Your Guide to Removing Scars Once and For All

Scars are pesky things. Remedying a scar is no easy feat, but it can be done. You just have to take into consideration the type of scar and the deepness of the lesion, among other things. To help determine how to remove this unwanted souvenir, we turned to Dr Low Chai Ling, Medical Director of The Sloane Clinic, who offered a wealth of knowledge.

#1. New Scars
As with most life issues, new scars should ideally be addressed a.s.a.p (within one month) for best results with least treatment. If fresh scars and stretch marks (which are essentially scars due to tearing of elastic fibres under the skin surface as skin gets overstretched) are caught early when still red, a gentle laser like the Vbeam would greatly boost skin healing and supercharge collagen rebuilding to smoothen skin texture and minimize the formation of permanent pitted scars or wide, wavy stretch marks. A fabulous bonus: It’ll eliminate the obvious redness that tends to attract unwanted attention at the same time. 

The Sloane Clinic's Scar Care Program is the quintessential treatment plan to help your post-surgical scars heal expeditiously. "This impressive double-pronged strategy uses only FDA approved technology and helps attenuate the formation of hypertrophic and keloid scars in susceptible individuals. Concurrently, it also accelerates the healing of post-surgical wounds and persuades post-surgical scars to fade quickly and in an optimal fashion." says Dr Low. 

Best results are seen when the first session isinstituted at suture removal to 1 week post suture removal. Thereafter, sessions are recommended to be carried out judiciously at 2 weeks apart for best results. Keeping to the program time frame ensures ideal skin scar recovery and timely intervention.

#2. Older Scars
Breathe a sigh of relief with this one: Even when a red scar turns white as the natural skin healing dies out, you’re not doomed to wear that depressed (and depressing) pearlescent battle mark for the rest of your life.

Although new scars might respond best, it is never too late to see significant improvements in mature scars from your teenage years with micro-resurfacing lasers such as Fraxel Re:store and Mixto. By bringing about a skin rebirth, these veritable complexion reset buttons airbrush away established scars and stretch marks pixel by pixel – along with pores, pigment and pesky lines (hooray!) – replacing them with smoother, clearer skin that radiates health progressively over a series of treatments.

The Sloane Clinic's Scar Correction Program is the choice treatment plan for older surgical scars that have already healed completely but may benefit from supplementary supportive therapy. Designed to address textural and colour issues, this cosmetic correction program helps your skin regain its strength & suppleness, helping existing scars blend into your skin like a clever "photoshop" tool.

#3. Combination Therapy
Combination therapy delivers a one-two punch to these recalcitrant blemishes for synergistic benefits greater than the sum of its parts.

Pitted Acne Scars: Fraxel Re:store (SGD$1605) + Baby Drop Fillers (SGD$1070)– Lift depressed scars and spirits from the pits with this immaculate complexion duo which jumpstarts cellular and collagen regeneration and fills deeper valleys of scars for a polished countenance.

Keloids: Intralesional Injections (From SGD$53.50) + Vbeam (SGD$642) – A keloid is an overgrowth of scar tissue beyond the margins of the original skin injury. Cortisone microinjections administered locally into the keloid in conjunction with Vbeam laser can calm the abnormal scar growth, flatten and shrink the nodule significantly, and soothe redness in the scar.

Stretch Marks: Vbeam (SGD$642) + Fraxel Re:store (SGD$1605)– Why stomach the less lovely part of motherhood? This potent pair of scar-healing superstars will help stamp out more severe cases of red stretch marks and restore your tummy’s yummy supple elasticity to better withstand your next bundle of joy.


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