5 New Non-Surgical Beauty Procedures You Probably Didn’t Know About

For the longest time, women have been obsessed with youth and beauty. For many of us, we had to fight the puberty pimples from young (sometimes worsening to horrifying acne) to signs of ageing – those little wrinkles, pesky pigmentation and saggy skin – all staring us in the face! We want to escape the ravages of time…and well, the quickest “remedy” touted for some time now would be going under the knife (gulps I don’t like the sound of that already) yet for some reason or other, we would prefer not going there. So for you ladies (and gentlemen) like me, who would rather not undergo surgical beauty procedures, read on to find out how you can soften those effects of time. 

Get a Quickie 'Face' Lift

Firm skin and face a wrinkle-free future? Scientific innovation has now made it possible to help shed 10 years or more off your age by using beauty threads. It’s possible with Silhouette Soft Threadlift Treatment which uses 100% bio-absorbable threads to give define facial lift and contours by further stimulating the skin’s own collagen production process. “My patients like the immediate results but when they get another collagen boost in about three months, they usually LOVE the overall improvements” says Dr Kenneth Lee, medical director of The Sloane Clinic. It’s an immediate lifting effect – a taut and smoother skin you can gush about.

Get Your Mane Back

The importance of our hair can’t be stressed enough. It frames our face, shows our creativity, sex appeal and health. Studies have also shown that the appearance of one’s hair is intimately linked to one’s overall confidence! No wonder they call it the crowning glory. Unfortunately, many conditions can result in their thinning and falling - from that late night argument with your boyfriend, repeated hair-rebonding and not to mention ceramic perming to meeting deadlines at work. Experience the magic of the Hair Maximizer Program featuring Revage Hair Growth Laser by The Sloane Clinic. It’s FDA-approved low-level laser therapy that uses cool laser energy to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles. The result is hair with volume and strength. Best of all, it’s painless!

Reawaken Skin

It’s easy to accept our flaws as we age. One blemish becomes two. Before you know it, your skin is a roadmap of your life’s sins - pimples, scars, pigmentation. Fret not! The Sloane Clinic’s Smartx Light is an astute FDA approved laser (that means, not the same as those generic laser devices that merely heat up the skin with little to show for in terms of benefits) to the rescue! As part of their Sparkling Skin Program, this is a skin-transforming carbon dioxide laser delivered via a cutting-edge airbrush microspray. Friends who have undergone this proclaim their skin as noticeably brighter and smoother even after one session! Due to its cellular renewal and fresh collagen invigoration, they help transform skin to a fine, luminous and firm state. No more stubborn scars and pigmentation, deep wrinkles are released and in place, revitalised skin. That bright and healthy glow is within reach!

Erase Crimson

A backup of blood in veins, hormone changes, sun exposure and injuries can result in Spider Veins - the last thing we want up our beautiful skin. Rid yourself of these nasties with the Vbeam Laser treatment. A gentle procedure on the skin, delivers precise pulses of energy down to the broken capillaries, clearing red blemishes and scars from within. Hello to flawless and smoother skin!

Beauty with Technology not Fiction

If the thought of lasers scare you, but the desire for youthful skin is real, dip your toes into the aesthetic fountain of youth by going for a hybrid facial - Illumi Facial. It’s not just a facial, it’s a combination of aesthetic skin tightening light and a popular complexion brightening facial all rolled into one goodness-filled package. This popular, red-carpet prep developed by The Sloane Clinic, is a favourite of many fashionistas and socialites who will trust nothing less than the best for their visage. It combines Nova 3R’s facial lifting infra red light to optimize skin tone and a buffet of skin revitalising concentrates to bring back radiance, moisture and a bounce in the skin. Best of all, this is all done without pain or downtime, so let loose and enjoy, you deserve this treat.


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