Antioxidant Powerhouse: Skin Superfood Acai is What You Need to Prevent Ageing

We are pretty sure that you've seen all these exquisite Acai bowls which are invading your social media! Not only are they  yummylicious, this superfood has almost unbelievable and uncountable benefits for both your health and body! #whosaysyummysnackscantbehealthy Read on to find more what this Skin Superfood can do for you!

Acai berry is a small round fruit reddish-purple in colour, found only in the rainforests of the Amazon.  This exotic super skinfood has only became known to the World not long ago, and the popularity is soaring high! Having up to 33 times more antioxidant power than that of red wine and grapes, we're pretty sure this is the reason why Acai is getting so much attention now!

Tasting absolutely yummy, the health benefits of Acai Berry are totally out of the world! Containing vitamins A, C, and E, the unique properties of Acai Berry helps your skin glow brighter than ever and you will definitely look years younger.

Acai Berry protects and shields the body and skin from free radicals coming from the polluted air that we breathe in and the residual pesticides that we ingest from fruits and vegetables. This powerpacked super skinfood contains amazing antioxidants to detoxify the body from negative elements. 

Hold on to your chair as we share with you the shocking benefits of Acai Berry *BREATHES IN DEEPLY*: weightloss, increase energy, improves blood flow, strengthens heart, good for digestive system, fights cancer, good for diabetics, boost immunity, helps hair growth, promotes scalp health, controls hair fall and many more!!!!! #FANTASTICBERRY

We also scouted some new and upcoming beauty products that contain this Super Skinfood which we find the need to shar!


Sloane Inc. Superfood Acai S3.8 is a complexion brightening mask is activated when its vitamin & acai enriched-counterpart, Skin Activator II is added to it. This powerful pair rejuvenates and revives dull, ageing skins which needs immediate help. Your skin feels radiant, supple and refreshed instantly after a mere 10 min after use. Highly recommended before a big event or a hot date! 

How to use?

1) Mix 2 scoops of mask powder I with skin activator II.

2) Apply onto face. Spritz skin activator II whenever mask feels dry on face.

3) Remove mask after 10 minutes.

Editor's Review: 

I love how classy the Sloane Inc. Superfood Acai S3.8 comes in a black box with the mask and activator. It is a good way for storing this set (i have way too many skin care products!), as well as it will be a chic storing box after I finished using the products.  The preparation takes a little effort compared other mask, but it is totally relaxing to mix the mask and skin activator together and apply onto the face. When the mask feels a little dry, I simply have to spray some water on my face. I also love the mild sweet Acai Berry scent when it was working its magic on my face. After just 10 minutes, my skin feels instantly rejuvenated and it looked so refreshed and brightened as if I slept for 10 hours!

This also makes a super presentable and sophisticated gift if you are hunting for skincare products for your girlfriends or boyfriend! This range also include Sloane Inc. Skin Superfood White Mulberry S3.9 for relieving and calming sensitive skin, as well as Sloane Inc. Skin Superfood Matcha S3.7 for detoxing and clarifying distressed and tired skins.


Hardy & Co. Dewy Skin Anti-Ageing Champagne Mist is formulated with champagne grape extracts for refreshed, hydrated and balanced skin for a brighter than Renee Rouleau. It also contains Acai and Lavender which are both highly active ingredients, levitating the power to protect your skin from pollutants, anti-ageing while boosting cellular metabolism for supple, and younger looking skin! Indulge in this anti-ageing goodness by spraying twice a day for maintenance or as many times as you like for intensive quick fix!

How to use?

Shake it before spraying to activate the mist. Use it alone after cleansing, or you can use it as part of your skincare routine followed up by serum and cream.

Editor's Review: 

Hardy & Co. Dewy Skin Anti-Ageing Champagne Mist is actually enough to use by its own without any other serums and creams! It works just as well as its own, which is simply a bonus for someone so busy and always on-the-go like me! On days when I feel *ahem* lazy, I simply reach out for this (yes, i place it on my bedside table) and spray generously on my face when I wake up! My skin instantly wakes up (even before my brain actually does)  and I can say I looked GREAT after waking up (sorry boyfriend... this is my little secret)! I will definitely check out the other mists from the range, as well as other products from Hardy & co.!


Are you already tempted to get some Acai goodies for your health and beauty wellness? We sure are!!!!! #SnapUpEverythingWithAcai  Let us know if you are trying any products that contains Acai Berry! We'll love to try them too!


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