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While Daily Mail lands itself in some hot water over inappropriate coverage of Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon and British prime minister Theresa May, we're focusing on more important stories like #allthingssummer. The sun, beach, wind in the hair means the lesser you dress, the better (for photos, exciting activities you’ve lined up and the envious stares we ladies secretly desire). Prepping our face and bodies, we often miss out caring for our legs which can be a major turnoff when signs of neglect can be noticed from far away. Grab the spotlight with healthier and sexier legs in your #ootd. Ladies, your confidence grows when you...

Unearth the dead

Skin cells die with time and form an outer layer of your skin. The science to smooth, sexy legs is simple - slough off these dead unwanted cells to unveil the new, younger and healthier skin below. It’s a good canvas to start with for glowing skin. 

Water generously 

This is critical in your skincare routine. Our legs weather rain and shine, suffering the effects from damaging UV rays to the drying air-conditioner stripping them of moisture. Score dewy and soft skin with Hardy & Co Super Hydrating Skin Pampering Mist. Formulated by doctors, what’s even more special about it is the use of precious stem cells from coconut and perilla as well as highly active ingredients like Vitamin A, all carefully extracted and developed into a superstar mist. “It’s easy to use and fast - just a few sprays and I reap the benefits of nourishing and protecting my skin with the anti-oxidant ingredients. There’s no excuse not to use it diligently!” - Noelle, Beauty Writer Indeed, everyone can use a moisturiser that’s both a time-saver and leg-saver in one.

Kiss goodbye to unsightly hairs

How many of us wax or shave our legs in the morning so that we don’t actually scare the life out of our date, friends or dogs? I see your inner angel nodding in agreement. We lament it’s so much trouble (and pain in the xxx) but why are we so slow to adopting the alternative which has already been invented years ago? Ingrown hairs, nicks and rashes be gone! The Sloane Clinic offers GentleYag, a world-class technology, FDA-approved laser and IPL hair program that’s as the name suggests, gentle, yet effective. “This long-pulsed Nd-Yag laser is one of the industry’s most advanced and powerful, utilising light wavelengths that target right down to the hair follicles and thus, provide a more permanent result,” explains Dr Kenneth Lee, Medical Director of The Sloane Clinic. “We call it achieving the 4'F's – effectively fewer, finer and fairer hair that grows at father intervals.” Smooth, silky skin that lasts is just an appointment away!

Shine bright like a diamond

You’ve been out running and playing in the sun when it gives you presents like blemishes, pigmentation on skin; trophies that're nothing to be proud of and that I’d rather do without. Now, with the hairs no longer a cover, the skin takes centerstage and you want to show off legs that are smooth, scarless, freckle-free and radiant. Microdermabrasion (MDA) helps your want become a reality. This ultimate go-to skin treatment stimulates healthy cell growth by delivering fine, inert microscopic crystals to delicately shed the outermost skin surface. Dr Lee assures that this highly effective, non-invasive procedure has minimal discomfort and no downtime but encourages 5 to 6 sessions for the best outcome. A total relief to achieving legs worthy of a runway swag. 

Make sunscreen your best friend

You undo your efforts by not applying sunblock each time you head out. You would apply it on your face, don’t skip the legs. Remember it has to be at least SPF30 to protect. Now you can take your time doing that catwalk.


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