Feng Shui Beauty Tips for the Lunar New Year

Your face may give away more than just your age, in fact our appearance offers non-verbal cues about your personality and disposition which will invariably affect how others relate to you, and how you well you do in life. Eastern masters have long believed that our faces carry a wealth of predictions about our present and future and have developed a sophisticated metaphysical science of facial reading (Mian Xiang) that is still used today to discern one’s character from their outward appearance and unlock divine secrets of one’s future. Changing your face can thus alter your life path, for the better or worse. It’s no wonder that some ardent believers in the ancient art of face reading have been subtly enhancing their looks not just for vanity but to boost their personal happiness and fortunes. 

Facial features that denote the good fortune are the same one that adds to the face's aesthetic appeal. You can instantly enhance your looks using non-invasive aesthetic treatments such skin lifting technologies, dark eye circle erasing therapies, wrinkle reducing fillers and complexion brightening microinjections. There are a plethora of beauty treats to improve our love, luck and life’s destiny safely and effectively. So basically, by using a fusion of science (aesthetic treatments) and art (face reading), we can bring our face closer to our beauty ideal and also fulfill our destiny’s potential. 

Sunken Temples, Bony Forehead, Forehead Lines

A full, smooth and broad forehead with no visible marks, lines or scars foretell good general fortune and a smooth-sailing career. Flaws in this Fortune House may reflect problems in the form of bad health, distressful relationships or money troubles. Forehead lines, particularly frown lines also denotes that a person worries or think a lot. Sunken temples not only make you look gaunt and sickly, they ring alarm bells on possible extramarital affairs. Similarly, obvious spots, scars or deep wrinkles marring your Marriage House do not bode well for your love relationship.

Beauty Tip: Fraxel Light helps you eliminate etched-in wrinkles, pigmentation and scars in exchange for a silky peaches-and-cream complexion – paving your way to good fortune, a glowing career and marital bliss.

Yuki before Voluma High Definition Lift. There are signs of a bony forehead and sunken temple
Count on Voluma High Definition Lift to give sunken temples an instant boost safely and virtually painlessly for a loving marriage, as well as a fresher visage. Botox can also be used to smooth out frown lines.

After the treatment, her forehead looks fuller and fresher!
Dark eye circles/ Lines around eyes/ Hooded eyes 

Broad brows and upper eyelids that open up to long, sparkling clear eyes bring luck to your real estate and material endeavours. Deep frown lines and creases between the eyes or across your nose bridge are signs of a stressful, worry-filled life that might be complicated with ill-health. Dark eye circles are also indicative of low energy levels and may also imply less affinity with your children.

Before - Due to many late nights, Serene has seen developed dark eye circles which make her look tired and dull.
Beauty Tip: Unknot those furrows with a quick and simple BOTOX® treatment. Small droplets of Natural Fillers or Revitalift Undereye can lift the youth-draining hollows, along with their shadowy companions – right before your eyes!

After fillers, Serene's dark circles are visibly improved!

Crooked nose/ hump on the nose/ flat nose bridge 

The third wealth spot of the face is the nose. This is deemed a yin spot and it signifies one of the rivers of the face. In the Chinese classic texts on face reading, the nose signifies the river Jie, which brings wealth. The rounder and fleshier the nose looks, the better is the wealth luck indicated. Nostrils should not be too small nor too large. The nose must look balanced and smooth. Spots – white or black – are seen as obstacles, and moles at the tip of the nose are regarded as a major sign of misfortune. The Chinese always regard a big nose with some indulgence, no matter how out of place they look in the overall face. This is because the nose is the repository of money fortune and it indicates wealth from many different sources.

Before- Occupying the prime location in our face, this nose, unfortunately, most commonly the weakest in a typical Asian face. Melody's concerns are her flat bridge
Beauty Tip: Consider natural fillers on the nose bridge and tip to enhance the height and definition of the nose. Fillers can also smoothen any existing bumps on your nose which are said to signify obstacles in your life. Use cosmetics such as a highlighter to make the top of the nose look clear, bright and luminous. When the bridge of your nose is high, clear and luminous, it suggests a life of affluence and comfort. Use concealer to hide blemishes or spots as spots suggest blockages to your money luck.

After nose fillers - Melody's nose looks perkier, sharper and slimmer. 
Sunken Cheeks

Prominent cheekbones are an indication of power and authority. People who have prominent cheekbones are courageous, determined, adventurous, and independent. They have no problems in taking risks or trying something new. Hence sunken cheekbones are an indication that the person has a lack of authority and has problems commanding people. When the cheekbones stand out prominently and appear bright and shiny, it is one of the surest signs that serious wealth luck is about to manifest. Cheekbones should always appear full and not sunken as this would indicate excessive yang. For cheekbones to appear balanced they must look good enough to pinch.

Beauty Tip: Voluma fillers / Restylane Hydrolift for the cheeks not only helps restore lost volume in this area, it also stimulates vital collagen production to ensure that the overlying skin looks shiny and luminous. Further improve your cheek area by undergoing a skin brightening procedure such as IPL to give your cheek area radiance and a healthy glow. When using makeup, use a light pink blusher in this area to give the illusion of health. 

Short or No Chin

The Popularity House in your jaw rules your relationship with colleagues and the younger generations – a round and full chin speaks of your popularity amongst followers. If it tapers off sharply, or appears bony and crooked, you probably should forget your dream of winning presidency. In fact, you might have to prepare to support yourself in old age. A receding chin also indicates a weaker-willed personality.

Facial lines such as Nasolabial lines, Marionette Lines

The cheek lines, or also called as Fa ling lines, purpose lines and laugh lines, are the lines that start at the side of our nose and curve downward to the side of our mouth. In face reading, the shape and direction of these lines can tell a lot about the nature and character of a person. In Chinese, fa lin literally translated as “orders of law”, and these lines will appear if you are following your purpose in life. Cheek lines are important because people without these lines are considered lazy, incompetent, and worthless. Fortunately, cheek lines can develop as we age and gain experience in life. Responsibilities, hard work, and study are all believed to deepen and extend cheek lines. However, if cheek lines show up before you reach 40 then it means you have had a hard life.

Beauty TipRestylane Hydrolift: The secret of mysteriously sculpted and ever-radiant celebs, the Hydrolift uses fine particle hyaluronic acid to highlight the cheek apples and gently lift laugh lines, while illuminating the face with a vibrant glow and dewy suppleness.

Dark patches of pigmentation on the Face

Pigmentation affects the smoothness of someone's authority and power. This also means that he or she will experience alot of threats and challenges. 

Beauty TipDivine Whitening Program, The weapon of choice to send those blotches and splodges marching out safely, steadily over a few sessions, and silently without imposing downtime. Thanks to its gentle peau-prettifying nature, even sensitive skin types will benefit from this complexion-correcting sensation as it polices away pigmentation, fights fine lines and erases signs of fatigue for effortless freshness and come-hither glow.

The features of our face will undergo constant change. Hence, it is vital to stay watchful over the changes of our face with time. This will ensure that our life path will unfold smoothly before us.


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