How to Get Your Man to Start Taking Care of His Skin

As our societal norms evolve, and as skincare marketing becomes more gender-inclusive, dudes are warming up to the idea of caring for their complexions. "Many of the old ideas we have about manliness and masculinity are just that—old and outdated," says Dr Low Chai Ling, Medical Director at The Sloane Clinic. "Simply think of developing a good skincare regimen as a continuation of what you're doing at the gym." It's another way of taking care of yourself.

These arguments make perfect sense, but sometimes, our male partners, friends, and family members need a little extra push to hop on board the skincare train. This year, I finally convinced my partner to adopt regimens that work for him, and with a few smart tips, so can you. Keep scrolling to learn how to help the dudes in your life take care of their skin once and for all.

#1. Start Really Simple
For someone like my boyfriend, whose skincare routine consists of soapy shower run-off, you've got to start them off slow. "Don't get him a seven-step process," Dr Low Chai Ling advises. "Make it easy for him to try it out." We recommend starting out with a quality cleanser, shave cream or scrub, and moisturizer with SPF. "Let him feel, smell, experience the difference of a premium product," Verdeyen says. If you can get him to use the products consistently for a few weeks, he'll notice a difference in his skin and want to keep up with it. Clinique makes a great 4 piece kit (USD $36).

#2. Take a solution-oriented approach.
If you treat skincare more as a health concern than a "beauty" concern, men will be more inclined to go along with it. "Notice that your boyfriend's skin is dry or flaky after he showers? Or that your dad's face gets red or irritated after he shaves? Or that your brother still gets zits or flare-ups around his T-zone?" Dr Low says. "These are all ways to introduce products that provide concrete, noticeable benefits to what ails them."

And feel free explain the science behind the products you're recommending. "Guys like to be given reasons," Dr Low says. It will be hard for him to argue the logic behind washing your face to prevent acne or wearing sunscreen to stave off harmful sun damage. 

A personal testament to this strategy: I started applying an acne treatment to my boyfriend's spots every day and explaining why it would help. Sloane Inc's Complexion Corrector Clarity (USD $78) is exclusively formulated to clear up blackheads, refine pore, reduce skin oiliness and acne, while hydrating skin from within. This combination provides unique yet synergistic skin balancing & clarifying action to clear up acne & skin blemishes, minimize pore size & regulate healthy cell turnover, while cleverly delivering long term anti-aging benefits, smoothing rough skin texture and fine lines. All of this annoyed him at first, of course, but after seeing the improvements, he started asking me what else he could do to help his skin. Success. I even took him for a Clear Blue Facial ($235.40) at The Sloane Clinic a couple of few weeks later, this fast-acting facial treatment regime deeply purify and de-clog pores and also helps to disinfect, soothe and heal spot-stricken skin.

#3. Speak His Language
If he's still convinced that skincare is a girls-only pursuit, a simple shift in syntax can help. If all else fails, use terminology that allows him to feel less emasculated. Give him a bottle of toner, call it aftershave and he'll have no qualms about slapping some on every morning. We like Hardy & Co's Super Hydrating Mist (USD $80) which optimises & replenishes skin with precious nutrients, immersing it in moisture and energy. Also, this comes with a spray bottle which spells FUSS-FREE for your man. 

#4. Buy Him a Subscription Box
Even guys deep in the digital age love receiving snail mail. If he’s wary to buy a new product because he’s not sure how well it’s going to work, then subscription boxes are a great alternative and a good way to try out samples of products. Three subscription boxes for men that focus on skin care and grooming without taking away his man-card are Birchbox Man, Dollar Shave Club,


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