strengthen and protect the skin’s defenses against environmental pollutants. 
  4. Soothing mist can be useful for soothing many skin irritations or wounds. 
  5.  Use the face mist with a moisturizer as a base makeup to create baby smooth skin and longer lasting makeup. Spray after finishing powder for a dewy and fresh looking makeup all day.

We shared about the Hardy & CO. Dewy Skin Anti-ageing mist  which one of our editors love so much recently, so we decided to try out the whole range as we all have different skin problems!

Mandy, 35 years old with 2 adorable kids, Part-time Beauty Writer
Formulated with: Champagne grape, Lavender and Acai Stem cell extracts
Benefit: Refreshing, hydrating and re-balancing your skin for a radiant glow
Recommended for: Anti-ageing and refreshing tired skin

Andrea, 25 years old, Loves the sun and all outdoor activities
Formulated with: Rose and Blueberry stem cell extracts
Benefit: Restore, re-balance and rejuvenate skin for a more rested, fresh-faced appearance
Recommended for: Irritated skin and bacterial stress

Samantha, 27 years old, Spicy food is her life
Formulated with: Calamine and lavender stem cell extracts
Benefit: Purify and clarify skin for a clearer, more fresh-faced complexion
Recommended for: Frequent acne and redness

Jenny, 28 years old, Loves binge watching Korean Drama over night
Formulated with: Rose & Perilla stem cell extracts
Benefit: Refresh, hydrate and rejuvenate skin for an unbeatable skin glow
Recommended for: Dry and tired skin

Alice, 45 years old, Always and too busy to go for monthly facial
Formulated with: Coconut & blueberry stem cell extracts
Benefit: Hydrate, replenish and rejuvenate skin for a supple, luminous appearance
Recommended for: Super dry and dull skin


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