Are you a Beauty or a Beast? Duh… Beauty for me without a doubt

Beauty and the Beast live-action movie starring Emma Watsons as Belle has been all the hype recently before its official release. If you have a choice, will you look like a Beast or a Beauty?Who doesn’t want to be a Beauty? Here are some recommended beautifying treatments that you can choose to magically transform as long as you fiercely want to! 

 #1 Hairy Hairy Beast 

Wipe out all unflattering fuzz, be it covering your whole face (are you really da Beast? #justjoking), underarms, forearms, legs or sexy in-between. You know what is worse? Those unattractive and embarrassing ingrown that masked your smooth silky skin!

Thankfully for us, The Sloane Clinic offers a wide range of FDA-approved laser and IPL hair removal devices that utilise deep penetrating light wavelength for a painless, swift and effective hair removal treatment. All those hair-raising nightmares of agonising shavings and messy waxing…. NO THANKS!! Having glabrous baby skin is no longer just a pipe dream and just how much we adore shave-free days!

#2 Tough Rough Beast 

Can you imagine being trapped in a castle with no skincare product, facial and pampering spa for many donkey years? The cold long-lasting winters rub wounds into your parched and tearing skin.

Offering a wide varieties of specially designed facials to cater to different needs, The Sloane Spa promises that you will be the center of attention wherever you go! Using a mixture of carefully selected peels, masques and skin-pampering concentrates, Glamour Peel zest your charisma into superstar skin! Spoil yourself with the power of pure vitamins for intensive hydration, smoother and softer porcelain skin.

If unlike the beast; you live for the sun, have strawberry pores, suffer from acne scars or rosacea, try out FDA-approved lasers like Fraxel Restore and SmartX to resuscitate your skin to peaches and cream!

#3 Great Big Beast

You are a fitness fanatic but you still wish for more shapely arms or tone sexy leg faster? Here is a secret, a shortcut to the perfect body.

Boost your contour with Coolsculpting Plus, a cutting-edge non-invasive body shaping treatment that effectively reduces superfluous fat in the target area. As an alternative to liposuction, FDA-approved Coolsculpting can be combined with other treatments for skin regenerating, lymphatic drainage or even skin strengthening to stimulate collagen production to improve overall skin elasticity!

#4 Seasoned Beast

Our body changes involuntarily with more rapturous experiences and happenings in our everyday lives. We often find ourselves dreaming to get back into the jeans that used to fit perfectly, curtail the love handles or even confidently strut out in crop tops once in a while. Unfortunately, it is the rule of nature that collagen dissipates way faster than it can be rebuilt as we aged. We cannot dodge the bullets from sagging, wrinkly, rough and dull skin.

Requiring no injection, incision or recovery time, Body Shape by Thermage uses an unique radio frequency technology to cause deep volumetric heating of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, while cooling the surface skin for protection and comfort. Deep tissue heating constricts existing collagen and trigger skin’s natural reclamation of new collagen.

There is no sorcery to wondrously transform anyone, but the choice is yours to wave your magic wand. Hello gorgeous, may you be the fairest Beauty of us all!


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