5 Ways to celebrate this International Women's Day

Who run the world? Girls! Today is International Women’s Day, which is a global celebration to show appreciation and respect for women who have achieved social, political, and economic milestones. While it's great to take a break from misogyny, patriarchy and sexism that exist in the workplace, life has other plans, and it wants you to work your butt off no matter what. But that doesn't mean you should be complacent. Whether public or private, every little gesture is a step towards expelling prejudice. Here's how you can flip the switch and "Be Bold for Change", as the theme for International Women's Day 2017 loudly and proudly exclaims.

Source: http://www.buro247.sg/culture/news/international-womens-day-singapore-things-to-do.html

#1. Go for a well-deserved spa
It might only be March but we’re sure the stress is piling up. What better way to de-stress than to indulge in a head-to-toe spa experience? We especially like the Green Tea & Ginger facial (SGD $247.17) at the Sloane Spa which uses all-natural products for deep detoxification and conditioning to bolster the skin’s defensive barrier. Also to commemorate this special day, COMO Shambhala has put together the following promotions from March 6th to 12th 2017. You can stand to enjoy any 75-minute massage at SGD 150 (usual price: SGD 200), coupled to that you will receive a complimentary yoga class for a female friend when she joins you for a single session!  We are women, after all, and indulging in ourselves just seems like the perfect way to celebrate our special day.

#2. International Women's Day Network Cocktail Gathering

Guestlist -$20 includes 1 Welcome Drink + Donation to SCWO + $15 IndoChine Dining Voucher.
Guestlist Women Organizations / Groups - $15nett. 
Non Guestlist Walk In - $25 includes 1 Welcome Drink + Donation to SCWO + $15 IndoChine Dining Voucher.

#3. Drink for a cause with Deliveroo and Vinomofo
It's always 5pm in another timezone. Online wine retailer Vinomofo has teamed up with Deliveroo to bring you five bottles of wine at $12.50. When you order from 12pm to 5pm on 8 March, your well-earned money will fully go to She's The First, a charity that provides scholarships to girls in low-income countries.

Source: http://www.buro247.sg/culture/news/international-womens-day-singapore-things-to-do.html

#4. Your Sexual Wellbeing Matters
Juggling the demands of parenthood along with a full-time career takes a major physical and emotional toll on many couples, and changes virtually every aspect of your life – including sexual intimacy. Besides chronic fatigue and commonly quoted logistical reasons, less discussed issues such as female vaginal laxity can put a real damper on life between the sheets.

Your Sexual Wellbeing Matters: Intimacy creates understanding, and understanding creates love. But when lovemaking feels like a chore due to decreased sensation, arousal and satisfaction as a result of vaginal laxity, it can have a negative impact on the sexual self-esteem of the woman as well as on the relationship. 

A great deal of attention is devoted to the sexual health of men, yet it has been neglected in women and limited in treatment options. Increasingly, scientific literature reminds us that sexual health is an equally important area influencing the general well being of a woman, as well as being one of the key factors in keeping the marital relationship blissful and fulfilling. And with better education, more women are empowered to seek help for this intimate issue as well.

Vaginal Laxity is an extremely common, yet extraordinarily under-reported and under-diagnosed problem affecting millions of women worldwide. According to Dr Low Chai Ling, medical director of The Sloane Clinic, who commonly sees women with such issues “Age and vaginal delivery are the main causes of vaginal laxity. Traditional treatment options available for vaginal laxity range from creams through behavioural therapies such as Kegel exercise to retrain and tone the pelvic floor muscles to more invasive surgical procedures. Intima Touch offers a non-invasive yet efficacious option for treating vaginal laxity to women unwilling to undergo surgery.” While pharmacological and behavioural therapies are non-invasive, they have limited efficacy. On the other hand, surgical procedures, which involve the narrowing of the vagina along with repair of pelvic floor muscles and fascia, achieve a better final result  but, at the price of higher associated risks such as scarring, infection and painful intercourse post-operation in addition to the recovery time after surgery.

Newer non-invasive treatments using advanced lasers and radiofrequency treatments offer good tidings for the majority of ladies who may be troubled by reduced sexual pleasure, or the embarrassing sound of air coming out of the loose vagina during the sex, but do not have uterine prolapse or more severe urinary incontinence that warrant the scalpel.

Intima Touch is a fine example of non-invasive vaginal tightening treatment using the Viveve radiofrequency technology that rejuvenates the nether-lands without any cutting, injections or downtime. Radiofrequency energy deployed from a toothbrush-sized handpiece held within the vaginal introitus causes deep heating of loose tissues, causing the collagen fibres to subtly contract and tighten. The main improvement comes later as collagen remodelling and re-genesis take place at the cellular level continuously over 3-6 months. Enriched with denser and stronger collagen fibres, the vagina is restored to its younger, tighter and more elastic self.

#5. Forget this list 
And lists in general. Who are we to tell you what to do? What we'd like to believe however, is that we're pointing you in a direction that'll open your hearts and minds and uphold the fact that women's rights are human rights without getting you arrested.


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