The Hollywood Beauty Treatments A-Listers Swear By Before The Oscars

The annual Oscars is always going to be a spectacle, and celebrities (and their glamsquads) are going to do everything possible to ensure they look their very, very best. It’s a lot of pressure to walk the Oscars red carpet, after all. (Flash bulbs! Interviews! People tweeting your every move!) So it’s no surprise that celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Emma Stone get a little help from their friends before the big day, and by friends, we mean their go-to people who make their skin look radiant and camera-ready. Ever wonder who BeyoncĂ© calls on before an award show, or how Sienna Miller’s skin looks perpetually glowy in every photo op? You’re about to find out. Keep scrolling for the go-to treatments celebrities swear by!

#1. The Complexion Boosters
From her stunning Givenchy Haute Couture gown to her elegant beauty look, Emma Stone looked every part a movie star at this year's Academy Awards. The actress, who's been dominating in the beauty department all award season, donned her signature red hair in a perfectly coiffed style and complemented her locks with a bold, brick-red lip. No word yet on whether or not her Old Hollywood–glam look was inspired by her film La La Land, but either way, it was gorgeous. Her skin was also PERFECT. 

1 month before 
Celebrities often embark on their glam prep months prior to the actual big event. To get purrrfect skin like Emma's, we recommend The Sloane Clinic's Radiance Program ($SGD 5350) which nurses stressed back to it's soft, luminous perfection. Steeped in multi-‘face’-ted science, this complexion calibrator marries the Go Glow facial with Swiss light-based technology for boosted effectiveness on all 4 key features of healthy luminous skin: Even clarity, bouncy strength, baby-soft plumpness, and refined texture.

3 days before 
Illumi Facial (SGD $353.30) is a pre-party basic that has had its major red carpet moments. A combination of skin revitalising concentrates and collagen toning infrared boost offers a burst of radiance-ramping moisture, cell-refueling antioxidants, and elasticity-restoring energy to invigorate, repair and smooth fatigued, lacklustre skin into a glowing example. "This treatment has no downtime and it's literally one of our best pre party boosters," says Dr Low Chai Ling, Medical Director of The Sloane Clinic. 

#2. The Booty Shaper
Some stars who love to throw an over-the-shoulder pose get a little extra help in the butt department from plastic surgeons, too. And no, they’re not exactly getting butt implants. 

Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon Sheila Nazarian, MD, says Sculptra injections have been the surprising request from some her celebrity clientele this awards season. “Around awards season, stars come in for this treatment to appear fuller and have more optimal proportions in their Oscar gowns,” she says. The injections consist of lactic acid in water, and the plumping results are immediate, but short-lived, as the body reabsorbs the water over three days. But the lactic acid particles, which cause collagen to produce around them, stick around and can help plump over the long-term. Once maximum results are achieved, they can last for up to five years. 

#3. The Decolletage Firmer 
Take a look at the gowns that have dominated the red carpet this season: plunging necklines, sleeveless designs, cutouts, and slits are everywhere. Which is why a simple facial — as in, for the face only, doesn’t exactly cut it. To restore and maintain the youthful vitality of a clean, crisp neckline and feminine sensuality of the V-zone like Taraji P. Henson, celebrities swear by Ulthera. The often neglected neck and decolletage are particularly afflicted by gravity’s curse. World-celebrated as a non-invasive ultrasound facelift to defy Earth’s sag-inducing forces, Ulthera (SGD $4280) saves our throats and treasured chests by stepping up collagen regeneration in the deep supportive layers to firm up lax, lined necks and elevate your dĂ©colletage towards its former perch in the beauty universe.


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