Problem Solvers: Our Picks on The Best Beauty Fixer-Uppers

We like to consider ourselves pretty clued-up when it comes to solving the myriad beauty 'problems' we face (that show up on our face) every day. We're always looking for the latest zit-zapper or wrinkle-filler, and leave no spot stick un-twisted on our quest to un-cover the latest quick-fix on the road to complexion perfection.

#1. Pigmentation
Whether due to too much sun-worship or haywire hormones, you needn't be stuck with unwelcome brown patches. Spotted and bothered? Go from frustrated to fabulous with The Sloane Clinic's Divine Whitening Program (SGD$4066). We speak to Dr Chua Han Boon from The Sloane Clinic and he says that, "Its synergistic pairing of the spot-correcting, texture-toning Pigment Laser, with the Vitamin Therapy clinical facial which infuses intensive damage-repairing, pigment-preventing actives deep into the skin,will bring out your luminous best now, and into the future."

Dr. Dennis Gross™ Ferulic Acid + Retinol Brightening Solution (USD$88) is a targeted treatment, to gradually lighten hyper-pigmented patches with the brand's signature Retinol Complex.

"I like Dr. Andrew Weil For Origins™ Mega-Bright Dark Spot Correcting Night Mask (USD $56). It is a powerful overnight mask that evens skin tone, restores translucency, and addresses the root cause of discoloration."

#2. Enlarged Pores
It's notoriously impossible to 'shrink' pores, but that doesn't mean you can't pull the wool over 'em. Pores usually look bigger than they are because they're blocked up with oxidised make up and grime (blackheads), so you need to suck it all out. Dr Chua Han Boon says that "The Sloane Clinic's Crystal Clear Facial (SGD$247.17) employs both physical and chemical exfoliation with crystal microdermabrasion and a regenerative fruit peel to decongest pores, tone skin, and heal acne and accompanying marks, before finishing with a brightening mask to have you looking ‘clearly’ polished – on the double."

Glamglow's YouthMud (USD $68) makes light work of hoovering up the muck. "This product oisturizes, exfoliates, and lifts away impurities without disturbing skin’s essential oils. Antiaging ingredients brighten and smooth while delivering a tighter, more youthful appearance with visibly minimized pores." - Gigi, Beauty Intern

#3. Excess Oil
Although nobody wants an oil slick, sebum - gross as it sounds - is your very best friend in the war against ageing. Don't over-strip it - your grease-glands will only work harder to compensate.  Regular exfoliation and sebum regulation are the first steps towards a fresh, refined complexion. Take a power ‘swipe’ at bump-inducing dead skin cells and excess sebum as well as post-pimple pigmentation to stamp out spots, foil future breakouts and fade brown blemishes with The Sloane Clinic's Laser Peel treatment (SGD $535). 

If you’re feeling parched and seeing an on-going oil spill simultaneously, you know your dermis needs a water break. Sloane Inc Aqualicious (USD $99) is a strikingly refreshing concentrated sorbet instantly irrigates and quenches dehydrated skin cells with a burst of life-giving aqua to rebalance, revitalise and restore the calm, healthy luminosity to troubled skin.

#4. Acne
Spots are an epic bother, but don't let them defeat you. In case of oil-spill emergencies, especially if you’re noticing more plugged pores and burgeoning breakouts, it might be a good idea to visit your dermatologist. “Deeper treatments like lasers and professional peels can help you gain control faster and effectively. Avoid tanning yourself before and right after these treatments to ensure good and speedy recovery,” advises Dr Chua Han Boon. Smoothbeam laser (SGD $642) gets to the root of the matter – it shrinks hyperactive oil glands, along with open pores, bumpy clogs and pesky pimples – without causing any downtime.

Launch a counter-attack against acne-causing bacteria with Sloane Inc Clarity Water (USD $78). This oil-free concentrate helps to keep burgeoning blemishes at bay and troubled redness-prone skin calm and balanced.

If it's a case of too little too late, follow up with COVER FX Blemish Treatment Concealer (USD $25), the lightweight yet heavy-duty formula will quickly mask a multitude of s(k)ins.


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