4 Gross Gym Habits That Are Ruining Your Skin

Working out falls into the “necessary evil” category for multiple reasons. One of which being that it can seriously mess with your skin. Keep reading to find out why you should stop doing these 4 things to prevent triggering any post-workout breakouts.

#1. Never Work Out With Your Hair Down
Sweat can cause residue from your hair products to drip onto your skin, which can irritate and clog up your pores, causing blackheads, whiteheads, and inflamed blemishes. Keep your hair off of your face—and your back, if you’re prone to breakouts there—to avoid transferring pore-clogging product to your skin. With that in mind, don't play with your hair while you're working out, even if you're flirting with the cute trainer or simply readjusting your ponytail! Thanks to increased blood flow from exercising, oil and hair product builds up (ew). When you mess with your hair, it gets all over your hands, and if you then touch your face or body it can clog your pores. Girls, use a hair tie pretty please. 

#2. Never Wear Makeup. NEVER.
We all know that it’s not generally a good idea to put on a full face of makeup for the gym, not to mention the potential for epic breakouts triggered by the unholy mix of sweat and cosmetics. Dr Low Chai Ling, Medical Director of The Sloane Clinic says, “You should never really wear ANY makeup to the gym. Your skin is expelling and sweating out all the toxins and you don’t want to clog those pores.” It's best that you go to the gym with a clean, bare faced. Girls, do not take cues from Kylie Jenner. 

#3. Not washing your face after a workout
You know this. But it’s actually more important to wash your skin after than before working out since oils, bacteria, and sweat have accumulated on the skin. Post-workout, always wash your face, tone and moisturize. When you exercise, sweat combined with increased oil production can cause problems for the skin so it’s always recommended to wash immediately afterwards with a mild cleanser to remove dirt, oil and bacteria pronto.

A unique, mild and pH balanced whipped deep pore cleanser that deeply cleanses, dissolves grime, and fights acne crimes in an easy-rinse, skin refreshing formula. Sloane Inc Ice Souffle Cleanser (SGD $63) is great for anti-acne, skin clarifying and long lasting shine control. "I like how this cleanses my face thoroughly while still keeping it hydrated!" - Alyssa, Editorial Intern

Follow up with Sloane Inc's Calendula Toner (SGD $72.80) after cleansing. This clarifying toner contains AHA and BHA which is suitable for oily and acne-prone skin. It has what it takes to get the job done, plus a few soothing ingredients such as aloe vera gel and herbal extracts. It helps to combat pores, acne and impurities, leaving the skin a clean finish.

"If you’re looking for a toner to treat breakouts, you’ve found it! You can also use this on your chest and back to help combat chest and back acnes which are quite common with gym rats! I like how this feels on my skin and it really helped me with its oil control properties." - Janice, Health Writer

The last step of your skincare routine would be to moisturize. "I like Sloane Inc's Aqualicious (SGD $138.60) as a moisturizer as this is specially formulated to instantly replenish moisture without oiliness or shine! The texture feels like a lightweight sorbet and it's perfect for all skin types." - Noelle, Beauty Writer. 

#4. Not showering immediately after exercising
Never leave sweat-soaked clothing on the skin surface. Sweat, exercise, tight-fitting clothing, non-breathable fabrics and other forms of surface occlusion (like a backpack) are some of the main causes of bacne. Use a pH balancing body wash, salicylic acid/benzoyl peroxide cleanser or a sulfur-based soap to remove excess oils, debris and bacteria from the skin surface before they clog pores and cause acne breakouts.

For more persistent acne, consider going for a spa treatment. The Sloane Spa's backless facial (SGD $235.40)  targets an oft neglected part of our body with facial quality products and a clinical grade microdermabrasion therapy using pure skin polishing crystals. This Excellent for clearing out acne prone or rough back skin caused by your bad gym habits. 


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