Beauty Makeover: New Year, New You

When it comes to beauty makeovers, the caterpillar-to-butterfly metaphor is often what comes to mind—but what if you’re already a butterfly in your own eyes? Instead, we think you should become a different and better version of yourself in 2017, and you only need a couple of small tweaks to your bathroom counter to get there. Let’s get down to the basics by starting with skin and hair care that has the power to rival your fairy godmother’s magic. The Skin Radar has your beauty guide to live up to that New Year, New You mantra.

#1. If you need a skinstant reboot…
If you do not have time for a facial, consider trying these at-home rejuvenating treatments. First, make sure you’re working with calm, cleansed skin. 

Sloane Inc's Vanilla Silk Cleanser (USD $45) is a creamy, rich formula that removes makeup and impurities while hydrating our skin. Every morning and evening, you’ll experience its sweet vanilla aroma on your skin, too. 

Follow with Sloane Inc's Skin Superfood Red Algae (USD $164). It is is the age-staving essential for all skin types and age groups to bolster skin’s antioxidant defense, cellular energy and barrier function.

For an additional boost, nourish your skin with Sloane Inc Dermaboost Resveratrol & Pearl. Touted as the anti-aging miracle of the century, Resveratrol has super potent skin whitening effects. Pearl powder has been shown in studies to not only improve the appearance of aged skin but excels in lightening and evening skin tone. This professional-grade, high-potency skin whitening complex transforms complexions to a fair, luminous and youthful state. Great skin is now as simple as adding a little sprinkle of this easy-to-use Resveratrol & Pearl powder (USD $58) to your moisturizer to boost your skin health and skin radiance instantly

To Use: Mix 1 scoop of this radiance motivating powder with your favourite water-based serum or moisturiser in the palm of your hand once in the morning to work towards an exquisite complexion that’s so bright, it’s transluminous.

Of course, to see results, you need to have a little hope. philosophy’s Renewed Hope in a Jar (USD $47) is the last crusader in this routine’s fight against last year’s skin troubles. It provides tireless hydration and a surface-smoothing effect.

#2. If you need a mane makeover…
You don’t need to take inches off or dye it a wild color to see a major hair transformation. By adding a few products to your routine, you can give your strands a noticeable boost. First, it’s all about dousing dehydrated strands with moisture, especially during harsh winter months. 

Before you get in the shower, comb in ALTERNA Haircare’s Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Intense Oil Crème Pre-Shampoo Treatment (USD $30). We love this weekly treatment because it helps repel those damaging minerals that sneak their way into our shower water. 

Step out into the steamy air and top off your ’do with Drybar’s Mr. Incredible The Ultimate Leave-In Conditioner (USD $26) to manage tangles, enhance shine, and continue the fight against breakage. And, it will leave a ginger, mint, and sandalwood fragrance in your strands.

#3. If you need to feed your inner beauty....
Beauty supplements are a big trend, they not only keep your daily vitamins and minerals topped up, they are focused specifically on nutrients and anti-oxidants to keep skin and hair looking youthful and healthy. 

If you want to achieve fairer skin, Crystal Tomato (USD $140) is a highly effective 100% natural supplement is bursting with powerful skin brightening and whitening benefits. Each pill contains a powerhouse of three naturally cultivated crystal tomatoes rich in youth-enhancing colourless carotenoids that are proven to inhibit melanin synthesis and deliver complexion whitening goodness from within.

Potent antioxidants also act as an invisible UV shield, protecting the skin from the sun's omnipresent harmful rays so you stay effortlessly fair and radiant, from top to toe.


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