Your Last Minute Guide to Looking Your Best This Chinese New Year

The lunar new year is in three days and your schedule is packed with last-minute chinese new year shopping and the inevitable rush of getting errands out of the way. Amid the festive craziness, one usually does not have the luxury of time for a top to toe makeover. Don't fret,  we give you some suggestions on what you can do look your best, even at the eleventh hour. These radiant fresheners will have your relatives and friends doing a double-take at your beautifully, refreshed face.

#1. In Clinic Solution: Glamour Peel + Plasma C
Keep your complexion sparkling clear with a gentle exfoliating, vitamin-infusing red carpet glamour peel (SGD $353.10). Using a combination of professional alpha-hydroxy acid (AHAs) peels carefully selected by the doctor to address multiple skin concerns simultaneously, the glamour peel delivers a quick all-round complexion improvement from evening out skin tone to brightening dull skin, minimizing pores to smoothening of fine lines and balancing of sebum overproduction. This gentle skin peel kick-starts the cell renewal process, stimulating healthy cell regrowth while exfoliating dead cells, for a smoother, suppler and more even skin tone that glows from within.

This close to the festivities, give your face the best chance of radiance with an add on of the skin whitening, complexion illuminating Plasma C (SGD $107) which harnesses ultrasound to deeply infuse vitamin C and white plasma to lighten brown patches and impart an enviable glow. 

#2. Home Solution: Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light
Skin Inc's Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light ($SGD 398) is everything you need in a device. The good news is, you can increase its effectiveness with this device, which uses Chromotherapy (LED) and Low Frequency Current Stimulation to ensure your skin is drinking up all the benefits of your serums. Use it daily and we’re sure you’ll be the subject of envy during Chinese New Year.

The three LED Chromotherapy treatments in each device activate light receptors in the skin cells and stimulate them. Each light has a different property and you can use them on different areas of the face. The red light is for renewal and repair — it works on damaged skin cells and increases collagen and elastin production. The blue light is soothing and calming. This is a godsend for oily, acne-prone or congested skin and when you're having breakouts at that time of the month. Finally the yellow light works on skin's glow, reviving dullness.

Our Editorial Intern, Elena recommends mixing a serum with a professional strength active concentrate to address specific skincare concerns with dramatic results. "Before the new year, you want to give dull skin an overhaul.  I recommend mixing Sloane Inc White Plasma and Sloane Inc Dermaboost Glutathione, then penetrating the powerful serum into your skin with the Skin Inc Optimizer Voyager. This allows for optimal results in an instant. If you do not have time to drop by a facial parlor, this will be your best bet!" Sloane Inc White Plasma (USD $78) is a powerful serum to restore dull complexions to an effortless luminosity. Paired with Sloane Inc Dermaboost Glutathione (USD $58), the pair works in synergy with its high-potency skin-whitening, anti-aging powers to restores complexions to a porcelain clarity. 

#3. Mask It
Masks are a skin-care savior. A short mask session is like hitting Ctrl + Z on all manner of skin sins. They promise to transform texture, draw out impurities in pores, brighten skin tone, provide a hit of hydration, reduce signs of aging, and deliver nutrition deep into the dermis. Whatever the claim, masks are generally intensive treatments that translate into instant gratification.

For Hydration, Plumping & Brightening Purposes: Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask
Small but mighty, this mask is the ultimate multitasker. A thin layer of the indulgent, creamy formula left on  for just 10 minutes makes dull skin bright, sallow skin plump, and tired skin energized. It’s all thanks to the black-rose extract, which combats skin-damaging free radicals and smoothens fine lines. P.S. Our Favorite makeup youtuber Jeffree Star swears by this mask too.

SGD 247.69, available at

For Dull & Fatigued Skin: Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque
Put energy and radiance back into a fatigued face with this antioxidant-packed, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial mask. Turmeric is its all-natural star ingredient, and aside from calming flare-ups, it also fights acne, helps heal scarring, and restores that all-important glow. Apply to skin post-cleanse and leave for five to 10 minutes, then rinse away. "For those worried about over-exfoliating or having sensitive skin but still want to have a semblance of a scrub routine, this is for you. It gives a relatively mild exfoliation, and yet still isn’t too irritating on the skin (kinda like a calming scrub mask, if it makes any sense). As what it touts “an instant facial” – yes, my skin did look more radiant after using it, and the surface was definitely smoother and slightly firmer to the touch. I’ve had no breakouts after using it twice in a week, and my skin doesn’t feel stripped/dry!" - Claire, Editorial Intern

USD $32, available at Kiehl's com

The popular skin-care brand teamed up with Sega, the classic video-game company, in honor of the plucky hedgehog's twenty-fifth anniversary. If you aren’t familiar with the original GLAMGlow Gravitymud, it’s a supercool skin-defining treatment that you leave on for 20 to 30 minutes. As it dries, polymers in the formula give skin a lift which lasts for a couple hours, and anti-agers like hyaluronic acid and red algae extract provide a youthful and brightening appearance. The mask also transforms from white to chrome as it dries, making for some pretty awesome selfies. The Sonic blue mask peels off to reveal instantly tighter and more lifted skin for the ultimate natural, sexy contours. "If you’re looking for a quick skin pick-me-up before a big day or night, it's a pretty solid bet. My skin felt firmer and lifted after!" - Susanna, Beauty Writer

USD $69, available at

For Inflamed Skin & Clogged Pores: Eve Lom's Rescue Mask
Eve Lom’s Rescue Mask remedies a world of skin-care sins. It’s clay-based (honey-infused kaolin clay, to be exact), meaning it draws impurities and grime out of pores; it also contains camphor, which has a satisfying cooling sensation on contact. It’s perfect for mornings-after or when your complexion is angry or stressed. Make sure to stir it before application, then be generous. After 20 minutes, buff away excess clay with your fingertips, then wash off the rest with a warm muslin cloth. "I have acne-prone skin - my complexion is usually inflamed, red and clogged. This mask is gentle yet potent enough to draw out my impurities. I also like how it soothes my face." - Louisa, Editorial Intern

USD $50, available at

There’s probably no quicker way to set skin right than slapping on a ‘mask’-ed hero. A facial sheet mask is an efficient, fuss-free way to deliver a copious dose of active ingredients to your skin, even for jet-setters. The Sloane Inc. Water Infusion Mask is overflowing with antioxidant goodness from concentrated Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to saturate your skin’s natural emollient system, leaving you with luxuriously luminous, plumped up skin in 20 minutes or less. A single use will transform your glow factor instantly.

USD $18, available at

#4. Don't experiment
A new cleanser, cream, or treatment can cause pimples, irritation, or an allergic reaction. Now is not the time to take chances. We've learnt this the hard way. "One year ago before Chinese New Year, I dropped by a SK-II counter a week before the festivities and bought the entire range of products thinking that I could transform my skin magically. I was so dead WRONG. My skin was so irritated and I developed an allergic reaction thereafter. I could have slapped on makeup to conceal the reactions but I know that will make it worse so I had to survive the new year with horrible skin and disgusted stares. I will never do this to myself ever again." - Kelly, Beauty Writer

#5. Take it easy with your workout
We know you want to look effortlessly svelte this lunar new year. However your skin can get red and flushed from running, so go for a nice walk instead. Post-exercise redness combined with any pre-festive nerves may make your skin look blotchy, so you want to eliminate that unless you want to look like a red tomato during the new year. 


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